I was traveling in Alaska when I saw a Golden Eagle for the first time. I saw one when I was looking out my window up toward the trees. They were a lot harder to spot than the iconic Bald Eagle, with its white-feathered head.

Seeing the Golden Eagle up close gave me a greater appreciation for how amazing they truly are. The largest of the raptors, they are typically 8-12 pounds, and their wing span is around 6-7 feet. While flying (the Golden Eagle is usually gliding) they dive towards earth to catch prey and can reach speeds of up to 200 mph!

The Golden Eagle we got to meet for our Cool Critters segment really captivated us. Between her enormous size, stunning eyes, and gorgeous plumage, we could still see the power and grace that are so iconic to American Eagles. And be sure to catch a look at Jason Pfau, her handler, while he watches her during the segment – the love and admiration he has for this bird tells a story all its own.

Personally, I think the Golden Eagle is cooler than the Bald Eagle, especially because you can see them here in your backyard. Just keep an eye to the sky – the Golden Eagle population over by Mt. Diablo is the highest concentration in the world!

If you want to get a close-up look at some amazing animals, including the Golden Eagle and the Bald Eagle, take visit the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, CA.

Producer’s Notes: Cool Critters – Golden Eagle 12 March,2016Lindsay Kelliher


Lindsay Kelliher

Lindsay has been in media in California for more than a decade, dividing her time between San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay. She has worked on documentary and factual programs for PBS (NOVA and NATURE), National Geographic, Discovery, and Animal Planet. She has also been involved with working and volunteering for local Animal Rescue organizations. She loves her new home with QUEST, letting her combine her love of animals and nature with her science-nerd tendencies. Lindsay graduated with honors from Northwestern’s Radio, TV, and Film department.

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