Season 5

Ghost Mountain

The Ghost Mountain Experiment

Obsessed with the dream of living a simple back-to-nature lifestyle, eccentric artist, environmentalist, and author Marshal South flees civilization with his wife Tanya. The Ghost Mountain Experiment tells the story of how they raised a family on a remote, waterless mountaintop, but how isolation and betrayal takes their toll and ultimately destroys a desert paradise and a marriage.


Debate Team

Debate Team explores the strange subculture of competitive college debate, following four teams in their quest for the national title. What emerges is not simply a chronicle of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but a more disturbing examination into the nature of competition itself.


This Dust of Words

Thirty years after he last saw her, Stanford English Professor John Felstiner finds wonder and mystery in the life and death of a former student. This Dust of Words, whose title is based on Elizabeth Wiltsee's honors thesis, is both an elegy for a life lost and a celebration of the charitable nature of humanity.


Pete McCloskey: Leading from the Front

Narrated by Paul Newman, Pete McCloskey: Leading from the Front tells the colorful and inspirational life story of Pete McCloskey, a war veteran, lawyer, and former Republican Congressman. His story offers an example of an authentic hero, who as an elected official follows his moral compass regardless of the prevailing political winds.



Klunkerz is a history of mountain bikes showing how a handful of hippie cyclists in the late 1960s and early 1970s literally reinvented the wheel. Little did they realize that their obsessive tinkering would ultimately lead to the birth of a multi-billion dollar industry and an Olympic sport.