You might think that TV producers look down their noses at still photography, but that’s far from the truth! Photography is a big passion for many of us here at QUEST; the production stills from some of our field shoots show some amazing talent.

Looking back on previous winners and submissions, I really wanted to find someone for this YPOQ whose work was really different than what we’ve done in the past. It was much harder than I anticipated! So when I came across Harold Davis’ photos on Flickr, I knew he was the one, and I instantly contacted him. (And at every possible email address I could find!)

Harold Davis as he prepares to shoot a variety of plants in his beautiful garden.
Harold Davis as he prepares to shoot a variety of plants in his beautiful garden.

The hardest thing about pulling this segment together was determining which of Harold’s photographs to use! Browsing through his thousands of photos on Flickr, and his professional website, you can see the breadth of his subjects. In the end, the ones that spoke to me, the ones that really pulled me in, came from his flower garden at his home. How fabulous, to have your “models” right outside your door!

The other thing that really made an impression on me was the way Harold is able to show you things in a way you wouldn’t normally see. His water drop images and night photography really showcase his ability to create what his mind can see, but the naked eye cannot. This is my favorite approach to art: playing with expectations; inviting your audience to experience things in different a way than in your day-to-day life.

If you enjoyed this segment, I highly encourage you to check out more of his work at his website, and his digital photography blog. Once there, you will discover that he holds Night Photography workshops and has several books published.

Producer’s Notes: Your Photos on QUEST – Harold Davis 11 March,2016Lindsay Kelliher


Lindsay Kelliher

Lindsay has been in media in California for more than a decade, dividing her time between San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay. She has worked on documentary and factual programs for PBS (NOVA and NATURE), National Geographic, Discovery, and Animal Planet. She has also been involved with working and volunteering for local Animal Rescue organizations. She loves her new home with QUEST, letting her combine her love of animals and nature with her science-nerd tendencies. Lindsay graduated with honors from Northwestern’s Radio, TV, and Film department.

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