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UNC-TV is the most powerful telecommunications vehicle in the state, with a potential audience of over 13.6 million citizens of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and income levels in North Carolina and portions of Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Each year, UNC-TV produces more than 340 hours of award-winning original programs about North Carolina. With studios and administrative offices located in Research Triangle Park, UNC-TV operates 12 full-power television stations and 25 digital translators (most are located in the western counties), carrying a free broadcast signal to nearly every North Carolina home. In addition, UNC-TV is carried by every cable system in North Carolina and by satellite on both DirecTV and Dish Network.

All of the UNC-TV stations broadcast the same three program services, UNC-KD, UNC-EX, and in high definition, UNC-TV. In addition, there is a digital cable only service, UNC-MX. UNC-KD is a 24-hour service for children; UNC-EX is a service devoted to viewers who want to discover new ideas, new places, and new activities; UNC-TV is our public television service in high definition; and UNC-MX features a variety of programs drawn from the other channels as well as additional programs.

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