There are a great many people flipping out over the fact that Jay Z and Beyoncé just posed for paparazzi while leaving a movie theater on Jay’s birthday. Not only is this a monumentally rare occurrence, the couple did so in an elevator, so the Solange jokes are plentiful.

Closer analysis reveals that this moment isn’t really about deep-rooted, Solange-related symbolism — it’s about two people knowing how fly they look (Jay Z has literally never looked better than this), and deciding to share it with the world, in order to singlehandedly dictate fashion for the next year.

Let’s look how many unlikely, but amazing things Beyoncé is wearing at the same time here.

Now, let’s list the things every woman in the world is going to be wearing in 2018:

  • Blue fur coats (hopefully fake!)
  • Futuristic square-toed heels (weird ankle strap preferred)
  • Clashing prints (a black and yellow gingham dress with a purple snakeskin bag, Bey? How do you come with this stuff?)
  • Sheer sporty layers
  • Wrap dresses for days
  • 1950s sunglasses at night

Bow down, bitches.

Jay Z and Beyoncé Pose for Two Seconds; Dictate Fashion for the Next Year 5 December,2017Rae Alexandra


Rae Alexandra

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