Cycling and photography are two passions of mine that I ardently pursue in my free time, so it was only natural that I felt an immediate kinship with Your Photo on QUEST’s featured photographer Randy Davis. Randy explores remote locales in the Bay Area on his mountain bike, which allows him to access places that are tougher to reach by car or on foot. He’s often accompanied by his dog Lucky, a Saluki mix whom he rescued from the streets; this requires some skillful maneuvering at times as he has to manage Lucky’s leash and his heavy camera gear.

Randy Davis and his dog Lucky in search of photography subjects near Mt. Diablo.
Randy Davis and his dog Lucky in search of photography subjects near Mt. Diablo.

We conducted our interview and took photos in the Castle Rock Recreation Area of Mt. Diablo State Park, with the help of fellow cycling enthusiast and sound person Bill Stefanacci. We wished that all of our work days could be outdoors in the sunshine and on the bike!

Randy has donated prints to Save Mount Diablo, an organization dedicated to preserving the land. They’re also partners with the Mountain Diablo Interpretive Association, a “non-profit volunteer organization which assists the California Department of Parks and Recreation in maintaining and interpreting Mt. Diablo State Park for its 700,000 visitors each year.”

Randy’s currently working on a new series focusing on the bald eagles in the Bay Area. You can also see more of his work on his website.

Producer’s Notes: Randy Davis on Your Photos on Quest 11 March,2016Jenny Oh
  • Debi

    Randy has some beautiful photos of natural California beauty. He has a real eye for color and has captured some amazing shots! Keep up the great work!

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