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Local technology entrepreneurs, investors and a gaggle of tech loving folk will be descending on SF Beta tonight, the largest networking event for startup junkies in the Bay Area.

SF Beta’s regular events offer early stage startups (those with under $1 million in funding) a chance to demo their product or service to a room of over 500 fellow technology fans. Companies will demo at SF Beta to gain exposure, meet business partners and grab the attention of investors. Part interactive competition, all the attendees receive three chips, simulating investment poker chips. Participants place their “bets” on their favorite demos and winners receive extra exposure at the event and online.

Started in September of 2006 by Christian Perry, the event is now entering into its fifth year. Perry created the event due to a lack of technology mixers for the next generation of startups. He pulled together the first event in two weeks and hasn’t looked back. What started out as a hobby has become Perry’s full time job. He now organizes quarterly “beta” events in Seattle, Bolder, NY, Boston and Dublin. SF Beta runs every other month.

Tonight’s mobile game edition features 14 demos. For coding enthusiasts, Code Hero will be demoing its game which teaches Javascript through a game interface while Joypad will be showing off its app which turns an iPhone into a game controller. Snapzing, a social photo game, encourages users to take photos with their phone and compete in daily contests where they can win real prizes. With a dozen more gaming demos, this should be an inspiring event.

SF Beta is being held at Terra SF. The event runs from 6 – 9pm and costs $25 per person. For more information, visit SF Beta.

SF Beta Mobile Gaming Edition Showcases Startups 8 November,2011Laura Khalil


Laura Khalil

Laura is a marketer by day and nerd by night. She's the Chief Nerd Herder for Dorkbyte, a blog devoted to art, technology and science. She's been named one of the most engaging women to speak about technology and has been featured on The Setup. A member of Noisebridge, she is working on two robotics challenges, leading a puzzle team that competes in a variety of puzzle challenges throughout the US and monkeys around on ham amateur radio. She loves astronomy, Making and hardware hacking. She was most recently involved in teaching hardware circuitry at Maker Faire.Laura has executed marketing strategies and campaigns for tech startups in the Bay Area. Her work with social media has been inducted into the Viral Marketing Hall of Fame.

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