Multi-spectrum composite image of the galactic core. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESA/CXC/STScI .

Attention Galileo guys and gals – download any one of these astronomy apps for your smartphone and you can stop star-guessing and start star-gazing like a pro!

Popular astronomy apps for your iPhone or iPad

Star Search


Pocket Universe

Star Walk

Distant Suns

SkySafari, aka SkyVoyager

GPS Astro

Delux Moon HD

Starmap Pro

Star Chart

GoSkyWatch Planetarium

Solar Walk 3D

Popular astronomy apps for your Android

Google SkyMap

Astro Tools


Star Chart

Star Odyssey

Space Junk Pro

Space Junk Lite

Zenith Mobile Telescope


Vortex Planetarium

Planetariax Pro

Mobile Observatory PRO

Messier Objects…redale.messier

Clear Sky Droid

Where is Io

Popular astronomy apps for your smartphone or tablet 28 December,2011David Huppert


David Huppert

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David returns to UNC-TV after a one-year hiatus in NYC where he produced for CBS This Morning. Since 2000 David has produced pieces for public television (UNC-TV, Charlie Rose) and commercial news (CBS, FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor, CNBC).

When he’s not telling stories for television, David is either working on a documentary about Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, or gallivanting around North Carolina with his wife, @mediumish. You can follow him @hupdiggs and at

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