Scientists say it’s no secret San Francisco Bay is rising, along with all of the earth’s oceans. The reason — global warming. This rise in sea level will affect everyone who lives, works, or plays near the bay. QUEST asks how high will the Bay rise and when? And what steps can communities take to plan for it?

Learn more about sea level rise and this video with the Producer’s Notes.

Going UP: Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay 10 March,2016Rachel Silverman


Rachel Silverman

Rachel Silverman has traveled the globe producing and reporting news and public affairs programs for some of the world's leading television networks. She took two languages in high school in order to dodge the science requirement, and has been working diligently to make up for that shortcoming. Rachel is a five-time national Olympic Weightlifting Champion, and a member of the U.S. Weightlifting Hall of Fame. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and their daughter.


Lindsay Kelliher

Lindsay has been in media in California for more than a decade, dividing her time between San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay. She has worked on documentary and factual programs for PBS (NOVA and NATURE), National Geographic, Discovery, and Animal Planet. She has also been involved with working and volunteering for local Animal Rescue organizations. She loves her new home with QUEST, letting her combine her love of animals and nature with her science-nerd tendencies. Lindsay graduated with honors from Northwestern’s Radio, TV, and Film department.

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