California fishermen once hauled in groundfish, like rock cod and sole, as if there were an unlimited supply. But over the years, fish stocks have plummeted. Beginning in January, fishermen in California, Oregon and Washington will try something new. They’ll become owners of the fishery, much like shareholders in a company. But as Lauren Sommer reports, not everyone is happy about it.

Fish and Fishermen Go To Market 18 December,2015Lauren Sommer


Lauren Sommer

Lauren is a radio reporter covering environment, water, and energy for KQED Science. As part of her day job, she has scaled Sierra Nevada peaks, run from charging elephant seals, and desperately tried to get her sea legs - all in pursuit of good radio. Her work has appeared on Marketplace, Living on Earth, Science Friday and NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered. You can find her on Twitter at @lesommer.

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