art and breast cancer

In the late 1990s, The Breast Cancer Fund, the American Cancer Society, and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation invited American artists and writers to submit work about their experience with breast cancer. The resulting exhibit (and book)– Art.Rage.Us.– An Exhibit of Art and Writing by Women with Breast Cancer–opened in 1998 at San Francisco’s Main Library then traveled to other cities. At the time, project coordinator and cofounder of Breast Cancer Action Susan Claymon said, “Art.Rage.Us. presents deeply moving and beautiful expressions from women with breast cancer, along with intensely personal statements that provide a window into their hearts and minds.” Claymon died of breast cancer in 2000. She was 61.

Download Original: 411 × 475 Think Pink? I’d Rather Raise a Stink art and breast cancer 29 September,2012Liza Gross