Because of a sharp decline in their numbers, the entire salmon fishing season in the ocean off California and Oregon was canceled in both 2008 and 2009. At no other time in history has this salmon fishery been closed. The species in the most danger is the California coho salmon. QUEST looks at efforts to protect the coho in Northern California and explores the important role salmon play in the native ecosystem.

Learn more about the California coho salmon and this video with the Producer’s Notes.

California’s Lost Salmon 11 March,2016Chris Bauer
    Watch a short video “Monitoring Our Endangered Coho Salmon and see a short public service announcement illustrating a fun fact about the endangered coho salmon – here:

    While spawning coho in Central California once numbered in the tens of thousands, estimates now put their numbers at fewer than 500. Learning about the coho population through monitoring helps researchers target efforts aimed at helping the coho recover. Fishery Biologist Mike Reichmuth and Intern Ben Atencio discuss our endangered coho salmon and how they are monitored in the Bay Area National Parks.

  • Thank you for this amazing video and helping us all understand what our part can be to save the Salmon in our Russian River ,and all Calif. spawning tributaries. I am hoping to influence B.B Fishermans festival end of April to have SPAWN or another such group at the fest playing these video’s. i do a Mermaidfest in Russian River end of Oct. Last year was the 10th yr. anniversary. We did a blessing for the Salmon. and years prior played this and other video’s for fest goer’s. This year rather then do the festival i will be doing a Mermaid Parade. It would be very effective if we could somehow get groups working to save the salmon to do a float in the parade ,which is Aug. 17th , 2013 in Guerneville,Ca. Maybe even get a video screen in the square showing these video’s .Anyone interested in helping the above in any way happen ,Please contact me


Chris Bauer

Chris Bauer is a Freelance Media Producer with over 20 years experience working in broadcast television; producing sports, history, technology, science, environment and adventure related programming. He is a two-time winner of the international Society of Environmental Journalists Award for Outstanding Television Story and has received multiple Northern California Emmy Awards. Some of his Quest stories have been featured in the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, United Nations Association Film Festival, the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC. A 5th generation Bay Area resident and a graduate of St. Mary's College of California, his hobbies include canoeing, snowboarding, wood-working and trying to play the ukulele. He and his family live in Alameda, CA.


Lindsay Kelliher

Lindsay has been in media in California for more than a decade, dividing her time between San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay. She has worked on documentary and factual programs for PBS (NOVA and NATURE), National Geographic, Discovery, and Animal Planet. She has also been involved with working and volunteering for local Animal Rescue organizations. She loves her new home with QUEST, letting her combine her love of animals and nature with her science-nerd tendencies. Lindsay graduated with honors from Northwestern’s Radio, TV, and Film department.

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