This week, we’re taking a walk down memory lane and revisiting some of the show’s most popular weird history segments.

Remember the married woman who hid a secret lover in her attic for over a decade?

Meet Walburga, the Married Woman Who Hid a Secret Lover in Her Attic for a Decade

Or all the weird presidential facts involving deadly cherries, cursing parrots, and vandalism at Shakespeare’s house?

Weird Facts You Never Knew about the U.S. Presidents

Or the Old Hollywood shade-trospective of the bad blood between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford?

Bette Davis v. Joan Crawford: The Hateful History Behind Old Hollywood’s Nastiest Feud


Enjoy all the lessons your history teacher should have taught you.

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Weird Stories Your History Teacher Should Have Taught You 10 January,2018Emmanuel Hapsis


Emmanuel Hapsis

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