Last night, Morrissey — in aggravatingly predictable fashion — refused to go on stage for an already-packed Paso Robles auditorium, because it was a bit cold. Fans had been patiently waiting (in that aforementioned chilly weather), an hour past Morrissey’s scheduled stage time, when he finally called it off.

A Brit took to Twitter to point out that British people don’t typically get worried about weather in California:

The cancellation came as a surprise to literally nobody though.

Some fans had been concerned all the way back in September:

Morrissey has a long and awful history of canceling his concerts at the last minute, for a variety of reasons that have been increasingly difficult to believe. San Francisco got the message loud and clear that Moz cares not for this city, or his fans therein, with the spate of dates he canceled between December 2011 and April 2013. He failed to show up to the Fox Theater, Davies Symphony Hall (twice), The Regency Ballroom, and The Warfield.

After so many no-shows in a row, it started to feel personal; that Morrissey may have a vendetta against the Bay Area. Turns out though, it’s not us, it’s most definitely him. We Heart Music has an entire (regularly updated) page dedicated to “Every Date That Morrissey Has Ever Canceled” and truly, it is the very image of entitlement in (extremely long) list form.

Morrissey’s penchant for bailing on his fans has nothing to do with some series of unfortunate events that keep befalling him, and everything to do with the fact that Morrissey could not care less about his fans. At all. Even a little bit. He does not appreciate their dedication, nor the fact that he would no longer have a career if it weren’t for them. He doesn’t even have the decency to give them fair warning when he doesn’t feel like playing anymore.

Truly, it is time to stop enabling this man. If his American fans mobilized and simply stopped buying tickets for, say, an entire year, so that he could no longer fill the venues he so takes for granted, he might actually start appreciating the people who keep him in Brylcreem and cat food. As it stands, Morrissey no longer deserves your time, your money, or your attention — at least until he learns his lesson.

We Need to Stop Enabling Morrissey 7 November,2017Rae Alexandra

  • nick

    I was there in the 80’s… His angst and seemingly self-imposed torture were anthem then but seriously, after 35 years, take your meds, get therapy and quit being Ms. Maudlin the Twat.

  • Cody Devere

    If Morrissey started pandering, he wouldn’t be Morrissey. Boohoo, some people missed a show. Why are you there if you don’t love the guy enough to accept his flaws? “Fans mobilize”? How absurd, they can’t even mobilize every four years to vote. Morrissey the cultural icon need not dance around a stage for you and your insignificant existence.

    • D. Devine

      You CANNOT be serious. That mindset is grotesque.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Suck harder. You don’t want to spill any.

    • chris

      Cultural icon? LOL,he`s a nobody

    • metaldaze

      I think the argument is that fans *stop* mobilizing and find a more reliable singer to enjoy.

    • Chihuahuatude

      Really? You have inside information about the voting habits of Morrissey fans? Interesting.
      You had better look up the definition of pandering because it does not mean what you think it means. Doing one’s job is NOT pandering. If his hineyness can’t bring himself to do what he’s paid to do let him find some other way to make money

  • sumikoska

    He has prostate cancer. He went public about getting treatment for it back in 2014. People shouldn’t need him to reference cancer in particular every time he doesn’t feel well enough to perform.

    • alguien

      nah. he’s just a right tw*t

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      He’s had it for 35 years? Because according to the article, that’s how long he’s been doing it.

      Though I’ve never heard of him. A quick search shows no songs I’ve ever heard of.

  • mediarare

    Tell that to the people he hires and surrounds himself to do exactly that. I was part of the local crew for a very recent show. Ive been doing this for 20+ years. His lighting guy and A1 are precious princesses of the Pippa degree whose Hissy fits dwarf any reality TV diva. And to his handler or bodygaurd or nanny who shoved me out of the way while my back was turned, if you had done that while I was facing you, you would would have spent the rest of the show in the emergency room. Wankers, the lot.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    I’ve honestly never heard of this guy, or “The Smiths.” Is there a song I should recognize?

    • metaldaze

      I’d post a link, but I’m in agreement with the article’s author.

  • Ch Fr

    There’s no excuse for not at least coming out on stage personally and thanking the fans for coming and apologizing. His fans are like old friends. This is not how you treat old friends.

  • chris

    Everyone should sue his ass for gas money, babysitters etc. Why people keep buying tickets,I`ll never know,he sucks!

  • Brian Pogue

    I have 4 canceled tickets from Morrissey shows.I’d love to pelt him w/ hamburgers!

  • tiredofdogma

    Van Morrison? Mercury Morris? Never heard of this dude.


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