Season 8


Sons of a Gun

Sons of a Gun tells the story of Lance, Craig and Ubaldo, who live with schizophrenia. They also live with Larry, their troubled alcoholic caregiver. Though not related by blood, this unlikely family has been together for 20 years.


It Came from Kuchar

By the 1960s, twins George and Mike Kuchar were shaping the underground film scene alongside Andy Warhol and Kenneth Anger. It Came from Kuchar interweaves the brother's lives, their admirers and a 'greatest hits' of Kuchar clips into a hilarious and moving tale.


A Brush with the Tenderloin

What happens when a soft-spoken artist decides to paint a fanciful mural on one of San Francisco's diciest street corners? A colorful collection of locals interact with artist Mona Caron and end up playing key roles in the mural's evolution in A Brush with the Tenderloin.


Stage Left: A Story of Theater in San Francisco

From the founding of the Actor's Workshop in 1952 through present day, experimentation and political consciousness have become hallmarks of San Francisco's theater community. Stage Left is a colorful history of the intriguing, influential and often outrageous theatrical innovations of Bay Area artists.



Beaverbrook is the story of Camp Beaverbrook, a sleep-away summer camp that operated from 1961 to 1985. Combining archival footage and former campers' life-changing stories, the film makes a poignant, often humorous case for reconsidering Camp Beaverbrook's demise and the decline of the summer camp industry in general.