When it comes to clean, green policy, California leads the nation. Over the last year, the state has moved forward with plans for cleaner cars, greener industries, and alternative fuels. So why are four of the Bay Area’s five oil refineries embarking on multi-million dollar expansion plans? QUEST reports from Richmond, home to one of the largest refiners in the state.

You may listen to the “Big Plans for Big Oil” Radio report online, as well as find additional links and resources.

Amy Standen is a Reporter for QUEST and Radio News at KQED-FM.

Big Plans for Big Oil 12 June,2013Amy Standen


Amy Standen

Amy Standen (@amystanden) is co-host of #TheLeapPodcast (subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher!) and host of KQED and PBSDigital Studios' science video series, Deep Look.  Her science radio stories appear on KQED and NPR.

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