Kim Vincent

Kim Vincent is the QUEST Content Intern for the 2011 winter / spring term. Kim is a substitute teacher for Fremont Union High School District specializing in biology and physiology education. She has a degree in biochemistry from UC Davis as well as a M.S. in molecular, cellular, and integrative physiology from UC Davis. Currently, Kim is taking courses at De Anza College in film and electronic media. As an active member of her community, Kim has performed volunteer research with the Hopkins Marine Lab, UC Santa Cruz, and the Cal Academy of Sciences. Kim also coaches junior volleyball and enjoys hiking along the south and mid-peninsula.
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Color Evolution in Nudibranchs

Dr. Rebecca Johnson, postdoctoral researcher from the California Academy of Sciences, tells why nudibranchs evolved to have such beautiful and brilliant color patterns to aid in their defense.


Biomimicry Abounds in the Bay Area

By bringing biologists to the design table, biomimicry offers solutions for increasing sustainability of products, processes, and systems. A new UC Berkeley course, "How Would Nature Do That?" brings together students from architecture, engineering, business, science, and design disciplines to find solutions to sustainable design challenges.


California’s Historical Nuclear Meltdown

Japan’s nuclear power crisis has planted indelible memories worldwide and revived doubts about the health and safety of nuclear power. It may unsettle many to discover that California has its own partial nuclear meltdown in its past.