Pledge Challenge Grants

Participate in KQED’s annual pledge drives and gain valuable exposure!

Challenge Grants offer your organization valuable exposure on KQED, plus the opportunity to support quality broadcasting in Northern California.

During a KQED pledge drive, your organization is recognized as the provider of a Challenge Grant. Listeners are highly motivated to become members of KQED when they know that their contribution is actually worth twice as much to the station.

How It Works
During a Challenge Grant pledge break, we ask listeners to call in with their financial support. Your organization is clearly and gratefully acknowledged for providing incentive for listeners to call.

Standard Challenge Grant Language
“During this break (organization name) will generously match pledges, up to a total of $1000. For every pledge to KQED, we’ll get a matching pledge from (organization name).”

Those pledges are matched up to the amount of your Challenge Grant for that break. For example, your $1000 Challenge Grant will be realized as $2,000 to KQED. Challenge Grants have proven to be very successful at KQED and at public radio stations all over the country. They instill a sense of urgency to our appeals, and add an element of excitement and fun to the pledge drives.

Available Pledge Dates 2018

FM: September
Television: August

For more information, please email

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