This slideshow is part of a four-part educational series on Ground Water.


Does water seem like a free resource to you? How many ways can you think of that water actually has costs?

Focus Discussion Question

  • What are the different costs of tap water and bottled water?

Extension Activity

Make a table with two columns, one for Benefits and one for Challenges. How many of each can you think of for using bottled water?
How much responsibility do we owe future generations to keep our planet clean?

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NGSS Correlations

  • Performance Expectation: Construct an argument supported by evidence for how increases in human population and per-capita consumption of natural resources impact Earth’s systems. MS – ESS.3, Earth and Human Activity.
  • Disciplinary Core Idea: Humans depend on Earth’s land, ocean, atmosphere, and biosphere for many different resources. Minerals, fresh water, and biosphere resources are limited, and many are not renewable or replaceable over human lifetimes. ESS3.A, Natural Resources.
  • Science & Engineering Practices:  Engaging in Argument from Evidence.
The Cost of Water 23 January,2017Melanie Eirich


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