Are you an armchair astronomer, genome enthusiast or molecular gastronomist? If so, Science Hack Day is back in San Francisco this November for science lovers of all stripes to give it their all in a 48 hour science hack fest.

From November 12 – 13th, you’ll spend 48 hours meeting similar minds, bringing together ideas and trying to show off your new creation at the end of it all. It’s fast, furious and nonstop (and should probably be sponsored by Red Bull).

Registration is limited. You can register on its site and check out some of the cool projects being proposed for this year. They include an International Space Station Notify Globe, Hacking your Genome, Geoscience Hardware Hacks and more. Have you got a great science idea to hack on? Contribute it to the Science Hack Day wiki!

Science Hack Day Coming This November 4 October,2011Laura Khalil


Laura Khalil

Laura is a marketer by day and nerd by night. She's the Chief Nerd Herder for Dorkbyte, a blog devoted to art, technology and science. She's been named one of the most engaging women to speak about technology and has been featured on The Setup. A member of Noisebridge, she is working on two robotics challenges, leading a puzzle team that competes in a variety of puzzle challenges throughout the US and monkeys around on ham amateur radio. She loves astronomy, Making and hardware hacking. She was most recently involved in teaching hardware circuitry at Maker Faire.Laura has executed marketing strategies and campaigns for tech startups in the Bay Area. Her work with social media has been inducted into the Viral Marketing Hall of Fame.

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