Just as we were getting over the loss of The San Francisco Bay Guardian (just kidding, still not over it), another local publication bites the dust. The Bold Italic, a daily blog that showcased the talent of the Bay Area, from illustrators to writers to small business owners, broke up with us on what felt like a Post-It note. No explanation, just this message buried in their About page:

Since our launch, The Bold Italic has strived to faithfully serve San Franciscans near and far, whether born and bred here or having just arrived in the city. We have a great passion for the Bay Area and all that it has to offer — and have had a lot of fun sharing our enthusiasm with you. Together we have built a strong community of followers, contributors, and partners. However, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations. It’s been a great run and we supremely thank everyone who has supported us along the way. 

Our friends in the News department are trying to get to the bottom of what the hell happened here. We’ll update this post when they do. (Update: Both The Bold Italic and their parent company Gannett refused to comment.) Until then, let us bow our heads and listen to this:

The Bold Italic Suddenly Calls It Quits, Bay Area Goes Huh? 7 April,2015Emmanuel Hapsis

  • Kate Rhoades

    I really liked the one comic they had by Jon Adams.

  • swissnexSF

    We will miss The Bold Italic and their weekly emails, which always stirred up conversation around the office!

  • eljobsodiablo

    It will be missed. Looks like all we have left is the Short Attention Span SFGate – which truly sucks – and the SFist, which is whatever.

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    thank god. goodbye trash


Emmanuel Hapsis

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