When I first heard about Healy Hamilton at a meeting QUEST was having with the California Academy of Sciences, I just knew I was going to like her. I mean, what kind of scientist studies not only the effects of climate change on biodiversity, but also has independent projects with river dolphins, seahorses and octopuses? Talk about Bio…Diversity! (ouch)

Aquaman was Healy Hamilton's favorite superhero growing up.
Aquaman was Healy Hamilton’s favorite superhero growing up.

So what do you do with a scientist with such diverse interests? Well, we featured her in no less than three QUEST TV stories in our third season. (Incidentally, this record is only matched by another Cal Academy Scientist, Bob Full. I guess they attract a lot of very interesting people over there at the Academy).

This latest story “Why I Do Science” is geared towards kids (and Aquaman fanatics). Also see Healy in ““Seahorse Sleuth” and “Climate Watch: California at the Tipping Point.”

Producer’s Notes – Why I do Science: Healy Hamilton 11 March,2016Joan Johnson


Joan Johnson

Joan Johnson is an TV Associate Producer for QUEST. Joan got her start making science television back in 1998 when she joined the team at Sea Studios in Monterey, working as a researcher and production coordinator on National Geographic Television projects for 4 years. Following that she pursued a career in features and network television down in Los Angeles, working on seven full length feature films, three television shows and several pilots. Joan graduated in 1993 from U.C. Santa Cruz with honors in Biology, and spent several years working as a marine biologist, naturalist and SCUBA guide. Originally from San Francisco, Joan is thrilled to be home and working on QUEST, fulfilling a long-term goal of combining her interests in science and entertainment.

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