Travelscope Season 11

Joseph explores Canada's Rideau Canal

Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope – Season 11
Season 11 premieres in August of 2019. Check your local station for listing.
Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope continues the excellence in content and production that viewers have come to expect from the Travelscope team.  The 11th season of this Emmy award-winning series covers the globe from North America to Africa to Asia.  Starting close to home with town and country experiences in Maine’s largest city, Portland, and the naturally rich Blue Hill Peninsula, Joseph then hops across the border to Canada for an episode that features Ottawa, Canada’s capital and the World Heritage Rideau Canal, as well as the colorful towns and villages along the historic waterway.  In Africa we join Joseph in Zambia for a wildlife safari in South Luangwa National Park and then follow the Zambezi River to Victoria Falls.  In Taiwan we explore the Taroko Gorge, a truly magnificent national park.  Further adventures will take viewers on journeys that expand their minds and open their hearts.  Season 11 allows viewers to accept the world’s invitation to visit and experience our planet, its people and animals in all their glory.

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1101 – Taiwan – Mountain Beauty, Villages & Cultures – Part 1
Joseph explores Taiwan’s most stunning natural attraction and national park — The Taroko Gorge — which highlights the mountain beauty, villages and cultures of Ilha Formosa.  His journey takes him on hikes through the marble gorge, across dramatic suspension bridges, to stunning waterfalls and up mountain slopes where Taiwan’s native beauty is spread out before him.  His journey continues in one of Taiwan’s 200 “Leisure Farms,” which offer locals and visitors rural settings, traditional folk activities, creative cuisines and “Do It Yourself” arts and crafts which complement Taiwan’s mountain beauty, villages and cultural experiences.
1102 – Taiwan – Mountain Beauty, Villages & Culture – Part 2
In this Taiwan episode Joseph leaves the forested heights of Taroko National Park and continues his explorations of Taiwan’s small, cultural mountain villages.  In their historic “Old Streets” he explores artisan shops, local restaurants and colorful temples for a hearty taste of Taiwanese culture.  He also discovers more of Taiwan’s original people through their food, arts & crafts, customs and traditions.  He tries his hand at indigo cloth dying with the Hakka people, witnesses traditional Tayan weaving and participates in the equally somber and joyous Pasta’ay Festival of the indigenous Saisiyat Tribe.  Here he joins in their festival of Blessing, Atonement and Forgiveness.
1103 – Maine – Town & Country
Join Joseph on a Maine adventure that uncovers Maine’s Town and Country pleasures while focusing on its greatest resource — its people.  From brew masters to boat builders, from the Oyster Lady to the Lobsterman Family, Joseph meets the Mainers that carrying on the traditions and maritime heritage of Maine and those that are in the forefront of innovation and change.  Travel with Joseph as he explores the historic sites, chic shops and fine restaurants of Portland, and discovers the joys of going off-the-beaten-track in the fishing villages and towns of the beautiful Blue Hill Peninsula.  On his travels Joseph hikes, bikes, sails, kayaks, dines and samples the citified and rural pleasures of the country’s most forested state.  He uncovers little-known attractions while he also experiences Maine’s tried and true one. It’s a Down East Maine Down Home journey.
1104 – Thailand – Bangkok and BeyondFrom grand palaces to Buddhist temples, from white sandy beaches to tropical forests, Thailand is the land of smiles.  And most Thai adventures begin in Bangkok.  From Chatuchak, a bustling market in the heart of the city, to encounters with holy men and visits to some of Thailand’s richest of temples, Joseph’s Thai adventures expand the mind and touch the heart.  Thailand is rich in cultural connections and Joseph experiences them in Bangkok, but also along the River Kwai where the beauty of the river belies the horrors that occurred there during the Second World War.  Joseph’s Thai journey is an emotional roller coaster that spans the range from joyous celebration to meditative contemplation.  Along the way there are diverse activities to fill the sultry Thai days.
1105 – Cruising Canada: Ottawa and the Rideau Canal
The Rideau Canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a popular tourist and recreational attraction and the oldest continuously operating canal system in North America.  At every bend along the scenic engineering miracle the traveler is gifted with a world of surprises in its adjacent cities, towns and villages.  
Joseph begins his Rideau Canal journey in Ottawa where he explores the capital’s diverse neighborhoods, historic landmarks, farmer’s markets and hip restaurants.  From the Ottawa Locks he climbs aboard his personal craft and pilots the luxury vessel along the canal’s watery trail on placid waters through thick forests to picturesque communities.  He grinds flour in an ancient mill, samples “butter tarts” with the Gingerbread Man, blows glass “witch balls” and helps First Nations craftspeople build a birch bark canoe.  From visiting a cannabis factory to dining on maple syrup soaked flapjacks and cranking open the 19th century locks by hand, Joseph’s Rideau Canal adventure pleases the senses and touches the heart.
1106 – Zambia – Bush & River Safari – Magnificent, wild and culturally rich, Zambia is everything you think Africa is and more.  Still unspoiled and untamed, Zambia is the “Real Africa.” Joseph first flies into the South Luangwa National Park for astonishing wildlife and cultural encounters.  We join Joseph on village visits, jeep excursions as well as on a walking safari for close encounters with the King of Beasts!  He then heads south along the great Zambezi River.  There he canoes through “Hippo City”, visits with a pride of lions, and for the icing on the cake journeys to Victoria Falls or as the locals call it, Mosi-oa-Tunya — “The Smoke that Thunders.” In one of the world’s great wonders he swims in the “Devil’s Pool” and leans out into the 300-foot abyss.  In the end, he discovers that although Zambia’s wildlife is impressive and its natural wonders, breathtaking, it is the majesty of its people’s gentle smiles, open hearts, and quiet strength that outshines it all!
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