Mike Osborne

Mike Osborne is currently finishing his PhD at Stanford where he studies climate change in the tropical Pacific. In his research he uses coral-based records (similar to tree rings) to examine El Nino and La Nina cycles over the past few centuries. Mike also created and co-produces the Generation Anthropocene podcast which features interviews and stories covering a wide range of 21st Century global change issues. He loves travel and is always looking for a reason to be outside.
Shasta Dam pic

Should California’s Biggest Reservoir Be Even Bigger?

Water planners are exploring the possibility of expanding Shasta Dam, a concrete slab across the Sacramento River that forms California's largest reservoir, Shasta Lake. A $1 billion proposal to raise the dam by as much as 18 and a half feet would expand the reservoir's capacity by 634,000 acre feet, enough to supply more than a million families for a year.

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California Simmers as Heat Wave Settles In

Temperatures in parts of the Bay Area topped a hundred degrees Monday, with more hot weather expected this week. The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning for Northern California effective through July 4th.