This year marks the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin – and the 150th anniversary of his landmark work, “On the Origin of Species”. One of the iconic fossils that supports Darwin’s theory of evolution is called the Archaeopteryx and it was recently flown out to Stanford University for an unusual test. Scientists are bombarding this dino-bird with high-tech gadgetry to unlock even more information about how we came to be here.

There are dozens of events celebrating Darwin this month. You can also join QUEST at one of them. On February 26th, QUEST will be screening our half-hour documentary, “Chasing Beetles, Finding Darwin” at the California Academy of Sciences. We’ll be joined by two scientists featured in the story. You can get more info or buy tickets here.

Listen to the Investigating Darwin’s Legacy radio report online.

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Reporter's Notes: Investigating Darwin's Legacy 6 February,2009David Gorn

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