Ruth Asawa’s “Garden of Remembrance”

Detail of the rock garden in Ruth Asawa’s ‘Garden of Remembrance’ at UCSF. All photos by Andrew Alden.

Download Original: 640 × 360 Affinity for Stone: The Public Art of Ruth Asawa

Ruth Asawa’s “Garden of Remembrance” 27 October,2011Andrew Alden

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  1. As a resident of Louisiana, a state where there are no natural stones or rocks of any kind, at least not in south Louisiana, I have a newly found love of rocks and stones, jasper, agates, geodes, Indian paint stones, petrified wood. All are more beautiful to me than the rarest of gemstones. I feel the beauty in Andrew Alden’s work. Give most gals diamonds, I’ll take all the rocks you can send to me.

    Georgia DeJean
    3236 Resort Lane
    Des Allemands, LA 70030

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