A view of the “Devil’s Teeth.” The rocky Farallon Islands from the New Superfish, out on a shark diving expedition.

In San Francisco the chilly summer fog is being replaced by the warm sunshine of the autumn season.  And seemingly with the return of the sun, come a group of wayward San Francisco natives from their annual vacation in the great Pacific.  The Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary is a gathering spot for whales, sea birds, seals, sea lions, and other marine life. 

Located just 27 miles off the coast, The Farallon Islands are also the wildest part of the City of San Francisco. The most famous residents of this area are the magnificent great white sharks. And each fall they return from their wanderings to these islands so rich with life.

On Saturday, September 18th 2010, the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park will debut a new Farallones display within the Altered State: Climate Change in California exhibit.  The new exhibit will feature specimens, audio stations, and a live webcam from the Farallon Islands, providing an intimate look at this wildlife sanctuary beyond the Golden Gate.

So to celebrate the return of the great white sharks and the opening of the new Farallones exhibit at Cal Academy, QUEST presents “The Great White Shark Song: Live at the Farallones!” by Andy Brandy Casagrande IV.

We were fortunate to meet Andy on our last trip out to the islands and he was kind enough to share his song.  Andy is a wildlife cameraman for National Geographic TV and has a lot of experience with great white sharks.  His original music video for this song has gained a certain amount of notoriety as he jumped into the water with his guitar and serenaded a group of inquisitive white sharks off the coast of South Africa.  I forgot to mention, he was not in a shark cage.  As you can see, Andy is a special kind of crazy.

His “Live at the Farallones!” version is a salute to the great white sharks in the green waters around the Farallon Islands, and features underwater shark footage taken (with permit) by white shark expert Scot Anderson and the Tagging Pacific Predators Program.

Over the years QUEST has been fortunate to produce many unique stories on Farallon Islands from land, sea and air.  Our comprehensive coverage includes an educator guide and multiple stories on television, radio, and interactive.

As you can probably tell, we think the Farallones rock!

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Producer's Notes: "The Great White Shark Song" Live! 2 October,2015Chris Bauer


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