Another day, another Adele cover, amirite?

Except this one comes just in time for the fictional-dystopia-in-real-life that is San Francisco during the Super Bowl: backroom deals, taxpayer-funded $4.8 million corporate playgrounds, a police-state atmosphere and dozens of homeless people swept aside for tourists. Go football!

“Hello Ed Lee,” a new video out today by singer-performance artist Candace Roberts, is an open letter to the mayor and an indictment of all of the above — with a touchdown pass of San Francisco’s untenable housing crisis thrown in for good measure. Set to the somber piano of Adele’s “Hello,” Roberts’ doesn’t mince words:

Hello from the other side
The Google bus don’t give no rides
And I don’t work for Twitter or Airbnb
So I’m struggling to stay here, I’m down on my knees

The video includes the homeless encampment along Division Street, anti-eviction rallies in the Mission, the Dropbox soccer bro, coverage of the $4.8 million Super Bowl City, a Bayview Causa Justa::Just Cause march protesting black displacement, and more.

By the song’s end, Roberts… moves to Vallejo! Take comfort, Candace: the Super Bowl parties in Vallejo are way cooler anyway.

Here’s Your Anti-Super Bowl Adele Cover, “Hello Ed Lee” 6 February,2016Gabe Meline

  • samantha anastasiou

    It started with Willie Brown to be fair…If you want to discuss City Planning and business in San Francisco, subject the businesses to a study similar to an Environmental Impact Study that the Gas and Oil companies have to do. A test as in, how will this business affect housing and market share? There are Cities in the country that are like ghost towns and are desperate for entrepreneurs and could use a lot of tech companies moving in where housing is not a problem, where over population is not a problem, where natural resources are not being drained to empty like water…. The West is a desert.. and cannot sustain huge population growth. Voters can change things, but, they need to realize they are being lied to and fire everyone and clean house.

  • Mel Parker

    I am very impressed by the vocal of Candace Roberts, I am sadden by the message, I am encouraged at the resilience of the San Francisco community, wherever it may be. Love you!

  • tom_merle

    When did KQED become a channel for Social Justice Warriors?

    • IanFlowers

      That’s what it should have been all along. Social Justice is utterly absent in the greed infested San Francisco of today. Ed Lee is the worst disaster to have ever happened to San Francisco!

  • IanFlowers

    Absolutely brilliant! I’m forwarding it all around San Francisco and the country.

  • Adrian

    What we have here is a failure to communicate.
    If y’all would simply dine on some Papa John’s and then wash it down with some fine Budweiser why, they’re really is no problem I can see. Especially if you do that eatin’ and drinkin’ in Vallejo.

  • Art

    All I can say is get a job and then you can join the party.

  • abcitseasyas123

    Awesome production

  • kiraja

    Get rid of Mr. Moneybags Ron Conway first! He corrupted the former tenant lawyer Mayor Ed Lee.


Gabe Meline

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