Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is strongly disputing a claim by outdoor retailer Patagonia that President Donald Trump “stole” public land by shrinking two national monuments in Utah.

Zinke calls the claim — made in large type on the company’s home page — “nefarious, false and a lie.”

Zinke says in a conference call Tuesday that “it’s shameful and appalling” that Patagonia and other retailers “would blatantly lie in order to get money in their coffers.”

Patagonia replaced its usual home page Monday night with a stark message declaring, “The President Stole Your Land.” The message called Trump’s actions to shrink Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments “illegal” and the largest elimination of protected land in American history.

Outdoor retailer REI also criticized Trump but in less harsh language.

Zinke Says Claim That Trump ‘Stole’ Public Land Is a Lie 5 December,2017KQED Science

  • Colleen Cabot

    Trump and Zinke eliminated protections for indigenous sacred lands, eliminated protections from extractive development, eliminated protective status for incredible landscapes that are our heritage and should not be sacrificed to business as usual. Trump is the biggest liar in all of this, by saying that declaring these lands as national monuments stole them from the american people. These lands were public lands before they became monuments and they are still public lands after monument status was created.

  • jaworskir

    Good for Patagonia and REI for stepping up and calling it like it is, especially changing the Patagonia home page. It’s important to them and it’s important to us, the public in public lands. Shame on this administration and its enablers for stealing public land.

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