Hoping to leave today’s silicon solar cells behind, the Palo Alto company Nanosolar is creating paper-thin solar panels harnessing nanotechnology, a product that could revolutionize solar power.

Solar City: The Future of Nanosolar 30 April,2013Josh Rosen

  • Laitia Tamata

    I am Mr. Laitia Tamata from the village of Lawaki in the District of Nakasaleka in the Province of Kadavu in Fiji. Our village is being affected by the rise in sea level, climate change and soil erosion from Government constructed roads that run around and through our land. We have to relocate our village with minimal disturbance to the environment including soil erosion from construction work. We need to top this up with the smart city concept using solar and wind energy but we lack the capital and intellect. Our best contribution would be resources and an opportunity to trial the project at a tropic island village.
    I would like to discuss what opportunities there are for a trial project in our village to see the compatibility of the smart city concept used at village and settlement level. I look fwd to hearing from you soon


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