Dr. Gabriel Roybal in his lab at UCSF.

Name: Dr. Gabriel A. Roybal of San Francisco, CA

Occupation: ISIS Postdoctoral Scholar at UC San Francisco

What aspects of science and/or environment are you passionate about?

The molecular mechanisms of neural stem cells and how understanding them can lead to advances in regenerative medicine.

Who is one of your science heroes?

Joan Steitz, PhD. She was a pioneer of scientific discovery and a wonderful role model for non-traditional scientists.

Share a recommendation that sparks your interest in science.

I recently started the online project called TheHumanSide.org. It is meant to be an online career panel discussion for students interested in pursuing various careers including many of the sciences. It’s my hope that hearing the personal and human perspectives of professionals within those careers will decrease the leaky pipeline of talented students leaving the field because of stereotypes of professionals/professions.

What’s your hope for the future of science?

That we will figure out ways to retain the brilliants scientific minds we currently lose due to a lack of access to decent education or financial limitations for attending college.

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