Obama was still in his first term the last time Frank Ocean delivered an album. So it makes sense that his fans are growing a wee bit impatient (to say the least). Last month, he teased us with a cryptic library card that seemed to suggest that Boys Don’t Cry would drop before the end of the month. Then, last week, he teased us with a very random Home Depot-inspired live feed. And then there were rumors that the album would drop on August 5, 2016.

And yet, here we are, still twiddling our thumbs, listening to “Pyramids” for the zillionth time. But that’s not all we’re doing: we’re out here creating memes and telling jokes on Twitter too! Here are the best reactions to Frank’s missing album:

Not even anesthesia can mask the pain of continuously being toyed with and lied to by Frank:


This track list is too real:


Some fans are contemplating dark things:


Other fans are refusing to let themselves be played again:


All fans are getting older by the day:


All fans feel empty and exhausted:


Yet we keep refreshing Apple Music like a bunch of suckers:


Frank reminds some of us of our wack exes and absent fathers:


Thankfully, we have each other to lean on:

Hang in there, y’all!

The Best Twitter Reactions to Frank Ocean’s Delayed Album 8 August,2016Emmanuel Hapsis


Emmanuel Hapsis

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