View Brian Favorite's short film, Heklina, which profiles the hostess of Trannyshack, San Francisco's longest running, current drag show.


Ladies of the Gridiron

View Briana Young's short film, Ladies of the Gridiron, which needles into the huddle for a full-impact look at one of the final frontiers of gender equality: women's tackle football.


One Plastic Beach

View Tess Thackara and Eric Slatkin's short film, One Plastic Beach, which follows artists Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang to Kehoe Beach, where they collect their art supplies: plastic debris.


de Young

View Peter Max Lawrence's short film, de Young, an experimental portrait of the museum's building in San Francisco.



Erin Hudson and Ben Wu's Unhitched is a portrait of Northern California community that has transformed travel trailers into permanent homes.


The Legend of Toilet-Seat Charlie

View Jeremy Kaller's short film, The Legend of Toilet-Seat Charlie, which explores one man's love of rock 'n' roll and his relationship with the community that cherished him.



View Ryan Malloy's short film, Plasticity, which profiles three innovators who are redefining the use of urban space in San Francisco.


Roz (and Joshua)

View Charlene Music's short film, Roz (and Joshua), which tells the story of a mother's love for her child.



Filmmaker Susan Rivo reveals her lifelong attachment and deep bond with a stuffed animal received at birth in this poignant and hilarious personal narrative.


Chickens in the City

Chickens in the City is a chicken-level view of backyard coops in San Francisco. The film playfully explores the ways in which keeping chickens has helped shape the philosophies behind what and how urban chicken-owners eat. When is the last time you looked YOUR dinner in the eye?


Adult Beginner Ballet

View Michelle Ortega's short film, Adult Beginner Ballet, a portrait of Kathy Mata, who is determined to teach adults the beautiful and technically challenging art of ballet.


The Recyclergy

For decades the San Francisco Bay Area has been a hub for the recycling movement. Even the garbage companies have a long history of recycling practices.


Howdy Partner

View Christie Herring's short film, Howdy Partner, a spirited visual meditation on how one slippery word means more -- and, consequently, less -- than we may think.