Season 4


When Medicine Got it Wrong

When Medicine Got it Wrong tells the story of loving California parents who rocked the halls of psychiatry and changed how we understand schizophrenia.


Runners High

Runners High is an intimate, character driven documentary of struggle, courage, and hope that follows teenagers -- from a tough Oakland neighborhood -- as they sign up and train for a marathon.


Call It Home

Call It Home celebrates the beauty and importance of the well known Bolinas Lagoon -- chronicling a community's debate over a decade to understand the forces affecting its future.


Fruits of War

Fruits of War follows four reformed gang members as they come to terms with their two countries -- El Salvador and the U.S. -- violent histories.



Monumental chronicles how David Brower, a 1930s mountaineer, transformed the Sierra Club from a group of gangly rock climbers into a political powerhouse of the environmental movement, actively defining and preserving the Western landscape.