Wage stagnation. Rising housing prices. Loss of middle-class jobs. The looming threat of automation. These are some of the problems facing Stockton and its residents, but the city’s mayor, Michael Tubbs, says his city is far from unique.

“I think Stockton is absolutely ground zero for a lot of the issues we are facing as a nation,” Tubbs said.

Stockton is one of many Bay Area cities on the fringe of the wealth accumulating in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. The Central Valley city went bankrupt in 2012, and for decades it has been trying to diversify its agriculture-based economy.

“I feel that as mayor it’s my responsibility to do all I could to begin figuring out what’s the best way to make sure that folks in our community have a real economic floor,” Tubbs said.

Tubbs is coordinating an effort to test a new way to sustain residents: universal basic income, or UBI. For one year, several dozen Stockton families will get $500 a month, no strings attached.

Dorian Warren co-chairs the Economic Security Project, which is contributing $1 million to the initiative. He said the goal is to gather data on the economic and social impacts of giving people a basic income.

In addition to tracking what residents do with the money, Warren said they will be monitoring how a basic income affects things like self-esteem and identity.

“What does it mean to say, ‘Here is unconditional guaranteed income just based on you being a human being?’ ” Warren asked.

The hope is to demonstrate UBI’s potential and encourage other places to give it a try. UBI has recently gotten a boost from Silicon Valley moguls concerned about income inequality and the future of society, but the idea isn’t actually all that new, said Michelle Anderson, a Stanford law professor.

Anderson said, “UBI was first pitched by Nixon as an answer to post-industrial job losses.”

With this experiment, Anderson said Stockton may discover it gets more economic stimulus by giving money to its citizens rather than corporations it hopes will bring in jobs and tax revenue.

“The UBI that is being proposed in Stockton now is very small compared to the big corporate subsidies that cities like that engage in,” Anderson said.

Stockton racked up millions in debt on development projects in the past, which got the city into trouble, Mayor Tubbs said.

“We’ve overspent on things like arenas and marinas and things of that sort to try to lure in tourism and dollars that way,” he said.

Tubbs thinks the UBI experiment will show that Stockton’s best bet is to invest in its own people.

Stockton Gets Ready to Experiment With Universal Basic Income 22 January,2018Sam Harnett

  • Curt Gibson

    There are farms in Stockton that need laborers. We should try that first.

    • jim fowler

      So go ask that farmer if he is willing to pay $11.00 and do all the paper work required to lawfully employ Californians.

      • Curt Gibson

        You are right. The problem with minimum wage is that it prevents people from working. On day one, many people cannot produce enough value to justify the 11.00/hr. There is no entry mode for them to get up to the point of earning more. What are they to do? Sit on the sidewalk? An employer has to take a risk to hire and train someone to get them to the point of earning. Those who look like a bad risk are left behind.

      • mark

        $11.00? Where’s that. I have to pay my ag day labor $21.00 per hour. $15 goes to them and $6 goes to workers comp…..and they will tell me all day long they will never collect a dime from workers comp. $48 per day goes to a program they will never access and believe me they are very aware of that. I tell them to stop voting democrat and I’ll split that with them $3 each….of course I tell them this in Spanish and we all laugh.

        • jhoger

          They stop voting Democrat and they’ll get $12 / hour.

      • adalporto

        @Jim Fowler Wrong Answer!!
        Most farmers abide by the law w/r not hiring illegals. Those who don’t should be heavily fined.

        Farmers must pay the market clearing wage for labor. The aberration in the market is caused by CA politicians who flaunt immigration law with their sanctuary city/state statutes and let illegals flood the market – by the millions in CA – which, sadly, does great harm to the lower classes of citizens and legal residents…

      • claytoncramer

        If the illegals were not there to exploit, yes.

  • Josh Borg

    Stockton hasn’t changed much since the filming of Fat City!! Its no more than lipstick on a PIG! ” You cannot HELP MEN PERMANENTLY by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves!!! ” Abraham Lincoln

  • john webb

    This has been tried many times. I would refer you to the basic handbook on Socialism. If the reading takes too long, I would invite you to read all about the experiment in Venezuela. Specifically you may want to read the Guardian article on food shortages. All this because Socialist took a vibrant economy and tried an experiment much like the Mayor would like….result….food riots. Maybe you should listen to a previous post by Curt Gibson and try filling local farm jobs. Not so glamorous, but at least we know it works.

    • David

      Universal Basic Income is not the same as Socialism. If you want to learn about UBI rather than smear your uninformed opinion about on the Internet, I recommend the recent episode of 99% Invisible entitled The Finnish Experiment. It discusses UBI in Finland and its intent to transition people away from programs like unemployment. UBI gives recipients the flexibility to work part-time while seeking full-time employment. As it currently stands, unemployment penalizes people for working a little rather than not at all.

      • David for what its worth I have a friend in Finland and he said the requirement for getting that income is steep. Its not just given away. Families with children who are working poor. The money is meant to see how people will use it to effect their lives.

        • TMA1

          So what…it is still theft of the working people.

          • OK…..

            L E T M E T Y P E S L O W E R F O R Y O U.

            W H A T D O Y O U D O I N T H E F U T U R E W H E N A L L J O B S A R E A U T O M A T E D ? E C O N O M I E S W I L L N O T E X I S T A S W E K N O W T H E M T O D A Y M O S T I T E M S W I L L B E S O C H E A P T H E Y W O N ‘ T H A V E A R E A L C OS T . E I T H E R E V E R Y T H I N G W I L L B E F R E E O R Y O U W I L L RE C I E V E S O M E S O R T O F C R E D I T T O P U R C H A S E. B U T A U T O M A T I O N I S C O M I N G A N D A V A I L A B L E J O B S W I L L B E G I N T O V A N I S H . 1 0 0 Y E R S F R O M N O W Y O U W O N ‘ T R E C O G N I Z E T H E W O R L D E C O N O M Y.

          • TMA1

            Automation will fail.

            The economy will still have the basic structure…and if you have to type slowly don’t YELL and learn some grammar and punctuation

      • Juan Lago

        No it’s communism. In the end phases you get to live in a place like North Korea.

        • jhoger

          Communism isn’t even socialism. It’s certainly not UBI.

          Your opinion is wrong because your facts are wrong.

          • CommonSenseIMO

            Communism is the end goal of socialism.

          • SerfCityHereWeCome

            The ONLY difference between socialism and communism is that in socialist “elections” you get to choose between 2 left-wing totalitarians, whereas with communism you have your choice of one left-wing totalitarian…and you’re tortured and murdered if you don’t choose him (or her, in the case of a Hitlary-type creature).

          • jhoger

            Yeah that has nothing to do with anything.

          • GETBENDT

            Yeah it does. It means this is welfare dressed up as UBI.

          • libertyanyday

            what is your point?

          • Freeland_Dave

            Sorry Spock double from a different universe, no one is listening to you.

          • jhoger

            You realize that’s a paradoxical statement right?

          • Right, look at all the Socialist Norwegians begging for the freedom of American citizenship!
            The Swedes who are illegally abiding in America. The MSM won’t even tell us how Denmark wants to become state 51.
            Stop watching FOX Newz! Hillary jokes are only told by people with nothing valuable to talk about.

          • Oscarphone

            The Norwegians will be the first to tell you that they are not a Socialist country.

          • GETBENDT

            So would North Korea.

          • Skyhawk

            Problem is, they would be wrong.

          • Oscarphone

            Than you must know better than the guy that runs Denmark: “I know that some people in the US associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism. Therefore I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy,” Løkke Rasmussen said.
            “Swedish Economist Schools Sanders On The Ravages Of Socialism” https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/swedish-economist-schools-sanders-on-the-ravages-of-socialism/

            Please remember Skyhawk, we have the Internet now and you could have looked it up yourself. And please try to keep up with current readings. It helps keep an open mind.

          • Skyhawk

            So it is socialist light. Splitting hairs is boring.

          • Oscarphone

            a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

            (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.”

            Hmmm, even a “light’ version of this doesn’t seem anything like Norway, Sweden or Finland. Ever been to northern Europe? Specifically, the three we are talking about

          • Skyhawk

            If you dont see how the government taking the majority of a citizens money and distributing it elsewhere, against their will, is “distribution” and “exchange” I dont know what else I can say. As their native populations shrink and age, the productive at the bottom end of the pyramid disappear and the debt begins to skyrocket until the whole system begins to crumble. Northern Europe is just now beginning that journey.

          • Oscarphone

            What a friggin’ lazy argument to support a wrong conclusion. Using two words completely out of context, ignoring the key word (production) isn’t making a point. Either that or your reading comprehension is at a third grade level. “. . . social organization advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange . . . “. Let me unpack that for you. The government controls the means of production (say, a five year plan for wheat) and oncethat “production” is completed, met or initiated, they “distribute”that production according to what they deem the needs of the populace (measured or political). They will also usethat “production” as a means of barter or “exchange” to secure products or services that they have trouble providing or can not provide (like Cuba supplying doctors to Venezuela in “exchange” for oil). None of what I just described and the definition of what I gave you before meets what the Swedes, Finns and Nordskies are doing on their turf in either a “light” version or a heavy one. Just because they are taxed heavily doesn’t make them Socialist it just makes them taxed a lot. This conversation is over.

          • StubbornlyRational

            Stephen Marcus Colmar. Are you suggesting that Fox News has claimed Norway, Sweden, or Denmark are failed nations that would love to joint the U.S.? Have you ever actually watched Fox News. Perhaps you should.

          • libertyanyday

            Have you visited or lived in any of the 3 in the last 5 yrs.? They have all lost any connection with reality…..

          • Deejayemmm

            heterogeneous people can do things America can never do.

          • BPCR Silhouette Shooter

            Your correct, just look at Venezuela. Or maybe the Mexican drug cartels!

          • CBDS

            What? Try to make sense.

          • claytoncramer

            Shared values affect everything. You can’t blame racism for failure to seek work if everyone is the same color.

          • GETBENDT

            Sweden will be bankrupt soon. It produces nothing and has a small but stable, white, old population. Sweden doesn’t do anything. It is a leisure state that is good for nothing but tourism.

          • Freewheeling Frank

            But Sweden is importing LOTS of Middle Eastern rapefugees to diversify their population. How’s that working out?

          • SerfCityHereWeCome

            Phenomenally well for the companies which manufacture rape kits and the chalk for drawing outlines on the sidewalk/street, but for everyone else, not so much.

          • Skyhawk

            LMAO. Wish I could up vote you more than once!

          • fgjghj

            What does white have to do with it? Your as bas that jhoger idiot Are you some sort of bigot?

          • libertyanyday

            thats all you got out of the post…………..white?

          • johnthekiwi

            They used to produce some really great porn. Now it is just modular furniture and overrated vodka. Like a lot of the northern European countries they are running out of natives and their tax rates are at a braking point. They will join the list of failed socialist experiments in another 20 years or so.

          • CBDS

            Hahaha. Where do you nuts come from?

          • Gary Warren


          • JJNYC

            They don’t have a Constitution and are not a Republic. This has nothing to do with watching a T.V. network.

          • Smaller countries of mostly hard working men and women cannot be compared to the US with a huge amount of people that just scam the system their whole lives.

          • fredbailey

            Does your mother know you’re on her computer?
            She’s gonna be pissed…

          • JMNT

            I get a kick out of lefties always citing the tiny Norwegian countries as examples of socialism rather than Venezuela. If you compare Bernie’s rhetoric to these countries, he much more closely conforms to the Venezuelan model than the Northern Europe model. Actually Norway and others are not really socialist. Sure they have a massive welfare state but they are tiny and mostly homogeneous countries where people think alike (like a large extended family). Their economies are capitalistic and they actually score higher on the economic freedom index than the US.

          • Commoncents

            Thank you for that. The comparisons to Denmark, Finland, et. al are so ridiculous, it makes my head spin.

          • MrPete

            Norway was living off of oil profits. Now that’s gone and they’re in trouble.
            Denmark was living off of highly taxed corp’s like IKEA, until IKEA got sick of it and planned to leave. Now Denmark is waking up.
            Sweden’s model is rapidly failing. No, not yet dead but it’s on the way — they have no way to pay for the promised retirement benefits for their aging population. Here’s the overall picture for EU:

            As they say, eventually you run out of other people’s money.

          • Hoofhearted

            So they import millions of third world Muslims to help stabilize their declining population?

          • elisa orozco

            Thank you for the information! Isn’t it interesting that Calif is facing the same problem as Sweden regarding not being able to pay for promised retirement benefits of our aging population??!!

          • keller23

            Agree with you generally, but Ikea is Swedish not Danish.

          • MrPete

            Oops! Of course you are right. My bad. Being half Scandinavian myself I really SHOULD not have forgotten .

          • thomas thewho

            Norway doesnt have 300 million people. if we threw out everybody but white people we could be like Norway, lets do it

          • Dindoo Nuffin

            Steffy….after 8 years of Obamafail and one year into MAGA, one would think you would know when to admit you lost, YUUGE.

          • sirnzee

            You might want to check the recent reports out of several of the northern countries in Europe. It seems the problems raised during our election are not overstated after all. If they are who you are pointing to as the way forward, you need to pay attention to what is going on there. It isn’t something to aspire to.

          • claytoncramer


            It’s an oversimplification to call Sweden “socialist”. While it’s true that Sweden has been ruled by the Social Democratic Party (“socialdemokraterna”) for most of the 20th century, and without interruption from 1932 to 1976, there are several reasons which suggest Sweden is not socialist:
            Sweden has had a strong free trade-orientation since the 19th century. The Swedish economy is small, specialized, open and dependent on exports, which has helped generated money for a generous welfare state.
            Connected to this: Sweden has become very business-friendly. Entrepreneurship is openly encouraged in every possible way, which is why such a small country has spawned Skype, Spotify, Minecraft…

          • keller23

            Sweden has 10M and the best you can say for it is Skype and Spotify, like that’s supposed to impress me? SF Bay has less than 10M people and it has spawned 75% of the technology used in the world. Virtually every major innovation happens in the US, tech, medical, you name it. Socialist countries like Sweden may have the odd breakthrough here and there, but it’s an anomaly. There is no incentive for anyone in Sweden to make it big when the govt will confiscate 70%+ of their income. You lefties will never understand that very basic reason why socialism does not ever work in the long run.

          • libsrnazi

            Yes, 1939 was a great time for socialism in europe…

          • libsrnazi

            If you compile all the people killed in wars in the history of the world, it still doesn’t come anywhere close to how many people were murdered in the name of socialism just in the 20th century…

            Your profile is certifiably wacked…


          • dannyvice

            The United States is entering an economic boom so large, world governments and business leaders are taking notice with baited breath…investment is pouring into the country by the billions…. unemployment at multi decade lows….. And this meathead is talking about socialism as the answer? WTF…

          • SerfCityHereWeCome

            Norway is (or WAS) a tiny, extremely homogeneous country sitting on an ocean of oil reserves, and with us essentially paying for their military defense, a situation even socialists would have a very hard time creating mass poverty out of…but not for lack of trying… Check back in a few more years once they’ve been conquered by all of their “peaceful” Middle Eastern additions. Self-loathing Sweden fell all over themselves during WWII to collaborate with the nazis, nearly earning the title of “Honorary French”, and will probably be part of the Caliphate within months if not weeks, so who cares what they do or say..

          • Bill Powell

            Or as my Swedish friend once told me, ‘all of the sensible Swedes immigrated to America a long time ago.’

          • SerfCityHereWeCome

            Unfortunately they also brought some of the unsensible ones with them– i.e., the State of Minnesomalia.

          • Bill Powell

            Yeah, I’ll concede that truth. Swedes seem to just be more socialist by nature. That will rapidly die-away as more ‘outsiders’ move into the areas they have traditionally been in the majority. People simply MUST be taught and/or forced to take care of their own needs. Government MUST quit paying people to not work.

          • THC

            Sweden has a population of less than 10 million people, we have over 315 million not including illegal immigrants.

          • libsrnazi

            The only important difference between Nazi-ism, Fascism,
            Communism, Socialism and Liberalism is the spelling, and
            that the last group hasn’t got the brains to figure it out.
            – Bill Vance

          • David Rose

            libsrnazi-You’re wrong, the difference is the Nazi’s have a more highly developed sense of fashion. Those Hugo Boss SS uniforms just rock. Silver and Black, Raider Colors! (Just sayin…)

          • Skyhawk

            Las Vegas Raiders you mean 🙂

          • jhoger

            No, it isn’t. Happiness is the end goal of socialism. Or it would be if a -ism could have goals. Which they can’t.

          • daddybdg

            What an idealistic loon. Happiness is the end goal of socialism? Well, some people will be a lot happier than others, so what do you suggest be done then? Some of those happy souls will in fact be sad once they realize others have more of a reason to be happy. I guess society will then have to “progress” from socialism to communism where everyone will have equal happiness.

          • jhoger

            Happiness is the end goal of socialism.

            Some people will always be happier than others. You for example, seem dedicated to being unhappy as you worry that someone, somewhere might get something without working as hard for it as they could have.

            I see no reason to believe nor evidence to prove that socialism is a slippery slope to communism.

            Western Europe has had plenty of time to head to communism. But it just didn’t happen. Maybe read about the cold war and how the opposite happened.

          • daddybdg

            I’m happier than you because I’m laughing at the pap you write. Still believe in Santa Claus? Give me your address and I’ll send you my wish list. I know you’ll want to make me happy, and I promise I won’t work hard for it.

          • jhoger

            Right winger theories are great in practice. But they have little relationship with reality and never stand up to scrutiny.

            We have a safety net in this country. As more and more of everything becomes automated by people like me fewer and fewer people will have jobs. It’s just the way it is and the evidence is everywhere. Just take self driving cars. How many people are going to be dislocated from employment by that technology?

            We’re going to have to have some form of income supplement that’s all there is to it. If you live long enough you’ll be begging the rich folks you’re happy to give away the store to to throw you some scraps.

          • StubbornlyRational

            jhoger — Nobody from my family will be begging for anything. Every last one of us has an advanced degree and a willingness to work hard. Charles Murray, whom you probably detest because your college professor told you he’s a racist, was writing about the problem decades ago. Intelligence and ability are real, and so is a propensity for hard work. As our society becomes more technological, those without high intelligence, ability, and a willingness to work hard are going to find fewer and fewer jobs. No intelligent person on the right or the left would dispute that. The solution is not to bring in more stupid people and give them taxpayer dollars. It is to reduce the number of stupid people.

          • jhoger

            Advanced degrees. You know not everyone is lucky enough to get an advanced degree. Some aren’t even capable of it. What will you do about them?

          • StubbornlyRational

            jhoger. Obviously we need to provide opportunities for them to succeed, because as Murray has been saying for decades, more and more people will be “cognitively disenfranchised” as our society continues to change. Besides the problem of cognitive level, there are also people who will be disenfranchised as entire industries suddenly evaporate. Some will fend well for themselves, others may need help adjusting.

            Would you believe that, 40 years ago, film projectionists in a major Canadian city made $90,000 a year? They have mostly been replaced by digital, automated projection systems. Same for many people in the film processing business.

            The question is one of strategy, and I believe that simply handing people money without a strategy to help them keep working and keeping their pride is going to fail. This is what the Democrats did to the black community in 1965, and they’ve created a permanent plantation. Generations of people with high birth rates, zero productivity, and total dependency on the government.

            I’m heading for bed, but I hope to encounter you again and discuss this some more.

          • GETBENDT

            WHy try to educate someone who literally lives what they believe. This is the same type of mindset that would of kept us all in the trees eating fruit.

          • I wouldn’t want to talk to jboger. Seems like a shill. And an idiot.

          • claytoncramer

            And very high murder and rape rates. It did so much for them.

          • daddybdg

            Send them to you to house and feed. You are up to the task, aren’t you?

          • GETBENDT

            Ummm nothing. That’s what minimum wage jobs are for.

          • claytoncramer

            Except keeping you alive while attending college. Most of my students are doing exactly that.

          • Freewheeling Frank

            Well, we still need plumbers, electricians, carpenters, auto mechanics, etc. it’s called “vocational training”. They USED to have it in high school before the DOE removed it.

          • claytoncramer

            Because racism! Obama’s FDOE was upset that vocational training attracted mostly minorities whose governmental secondary education had made them unable to attend college.

          • JJNYC

            Luck has nothing to do with anything. It’s called work for a reason.

          • Charlie_Zim

            Are you referring to yourself as being incapable of obtaining an advanced degree?

          • jhoger

            No. Any other stupidity I can disabuse you of?

          • Charlie_Zim

            Your posts say otherwise.

          • claytoncramer

            So why assume poor people cannot advance like others do?

          • jhoger

            I don’t assume that. Given proper conditions most people can advance.

            But if you’re running a mile race against someone and you have to start 800 meters behind the next guy, what the hell do you think the outcome is going to be? Where you start is highly predictive of where you’ll end up unless you get some help.

          • claytoncramer

            I graduated high school just below the poverty line. The only advantages that I received were California’s state scholarship fund (which I assume still exists), and a willingness to work. When I ran out of money at the end of my first year of college, I went looking for a job. No burger flipping jobs were available (it was 1975), but I was able to get a job at Jet Propulsion Lab working on Voyager.

          • jhoger

            That’s great that you beat the odds. That doesn’t mean there aren’t odds and the deck wasn’t stacked against you.
            California is particularly generous and giving people a hand up with its state schools. Even those are getting harder for people of limited means to afford.

            Generally universal basic income is designed to be a alternative to other government programs.

            Maybe you would be happier if the it was structured as an either or. Either you stay on a mix of aid programs or you accept a cash benefit that reduced the bureaucracy and lets the individual in need make more decisions for themselves.

            Sure some people will blow it on nonsense or addictive behaviors but they’ll find a way to do that no matter what.

          • claytoncramer

            I am not alone. Most Americans change income quintile over a 10 year period. Lots of people I have worked with went from middle class to millionaires and billionaires. Hard work and those values are generally rewarded.

            You say the situation is getting harder. In a state where the Democrats control all branches of government?

          • jhoger

            State budgets got squeezed during the downturn everywhere and things have not gone back to where they were.

            I’m not going to argue against good life choices. That plus a some luck is what makes people successful.

            UBI is more like the minimum wage. Establishes a income floor. Not enough to live large, maybe not even enough to live. But a floor nonetheless has value as an alternative to traditional welfare.

            In Alaska every resident gets a payment due to oil leases. Does that turn Alaskans into dependent losers?

          • claytoncramer

            So how are they getting by without UBI, if it isn’t enough to live on? Keep in mind that druggies have amazingly low standards of living. My brother-in-law was a constant reminder of that.

            Ever visited Alaska? There is a huge population of drugged and dependent people there. Fairbanks is tragic.

            I am sure that AFDC and Medicaid are not going away if Stockton goes UBI.

            State budgets got squeezed? By the train to nowhere perhaps?

          • jhoger

            Maybe stick to one topic. This is article is not about the bullet train but I assure you it is not a “train to nowhere”. That’s just partisan bulls*** and it takes 5 minutes of research to understand that.

            We’re probably not going to have any pure UBI experiments. That doesn’t mean they won’t help or that we cannot draw any conclusions from the data gathered.

          • claytoncramer

            Even alternative newspapers (those for leftist hipsters) call it the train to nowhere. http://www.laweekly.com/news/california-bullet-train-to-nowhere-gets-6-billion-via-state-lawmakers-2386440

            Help who? People with drug problems too lazy to look for work? Are there help wanted signs in Stockton? Cal. minimum wage is way more than $$500 a month.

          • jhoger

            It connects several places that are not “nowhere” including Los Angeles and San Francisco.


          • claytoncramer

            If every completed at a reasonable cost. I notice even leftist organs like the Washington Post use that term: https://www.washingtonpost.com/?utm_term=.79868c32c1af and the Bakersfield Californian http://www.bakersfield.com/opinion/now-it-s-really-a-train-to-nowhere/article_b288b442-bd3e-5973-868a-3a5c21a7d1c1.html And another leftist organ about “California bullet train cost surges by $2.8 billion: ‘Worst-case scenario has happened'” http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-bullet-train-cost-overrun-20180116-story.html

          • jhoger

            Your link to WAPO is a link to nowhere. Anyway I don’t think they call it a “train to nowhere”. For one thing they post conservative opinion articles here and there. And even if they did for it to matter there would have to be a reason they’re calling it that. Train to nowhere implies that the route of the train is not going to be useful. But that’s not what the facts say.

            Cost overrruns are clearly happening. That’s a separate issue.

          • claytoncramer

            “Californias high speed rail to nowhere” is the title and agreed, it is an opinion piece. Are you suggesting the #2 leftist newspaper in America is publishing deceptive or dishonest stuff? The route will be useful if ever completed. The size of the overruns makes even the Los Angeles Times question it. But spend enough money on Brown’s choo-choo and there is none left to help the poor.

          • jhoger

            As to middle class to millionaires give me a break. Like 4% of the population has assets exceeding $1M. And I wonder what the number is for liquid assets. Far far fewer.

          • claytoncramer

            See http://www.aei.org/publication/tracking-the-same-households-over-time-shows-significant-income-mobility/ for income quintile mobility. Becoming rich is requires self-discipline but not really all that difficult. Instructions at http://claytoncramer.com/rich/BecomeWealthy.html

          • jhoger

            Well we certainly need better financial education at early ages. That would make a big difference.

          • claytoncramer

            Sorry, not part of the leftist agenda. It doesn’t promote independence.

          • jhoger

            Not directly. First of all most people on the left have no ideology. So calling the left leftists is not accurate. Not being opposed to government solutions to some problems is not an ideology. It’s the lack of a right wing ideology.

            Second, the left is in favor of affordable education for all.

            Is the left specifically pushing for better financial education? No, but we should.

            In all fairness though the right isn’t pushing for better financial education either. The public schools are there, the state schools are there. Use them.

          • claytoncramer

            “So calling the left leftists is not accurate.” Any other oxymorons you want to add? Calling X Xists is not accurate.

            No ideology? What happened to “To each according to his needs; from each according to his abilities.”

            If the left can’t get its wholly owned educational system to do this, what chance do we have?

          • claytoncramer

            In most of America, the only large illiquid asset is your house. In flyover country this seldom exceeds a few hundred thousand dollars, usually much less. Any idea what America is like? Visit it and surprised.

          • jhoger

            Yeah I know what America is like. That was my point. Even if you were right that it’s easy to become a millionaire the reality is vanishingly few are.

          • claytoncramer

            Vanishingly few have the required self-discipline. It is easier to blame illegals, affirmative action, the Jews, capitalism.

          • claytoncramer

            “Yeah I know what America is like.” Ever lived here? NPR and the Nation are not sufficient.

          • jhoger

            Here where? I’m a Californian.

          • claytoncramer

            Why is California not like America? My son is 30 with a BA and just bought his first house; my daughter has an MSW and is 35, on her fourth house. Most of her classmates from high school have given up on buying a house EVER and are living with their parents–including one with a six figure income whose husband has a PhD. California is leftist utopia; billionaires and serfs.

          • jhoger

            California is by definition, America.

            Housing prices are high here. For a lot of reasons. Somewhat traceable to liberal policies but not entirely or even primarily.

            California is simply an attractive place to live and that drives up rents.

          • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

            “I don’t assume that. Given proper conditions most people can advance.”

            OF course, the ideology you adhere to guarantees those people will never advance. The entire history of socialism that you’re pretending doesn’t exist, proves that.

          • jdude2000

            that’s what farms and factories are for

          • fdhfghh

            Why does he have to do anything about them – didn’t you just scold someone for worrying that someone somewhere might not be working as hard as they could? So why is it now that he should worry about someone somewhere not being able to get an education? Why are you worrying about someone somewhere? Because you are a self-righteous hypocrite who minds everyone else’s business.

          • claytoncramer

            Do you claim education is not heavily subsidized and readily available throughout California? Of course, poverty encourages getting an education. It did for me. I am now independently wealthy.

          • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

            Every other minute of the day you imbeciles look down your noses and scoff at conservatives as uneducated rubes with all the snide diversity you can muster. Usually you people talk about putting us in camps or just killing us all off. Is the imbecile going to deny that the American left is the party of “kill al the white men”?

            How about letting them work the fields where we’re not importing tens of millions of other stupid people to work in their place, while we dole out trillions to those that, golly gee, just don’t wanna work for themselves?

          • claytoncramer

            When my older siblings were in college, they picked fruit in the Central Valley. It was a job. Any job that makes you less dependent is honorable.

          • GovtCtrlIsSlavery


          • Oscarphone

            The government and union controlled schools see to it that at least half the population are idiots.

          • GETBENDT

            Agreed. The problem socialism has is that stupid people make more stupid kids. Poorer populations have a much higher birth rate.

          • claytoncramer

            Even more serious than stupid is child abuse and substance abuse; very destructive to kids, rendering them often incapable of self-sufficiency.

          • libertyanyday

            80 percent of the worlds population need to go……………..B. Burr.

          • daddybdg

            Your avatar speaks volumes about you. Begging the rich folks for scraps? Just who are the rich folks? You can confiscate their wealth and you’ll just be looking for more. You obviously believe the universal definition of wealth: Someone that makes more than me, but not me. We are all wealthy by someone’s standards. Be prepared to pay your share and relish the pain in the name of humanity. I’m betting you don’t come close to contributing anything to the cause but your rhetoric.

          • GETBENDT

            Wrong. When “self driving cars” are the majority of vehicals on the road enough time will have elapsed for people to acclimate. In your fantasy the flush toilet that wiped out ditch digging would of resulted in mass unemployment. It didn’t. Everyone on the planet poops. And at one time we all pooped out doors. It guess what. We all figured out how to transition.

          • JJNYC

            America also has Capitalism.

          • MrPete

            Existing jobs go away over time. That’s the reality around the world, unless you want to become a hunter-gatherer.
            How does humanity survive? By being creative. Inventing new things. Finding new ways to create value.

            And THAT is the key: creating value. THAT is where wealth comes from. Not by stealing it. Creating it.
            So go find a way to create value. That’s how you survive and thrive.

          • claytoncramer

            In 1800, 99% of Americans farmed. Now 2%. So 97% of Americans must be unemployed.

          • dfg

            Like left winger theories do – all these years and you still have no cred because you deny your own hypocrisy – Spock would be disgusted with you – had he existed

          • libertyanyday

            1) increasing the amount of currency in an economy with no added value resutls in INFLATION.
            2) If UBI is a good idea, make UBI 50,000 dollars a month for each participant.

            You just want to steal someones wealth and give it to someone else……….same crap as always.

          • claytoncramer

            While most sticks to the fingers of those administering it.

          • claytoncramer

            Is that why billionaires fund the Democratic Party?

          • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

            “Right winger theories are great in practice. But they have little relationship with reality and never stand up to scrutiny.”

            Of course, the imbecile is gonna have to do lots of ‘splainin why the American capitalist system is the most successful and stable form of govt and economy in the entire history of the planet, and the most right wing one there ever was.

            You can’t and will instead opt for some idiotic platitude or some rationalization.

            Interesting how the American Const is actually ridiculously libertarian while you play pretend about utopian socialist dreams.

          • Dan Cornford

            The Europeans have paid a price for their socialism; they simply don’t acknowledge it-a dearth of jobs, massive growth of the dependence class, growing entitlement mentality! More reliance on a massive, inept, and authoritarian system of governance!

          • SNYDE

            Socialism can’t buy happiness.

          • GETBENDT

            We would be happier and wouldn’t give a Rats azz about your utopian dream if you would pay for it yourself. That’s where we get worked up about your love for giving up your productivity to the state. I produce more than any socialist loon I’ve ever met. And if you claim there are rich socialists who love giving up their money then why don’t they just work for less? Give their income away? They don’t because they want the power to virtue signal thier bleeding hearts because they can’t stand what a bag of s**t they had to be to get famous. No thanks! I prefere income inequality because most of the time it’s directly related to an individuals productivity and life choices.

          • GortRules

            That’s due in large part to the fact that the US exists.

          • fgjhggh

            oh I forgot to mention – still intellectually dishonest – his concern is about someone somewhere not working as hard as they can AND taking what he has earned – you know it and I know it – difference is you are dishonest

          • libertyanyday

            read marx, you dont understand. socialism is just the starting point, communism would take about 5 generations of a successful socialism application, if it werent for the people.

          • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

            “I see no reason to believe nor evidence to prove that socialism is a slippery slope to communism.”

            Still always a parasite. Always less successful than capitalism and STILL typically ends in bloodshed at the hands of it’s government.

            The American system has been the most stable and successful form of govt in the world’s history. That is, of course, until the progressive parasites you’re lauding took control and rolled it all up into a ball of debt so large it’s mathematically impossible to pay off. And no, the progressive system is not capitalist, it’s fascism.

            So piddle around arguing about the slippery slope all you want, but socialism cant hold the faintest of candles to the successes of capitalism. Even with the negatives of capitalism.

          • Shoot4Peace

            Tell that to the People who lived in Soviet Russia, or some who are living in China right now…

          • Steve Squared

            Look at ALL the happy people in Venezuela who can’t find food, much less toilet paper. Your perceived end goal of happiness is that of an ideologue with idiotic notions that being part of a permanent underclass feels good because everyone else is in the same boat. Also completely ignores the fact there is ALWAYS an elite ruling class keeping you and your useful idiots in line and they come in the form of the phonies like Bernie Sanders who claim to be champions of the simple life while owning 4 houses and raking in millions. Such a happy place, especially when your free college education now means nothing since you can do absolutely nothing with your life and get paid the same as a doctor. Get real.

          • theminx

            Hear! Hear!

          • xcb

            still around and still stupid I see – you apparently have had no goals in life

          • Gary Warren

            “The Inherent vice of Capitalism is the unequal distribution of blessings. The inherent virtue Socialism is the equal distribution of misery” Winston Chirchill

          • libertyanyday

            ” Happiness is the end goal of socialism.”………yea,look at the ussr, venezuela ……….those is some happy folks.! /s

          • CommonSenseIMO

            “The goal of socialism is communism.” – Vladimir Lenin
            Im sure he would be one of the happy ones. The masses, not so much.

          • Sue


          • libertyanyday

            admittingly it can never be attained as people are incapable of the unrealistc reaqurements of communism ………..marx was a completely evil, vile human being

          • CommonSenseIMO

            I think the Soviet Union, China, and DPRK would argue against that.

          • boca_grande

            In Communism the state owns everything including your thoughts, In Socialism the state tolerates some private ownership, but still gives away your hard earned labors. It is the same horse with only slightly different colors. Globalism Communism on a international scale. As socialism fails in Venezuela the government tries to control everything through regulation or out right theft.

          • SerfCityHereWeCome

            “The last official act of any govt is to loot the treasury”. –George Washington

          • CommonSenseIMO

            You can explain it all you want, it does not change my statement. As a matter of fact I was only quoting someone else….

            “The goal of socialism is communism.” – Vladimir Lenin

          • boca_grande

            I’m sorry, I posted to the wrong thread.

          • jburr36

            They didn’t call the USSR the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic for nothing. That kind of socialism lead to a totalitarian government and 100 million deaths over the decades. Silly Liberals LOL

          • jhoger

            They were totalitarian communists. It’s silly that you can’t distinguish one form of government from another.

          • Shoot4Peace

            Any type of Communism is wrong. It doesn’t believe in free speech or religion, it hangs on the ideology of a humanist Utopia, which is a friggin joke! Sorry, Jhoger but the Brotherhood of Man is a pipe dream… Why? Because all of mankind are selfish… Yes, even you.

          • jhoger

            We have a capitalist economy. It doesn’t rely on poverty as a motivator in my opinion. Human beings are self actualized to want more than just to have their basic needs met. So, having a social safety net is perfectly compatible with capitalism.

            There’s no pipe dream here. I’m a realist. No system can endure if people’s basic needs aren’t met and as we move to a heavily automated economy making a living by selling your unskilled or low skilled labor is going to become more and more difficult.

          • StubbornlyRational

            jhoger. The Democrats seem to think the solution is to inundate us with more uneducated low-IQ people with no capacity to do technical work. How, pray tell, is this going to solve the problem?

          • jhoger

            Uneducated low IQ people? I’m having trouble understanding you. Maybe take off the hood.

          • StubbornlyRational

            jhoger. Not much substance there. IQ is one of the most powerful predictors of success in any technological culture, AND in virtually any occupation within that culture.

          • Jersey_Prophet

            Opposed to the wall? Opposed to continuation of a lottery and familial ties as the method of populating the nation with more dependent voters for your Dem socialist candidates? Opposed to President Trump? For DACA, and a bleeding-heart Dreamer advocate?

            Uh Huh! I thought so. Playing dumb towards StubbornlyRational. Lemme help you out: look in your nearest mirror at the masked man telling someone else to remove his hood!

          • theminx

            Take off the hood? You yourself stated that not everyone is intelligent enough to get a degree, in other words, low IQ. So take your stupid “hood” label and stick it. Oh and take a look in the mirror your supremacist, bigoted, ignorance is showing.

          • jhoger

            If he was indicting Democrats for not wanting to import only the smartest and richest people then I apologize.

            My vision for an immigration policy is more egalitarian. More typically American. If people want to come here, work hard and build a life for themselves that’s sufficient.

          • Shoot4Peace

            I don’t doubt that all governments have social policies, however socialist thought and socialism does ultimately lead to Utopian thought.
            Belief in mankind is a fallacy. No matter how you feel about Christianity, and Judaism they both understand, we need a Heavenly Messiah a God that is bigger than us. That’s why Communism is a red herring. It’s a fallacy and a harmful one at that.

          • George

            jhoger, i lived in “socialist” czechoslovakia” for 28 years. I wish I could send you there if it still existed for”re-education. Your naivete is painful to watch.
            I vote for self-reliance, hard and honest work and minimal intrusion by a government. I have never seen anything government does well
            grow up …

          • jhoger

            Communist Czechoslovakia.

          • Charlie_Zim

            You are aware that Lenin said “The goal of Socialism is Communism”?

          • Julie Kasenow

            That is not a good thing.

          • MrPete

            Your complaint is the exact same complaint of 100 years ago.
            People manually tilled the land, planted and harvested the crops, crafted furniture and homes. A while ago I literally saw men hired to *hand cut* the grass in a developing world nation, on their hands and knees with garden snips. It was cheaper than using a lawn mower at the time.
            But mostly those jobs are gone. We have tractors, harvesting machinery, lathes, and 3D printing. There’s a thing called “productivity.” Increased productivity means one person can produce a LOT more, using technology to help.
            Yet… the world thrives. Not by putting others down but by finding new ways to create value.

          • jhoger

            No it’s not the same thing. The dislocation will exceed society’s ability to adapt if conservative policies are in place.

          • lspanker

            It’s not “conservatives” who are hell-bent on making unskilled, uneducated and ignorant people the majority in this country. Idiot liberals like you do everything you can to undermine self-reliance, encourage illegal immigration, promote single motherhood through policies that provide incentives for unwed teens (most if not all high school dropouts to have babies they can not take care of, then whine and cry about “poverty”. Your lefty policies don’t stop poverty, they CREATE it, with the intent of producing a bloc of helpless, useless, dependent human beings they can depend on to vote for whoever has a [D] after their name…

          • jhoger

            I don’t care about your unfounded belief system.

            I just look at problems and try to find solutions.

          • lspanker

            Well, given that this IS a KQED website, I guess we should expect that a few idiot liberals such as jhoger would show up to post his nonsense…

          • Dan Cornford

            And the Nazis called THEMSELVES national socialists! Helps one to understand the radical left and their REAL goals through socialism

          • Zyzyzx Zyzer

            Communism came from Brussels tha same place the Europe is ruled from today?? The Zionist COMMUNSIT NWO is here and is winning.

          • rootvg

            Have you ever worked in an office? Has anyone ever taught you that perception is reality?

            If enough of us say it’s communism…guess what? It is. Ain’t a damn thing you can do about that. Like nothing!

          • jhoger

            Nice torrent of illogic. “Because we say so!” is grade school stuff.

            Knowing the actually definitions of things is preliminary to discussion. The fact that you dig in and say you couldn’t give a s*** shows you don’t have any intent of discussion. You just want to push your stupid opinions.

          • StubbornlyRational

            jhoger. You’re the one with the torrent of illogic. Nothing but cheap liberal cliches.

          • theminx

            They only one here trying to push stupid opinions is you.

          • Zyzyzx Zyzer

            Perception is reality is a huge step,towards understanding what is going on in society today. Shhhhh you’ll,scare the sheeple.

          • GETBENDT

            I call vote buying. Tell me I’m wrong?

          • Ben Neviss

            Read the Communist Manifesto. It uses the two terms interchangeably.

          • Dindoo Nuffin

            Socialism is lukewarm communism. You already have your ninny/nanny state of Californica.

          • Dindoo Nuffin

            Communism has a beautiful track record of killing it’s pets. Socialism keeps it’s zoo experiments healthier for longer but is simply a form of raising cattle. If you are so eager to give away money, give away all of yours first. I don’t see Warren, Bill or Jeff liquidating their assets for mankind……as a matter of fact Bezos seems to run quite the sweat shop. Introspection. Buy a cup full.

          • libertyanyday

            socialism is a horrible nightmare, communism is socialism on roids.

          • Zyzyzx Zyzer

            Communism is the goal genius baby steps for the uneducated like yourself. Go ahead and play games with the definitions of words but actions will be negative as is human nature for entitlements.

          • Juan Lago

            Communism is a form of Socialism. All Socialism involves wealth redistribution. UBI is certainly wealth redistribution. Your opinion is wrong because you don’t what you are talking about.

        • Stop listening to Rush and Hannity!
          You’re a reactionary who fails to understand the way technology through automation is changing lives.
          You also fail to get the differences between Communism, Socialism as practiced in Western Europe and UBI which bas always been the end game for any technological AI revolution that would create employment scarcity.
          We haven’t had this much of a disparity between rich and poor since before the Great Depression. A remedy for this will eventually be higher taxation (due to an economic need for less employees) and Universal Income.

          • GETBENDT

            No. Creativity and productivity will fix most of the automation decline and maybe people shouldn’t have kids they can’t afford or live in areas where the Automation is “killing jobs”. The steam engine changed the world and people figured it out. Paying them to sit on their ass is not going to solve anything.

          • Freewheeling Frank

            See also: welfare, and the destruction of the black family structure.

          • Frantic_human

            Sorry, GET, too logical.

          • verycold

            I think the intent is to motivate them to get a job. So let’s say the unemployed person can only qualify for a minimum wage job. So 10/hr. By the time this person pays for daycare, possibly, transportation, taxes, food, clothing, it behooves that person to stay on welfare. There is little incentive today if welfare is offered and makes better math sense. So if this person gets 8,000 basic income, with no monetary penalities for finding work, that person might now take that 10/hr job. Keep in mind welfare programs have been eliminated and replaced by basic income. In theory the goal of getting that person to find a job might be met, but at what cost and is there a moral hazard? The current Finland plan IMO is way too small of a sampling and the amount is to small to know if people will really change their lives.

          • lspanker

            So if this person gets 8,000 basic income, with no monetary penalities for finding work, that person might now take that 10/hr job.

            More likely that person, who probably was not very motivated in the first place, will sit on his or her ass and do nothing. Once again, liberals misdiagnose the “problem” so they can propose the same pre-determined “solution” they have been peddling for over a century now: the confiscation of wealth from the productive to give to the non-productive, with the express purpose of getting the votes of the non-productive and growing that sector to create a permanent majority that puts and keeps them in power…

          • verycold

            I think most will take the money and do nothing. I especially think that will be true if the amount is 500/mo or less. However those supporting basic income applaud the idea that it relieves pressure on families. I would add, that here in the US we have earned income that is meant to supplement low earners usually with children.

            Once upon a time, when somebody said they were working, they meant full time. It actually was difficult to get part time work as most job offerings were for full time employment. Today when we measure those employed, it includes part time. So each month when that family is interviewed, if a person was not working last month, but then got a babysitting job for 5 hours each week, that person is no longer deemed unemployed. So if a person decides to only work part time regardless of opportunities, that person BTW can qualify for Medicaid which is free healthcare. I know such people.

          • elisa orozco

            Agreed. I cannot tell you the number of interviews with welfare recipients I have read in which they have admitted that they have NO INTEREST in working. Why? Because their food stamps & all welfare benefits afford them more than a job would.

          • Michael Rodriguez

            Wrong. I have family members that do not want to work, and just have more kids that they can’t afford.

          • elisa orozco

            ……and perhaps we should stop massively importing non-skilled, uneducated people who have to be supported by the American tax payers.

          • Freewheeling Frank

            Gee. Let’s try NOT flooding the country with people who cannot and will not provide for themselves!

          • elisa orozco

            Careful, Frank!! By stating the truth, you risk being called, ‘a racist’!!! Never mind that you are completely correct!!!

          • JJNYC

            Damn… you really think this started with Fox News. You must be a graduate from No Child Left Behind. This is whatever ism you want to attach to it. Go to Venezuela.

          • Charlie_Zim

            I see that you never been on an Indian Reservation before the advent of Indian gaming.

          • fredbailey

            Yeah, that extra money really fixed all of the poverty, drug abuse and alcoholism amongst the Noble Red Man, didn’t it?

          • Until robots are actually taking all of our jobs, this is a moot point. There are still plenty of non-robotic jobs out there, but no one wants to do them. Jobs like washing cars, mowing lawns, handyman services, pool cleaning. You can build a pool cleaning business into a multi-million dollar enterprise if you are willing to put in the work. But not a single liberal anywhere is willing. They’d rather be on government assistance in their parents’ basement.

          • THC

            Automation is a catch-22, if employers fire all the people and moved the robots who’s going to buy the products they produce cuz no humans will have jobs anymore.

          • claytoncramer

            Look up “Luddite,” and tell me where the unemployed textile workers are. This is downside of progressivism; no teaching of history.

          • From each according to his ability, to each according to his need
            Karl Marks 1815

          • Susan Wood

            Who is Karl Marks?

          • Tom Constantanople

            OK Susan. I will fix it. MARX.

          • Mina

            a lesser known Marks brother

          • I hope you are being sarcastic

          • Juse’ Nuno da Silva Pinto

            Juse’ Nuno da Silva Pinto; Shaman, the House of Spirits ” freedum, what dose it feel like?”

          • claytoncramer

            Before Marx was born?

          • Susan Wood

            Just curious. Do you support open borders/making DACA, Dreamers legal? I hope not, since you recognize the need for “workers” is lessening each year with the advances of technology.

          • Taking taxpayer money and just giving it to others because of a stupid ideology is just insane Stephen. People here in the US will be glad to take the money but it will solve nothing.

          • fredbailey

            Sooooo glad you need the givment to “help” you out of your quandry, you helpless little snowflake.
            Keep them the f**k out of my life and out of my wallet, and I guarantee you I’ll be just fine.

          • ridesdressage

            Stop listening to Hillary and Obama. I know Stockton well. Charter Way is full of gangs and dead bodies, as well as drug dealers and homeless people due to substance abuse. Most of Stockton is Mexican immigrants who are extremely overweight and on federal/assistance already. Giving them more free money is not going to do them any good. It will do well for the democrats who have already run the city broke – it will keep them in office and living in their big homes and driving nice cars while the Mexican immigrants who vote them into office for “free stuff” will continue to live in squalor…..

          • verycold

            Stockton completed bankruptcy in 2015. So whoever guided that city failed miserably. Apparently the recession hurt them with respect to real estate foreclosures. There has been high unemployment, and low median family income. It is racially diverse with about 40 percent Latino. The obese issue is apparently true. Lots of crime. City is ranked poorly.

          • elisa orozco

            Thank you for YOUR insight.

          • elisa orozco

            Thank you for the insight.

          • miwingman3

            People thought the 10 key calculator was going to make the accounting industry disappear. It didn’t. It got larger.

          • UnknownRider

            Isn’t it curious how people who call themselves progressive demand a static world?

          • Frederico

            @Stephen Marcus Colmar = Winner of Least Coherent Internet Comment of the day!

          • Lee Norris

            Sorry bub, but like Communism and Socialism, it fails because it is counter to human nature.
            It fails every time its tried and people like you always claim its because they did it wrong. No, the ideology itself is wrong.
            Here is the result of a milder form of UBI in the UK

          • Pointing&Laughing

            Communism is socialism misspelled. Get your head out of your crack.

          • verycold

            Just listened to Will.i.am on Fox Business that gave an example of candle making employing people, then to be replaced by electricity employing many more. So those making candles he felt were worried about fewer jobs and pushed back on electricity. There are many such examples of fear mongering about the future, when often we just do not know.

            What I think is true, is that we will not need just bodies as was once the case. So the high dropout rate in our public schools in many urban cities needs to be addressed immediately. Once upon a time, dropouts often went to work in factories, or on the farms. They managed just fine. That is not the case today. The big issue is educating for the future to line up with expected jobs. Many jobs will need math and science educations which the US is sorely lacking. We have pushed liberal arts rendering many to have fairly worthless degrees. Worse yet, incurred debt as well.

          • elisa orozco

            Very well analyzed and stated!!

          • hargen

            Marx said the same the about the changing technology of the industrial revolution making jobs scarce. We have more jobs now and his socialism has never worked.

          • lspanker

            You’re a reactionary who fails to understand the way technology through automation is changing lives.

            We’re not the ones who insist on welfare-state “solutions” to support people who can not or will not take care of themselves, while at the same time doing everything they can to undermine our immigration laws. Once again, I will ask the question that liberals ignore: if we have too many people in this country to the point that we don’t have jobs for all of them do to, why are we letting in even more?

          • Mina

            because they will vote democrat for the next 100 years and turn red states into blue ones.

          • Juan Lago

            I am an engineer I understand technology very well. I don’t need your condescending pseudo-intellectual BS. I am most likely better educated and less indoctrinated than you are. You on the other hand appear to just be regurgitating the typical Marxist & Socialist crap that has been floating around since the late 1800’s. Involuntary wealth redistribution is involuntary wealth redistribution, period. The manner by which it is done is irrelevant. The effect is the same.

          • Mina

            No matter what you call it, the practice of Universal Income will lead to a bankrupt Stockton and almost immediately.

          • Michael Rodriguez

            Just like the planned economy nutjobs, you think you know so much. Semi-socialism in Europe exists only because the US foots their defense bill. They spend very little of their GDP on their militaries. NATO couldn’t even beat Ghaddafi without US help, which was pathetic considering Libya wasn’t even a first rate power. We had a bridge on the I-10 collapse near where I’m from in SoCal because of the crumbling infrastructure in the state. All they do is tax, tax, tax, and give us almost nothing to show for it. Thankfully I moved out of California recently. My vehicle registration renewal went from $200 per year to $30 per year, and most of my other bills are less.

        • BPCR Silhouette Shooter

          The mayor is simply trying to buy votes and offset the Democrat political fallout for not supporting the tax cuts and burdening all citizens with the ever increasing costs of healthcare via Obamacare.

          • Commoncents

            Pretty expensive votes, considering most of the recipients probably aren’t registered.

          • BPCR Silhouette Shooter

            What does the Mayor care, he’s not paying for it.

        • theminx

          I find it amusing that they think $500, in an expensive place like california, is going to give them the ability to afford it. Like everyone there is only $500 short on their living expenses and if they just had that everything would be hunky dory. What’s even more amusing is that doing this is actually going to make it cost more to live there. Economics 101, college 1993.

          • Jersey_Prophet

            Maggie Thatcher said it decades ago. “Sooner or later they’ll run out of everyone else’s money.” It will happen to Stockton sooner, not later. You can take that to the bank!

          • Liz

            It already did. They just came out of bankruptcy and they have not learned a thing from it. Government per usual.

          • Liz

            Seriously, the people receiving this token from the government via the taxpayers should move to Oakland and become gangbangers telling other gangbangers to stop being gangbangers. They get $1000.00 per month!

      • khonji

        Thanks for the reference.

        After listening, I was left with more questions than answers. The foremost of these is, how would UBI be paid for? The answer defines whether any particular UBI implementation is socialist, marxist, or something in between in character.

        Would funding be based on “to each according to his contribution” or “to each according to his needs, from each according to his ability?” UBI is a contradiction of the former. According to taxation practices common in nations of the West, it would be most akin to the latter, where “ability” is bluntly defined as wage income (property and capital gains being taxed at a significantly lower rate.).

        Another important question is how would UBI impact human energy and a society’s net productivity? Survival and security are powerful motivators. What happens when these are guaranteed? Could a society premised on UBI compete effectvely vs others that are not?

        • TMA1

          How about to each what he makes when he gets off his A&& and goes to work every day.

          • khonji

            That’s the ideal, but it assumes a person’s “work” is valuable enough to others to earn them a living.

      • csno

        Finland isn’t inviting the 3rd world to come on in, we will UBI you.

      • SolonGT

        Finland has no diversity. And it works?

      • Joe

        Finland? You’re comparing Finland to this country? Really? Like there is some kind of parallel? If Finland was a State it would be one of the smaller ones in the US. And they don’t have the racial problems we have or the immigration problems

        $500 should buy some beer and cigs and keep ’em inebriated anyway. The “flexibility” to work part time huh? The problem is these people don’t want to work, or can’t work due to any number of reasons. Not to mention who wants most of them at their company anyway? What I don’t understand either is California wanting millions of illegals to move there.

        I guess if I was from Central America I’d head straight to Stockton.

        • jhoger

          No one from anywhere heads for Stockton.

        • rootvg

          Finland can do these things precisely because it is racially homogeneous. The left hates to talk about that but it is the truth. We spent ten days in Germany just before the holidays and I saw similar examples of that during our travels there.

          • jhoger

            “Finland can do these things precisely because it is racially homogeneous.”

            Western Europe is not racially homogeneous. Not that I see how that is relevant, because I don’t.

            People are basically the same.

          • CatHammer

            “Western Europe is not racially homogeneous. Not that I see how that is relevant, because I don’t.”

            Clumsy effort at moving the goal post, jhoger. Rootvg didn’t say “western Europe”, he said Finland, which is significantly more homogeneous than the U.S., or even more southern Europe. Other countries in that general area have similar conditions.

            This DOES make a difference. Studies have shown that the less ethnically and culturally diverse a population is, the more willing they are to contribute to, and support, social welfare programs. The thinking seems to be that the more alike they are to their neighbors, the more they can see themselves or their families needing or using the benefits at some time…a not illogical assumption.

          • jhoger

            So the takeaway for me is that old white cranks need to get over their racism.

          • StubbornlyRational

            jhoger. But of course you’re not racist or ageist, having just attributed racism to a whole class of people.

          • CatHammer

            That Finland is mostly white is irrelevant to the situation I described (and even if it were, their population is certainly not all “old cranks”).

          • lspanker

            Try to broaden your sources of info regarding Scandinavia from what you hear on KQED and NPR, and you might actually learn something. You should spend some time talking to the old white cranks in Sweden, who would set you straight on some serious misconceptions. Many older Swedes regard American liberals, ESPECIALLY the ones who moved over there thinking it was some type of welfare-state paradise, with special contempt.

          • StubbornlyRational

            jhoger. “People are basically the same.” If that’s true, why are Jews so overrepresented in Nobel Prize lists? Why are Japanese so underrepresented on NBA all-star teams? Why is the taco the major invention of Mexico?

          • Dan Cornford

            Finland also has ample resources and a TINY (insignificant?) population. Economies of scale have shown socialism doesn’t work

          • Race has nothing to do with Finnish or German success. These nations have since the 1950s offered universal college which equals highly educated populations. In addition the rate of taxation prevents income disparity.
            Blame Reagan, not black and brown people for America’s current mess.

          • StubbornlyRational

            Stephen Marcus Colmar. Blame Reagan? Why? America’s black population produces a huge proportion of America’s crime and poverty. On the other hand, America’s Asian population has hugely outperformed the white majority. Stop making excuses for the failure of “black and brown people” to achieve.

          • Jersey_Prophet

            It’s easy when a country has no defense budget, having it provided by mostly US resources and money (NATO). Absent a multi-billion dollar drain on its budget, Finland, Norway and Sweden have plenty of time to sanctimoniously gloat about their system’s successes.

            Oh, but they have planted the seeds of their own destruction in liberalized immigration. They will soon understand the error. At that time, the sanctimony will be replaced first by silence, then by violent, reactionary political upheaval. Meanwhile, we need only sit back and enjoy the remaining howls of sanctimony before the fall.

          • jackieonthetrunk

            Blame Reagan? Liberal John Kennedy lobbied for and successfully lowered the top rate at the time of 91% to 72% as well as lowering the bottom rate. He had said, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Taxing to prevent income disparity relies on those at the top to continue to earn more than the bottom. Funny how that works.

            Liberals love these schemes – they really love the control and money themselves (see cigarette taxes).

          • lspanker

            When was the last time you were ever in Europe? You have a rather incomplete view of how things work over there…

          • Zyzyzx Zyzer

            Germany is taken over by Muslims.

        • You don’t understand California because you are a racist. Those people you call illegals were once called immigrants and they are good for economic productivity. Firstly, they stabilize or drive down wages. In addition their buying power creates new economic activity.
          Did Fox brainwash you into thinking these new Americans live on welfare? These people come to work.

          • StubbornlyRational

            Stephen Marcus Colmar. In one short post, you managed to play the R card, then the F card. Are you playing with a full deck? BTW, CNN is the network continually having to retract false stories.

          • jhoger

            Calling out racism is not playing a card. Believing that immigrants come here to get welfare bennies is simply not the case. Believing it in the face of reality is hard to explain other than through blinding racism / paranoid xenophobia.

          • MrPete

            People come here illegally to bypass the legal restrictions. I have a LOT of legal immigrant friends. They are universally upset about open borders.
            Illegal immigrants don’t “stabilize” wages… they increase unemployment among citizens. Never a good thing.

            And as a guy who is half Finnish, with Finnish relatives… I will just say: open your eyes. Finland is not thriving from their policies. Nor are the other Scandinavian nations.

            Initially, illegal immigrants may come to work. However, a large fraction do not. Believing they’re all here to do honest work in the face of reality is hard to explain other than through blindness.

          • lspanker

            Believing that immigrants come here to get welfare bennies is simply not the case.

            How much time have you ever spent in Mexico. I recall a couple of billboards on the Mexican side of the San Diego/Tijuana border crossing, offering services on how to apply for AFDC/WIC, Section 8, and other assistance programs, in Spanish (and given how slowly the border crossing goes, I had plenty of time to read them). Now who again was being targeted by those ads again?

          • Shoot4Peace

            Last time I heard, Illegal still means… Well, illegal.

          • Liz

            I understand CA very well, thank you. They tell the poor taxpayer (me) that it is for the children. Since when did liberals care about children? What happened to their abortion mantra? Planned Parenthood needs to get on the stick or I won’t have anything left in my paycheck!

          • lspanker

            Those people you call illegals were once called immigrants

            I’m from California, have people in my family and friend circle who were involved in the Chicano and farm worker movement, and I will tell you this much. The Mexican-Americans whose families emigrated to the US legally don’t have this same feeling of solidarity with illegal aliens that idiot liberals like you peddle on the time. Even the big time liberal labor hero Cesar Chavez recognized that illegal immigrants drove down wages, and actually volunteered his own UFW members to participate in “wetback patrols” along the border so they could call Border Patrol on 2-way radios whenever they saw someone trying to sneak in the country. You have clearly absorbed and regurgitated a bunch of nonsense that you clearly do not understand…

          • Ramiro Montoya

            Right on the nose.

          • WriterDudeLA

            A dead on terrific post.

          • claytoncramer

            Drive down wages: the leftist goal, impoverishing citizens and legal residents.

        • Zyzyzx Zyzer

          They ALL vote democrat even though the demcoatras won’t want to live there like today they’re moving away and infecting great places like Utah. Calicancer is here.

      • Very Concerned

        Oh yeah David you are so enlightened maybe you should read up on this tell us how informed you are – https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/20/opinion/finland-universal-basic-income.html

        • khonji


      • dude911

        So whats the end game? Where are the models that show that this works? What country has successful integrated anything like that that still exists today? Why are there so many “experiments” and not one single nations economy is based on the utopian results that drives this idea?

        There are none, nothing, nada to show because it never worked before. Like John Said, its socialism, and socialism can only survive under communism. Eventually they run out of money. Everyone goes broke, not just the government, but all of its citizens as well. They spend like drunken sailors and demand to be recognized as elite professionals. Its a lie David.

        • jhoger

          ubi has never been tried on a wide scale. Just experiments.

          • MrPete

            It was called USSR.

            Productivity goes down. Why bother working hard, since you’ll get income anyway? Harder work is hardly rewarded, and at some point it is penalized by confiscation of what you earned.
            Result: shortages, incredible inefficiency.
            Soon after the Iron Curtain fell, I stood in line in Latvia with my translator, who was at the baker’s to get bread. The store had lots of shelves, but nothing on them. After about half an hour, we were at the front of the line. She turned in her chit and received one loaf. For the week. For her and her husband. No options, no choices.

          • lspanker

            So what makes you think it will succeed on a large scale again?

          • jhoger

            Sigh… I’m saying more experiments are on order. What are you afraid of?

        • Zyzyzx Zyzer

          The models are working great the models are China and Russia. The Zionist COMMUNSIT NWO isn’t about freedom it’s about control.

      • rlwieneke

        David, it’s WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION: Communism, Socialism, it doesn’t matter which ism it is, it’s Wrong, Unethical. And as George Sand said: ‘Charity degrades those who receive it and hardens those who dispense it.

        • jhoger

          Wealth redistribution! That’s exactly what is happening. Just not in the direction you think.

        • Zyzyzx Zyzer

          Or simply slaves and slave owners the dumb don’t like real names for controlling ideologies. It’s to be long since anyone called another master. It’s coming back into fashion for the needy.

      • rootvg

        If you want to live in Finland…go! No one’s stopping you.

        Yes, Guaranteed Minimum Income came from the Nixon administration. It died an unholy death there and will not get quite that far with the Trump administration. How do you sell this to Congressmen and Senators in southern states? YOU DON’T. How do you sell it to Congressmen and Senators in the big swing states Trump carried to become President? NEVER. No way in hell.

        This sounds more and more like another one of those click bait, media pump stories designed to get our attention. It’s crap.

      • martynW

        The Finnish experiment basically fizzled, and there was a lot of hand-waving from “experts” about how they didn’t do it “right.”

        The core of this idea is the same as for any welfare-state idea: people dependent on the State will reliably vote for Statists.

        “They’ll turn us all into beggars ’cause they’re easier to please.” – Rainmakers

      • C Benton

        David, I didn’t see anywhere here that they are doing away with the other glut of so called means tested assistance. The areas where UBI is being used to transition people away from government assistance is designed more to streamline the government than to “provide self esteam” to the populous.

        This is just another handout…along with all the other California handouts. Income redistribution.

        Now if you want to get rid of the massive bloated government programs such as welfare, WIC, unemployment, and medicade and start folks off with a UBI…then perhaps there is room for economic stimulus tied to streamlined government.

      • GETBENDT

        That’s a different argument. Paying someone because they can’t find a job is stupid no matter what you call it. If jobs are declining in your community then oh have to move. Nobody is owed employment and we certainly shouldn’t be paying people to wait for work. Nobody starves in this country. When you cut off benefits people have a way of finding a job. This is a wealth transfer so dummies can trade votes for free cash. Plain and simple. The idea is stupid, reckless and doomed to fail. After you give this money how will you ever end the program? Who’s paying for it? Calling it a study, an experiment or some new age Wellfare doesn’t change the fact that it won’t work. Go ahead and increase ur kids allowence to 500 bucks a month and see how motivated they are to get a real job.

      • CBDS

        You can’t be that dumb? Can you? Lol

      • redcats2

        We were better off in the days we had no unemployment or welfare……folks were forced to get off their asses and work for a living!

        • Charlie_Zim

          Hunger is a great motivator.

        • logansfun

          You feed your kids or they die. You make a kid, you feed it. Very simple stuff.

      • The Outlaw Josey Wales

        Poor snowflake you just don’t get it….

      • jdude2000

        ya, i’m sure all those people receiving free cash will run right out and look for full time work… lol . Not! what you been smoking?

      • Debbies21

        No social welfare programs penalize for working a little, unemployment means you had a job & either quit or were let go.

      • just say’n

        David, the end game is lazy poor people will move to Stockton and people with jobs will leave. Then the business will leave, or they will build a wall to keep people in stockton. Read some history.

      • UnknownRider

        So for the benefit of 10% who can’t make it in a capitalist society that rewards merit, you want to put a ceiling on the rewards of that merit, crushing incentive to achieve for the other 90%. That is the reality in Europe. The social safety net exists, but the cost is significantly reduced opportunity.

        Who are you or anyone to tell me I must limit my dreams, my work ethic and my expectations?

        • verycold

          Basic income has been tried many times. A recent article about the Finland experiment, now a year long, reports the plan is mostly designed around a US plan. Apparently Finland had rather short notice to ready a plan. The article also used 2 examples of individuals getting into the experiment and how things are going for them. The big takeaway is that those selected for this experiment felt relief that they got this money without strings attached. Most feel the experiment is too small and the income too low.

          Those selected were currently unemployed I recall. If they took a job, they would see those benefits be reduced or eliminated. Also they are required to be looking for employment while receiving benefits. So yes there is pressure to find a job. Basic income removes that stress as there is no pressure. The hope is that those unemployed will now be motivated to get a job as it will supplement the basic income. Either that, or spend that basic income to help jump start a new business, or go back to school.

          My issue is that working people are taxed to supply some with piece of mind. Also Finland if choosing to continue with basic income, must give that stipend to all. Their constitution says so. So rich people will receive that agreed monthly amount, but would be taxed on it based on that individual income. The desire by the government is to reduce welfare costs. Basic income for all would be very expensive even while eliminating other welfare programs.

      • fredbailey

        If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks…
        I don’t give a dam WHAT you call it- it’s socialism/Marxism/communism. Period.

      • ridesdressage


      • logansfun

        Finland has a declining or static population. But UBI in a state with a massive illegal and legal immigration flow? Uh, good luck. UBI would mean the immediate end to almost all low skill immigration because it’s an admission that the economy has changed for good.

      • VictorSeal

        Yeah, like bums getting someone else’s hard earn dollars will ever amount to anything. People with pride in themselves are not going to stoop to welfare.

      • Unreal Uknow

        It is an entitlement that raises prices of goods as more money is available in raises taxes so government can pay for it. It is a ridiculous premise.

      • Conservative in CA

        Whatever you call it to disguise it’s true meaning, it is stealing money from one person and giving it to another. Where will the money come from? FROM OTHER PEOPLE! How can the moronic left not see that?

      • Kevin Maher

        You are so wrong. give the average person the choice of getting up and going to work or sleeping in until the postman comes with the check, what do you really think will happen?
        Free money is never *free*
        The next is *free* food, housing, transportation, health care, child care, and when the sow’s teat runs dry, then what? “Where is my *FREE* stuff?

      • Dindoo Nuffin

        Finland….yes….we are so very similar to Finland. Trump has the lowest black unemployment since…..well since the libs were forced to give up their slaves.

      • Voose Lagina

        Lol finland only has 5 million in population. Your an idiot even trying to compare the two.

      • SeattleConservative

        I agree with David. In fact they should change the motto of Stockton to:
        “Taking from people with abilities and giving to people with needs,” or something similar. What could go wrong?

      • Mick Savage

        Finnland just began this experiment,it will take a while before they get Venezuelan, Cuban, etc. results.

      • Jay0208

        There A LOT of differences between here and Finland. Culturally and in its population size. Im sure if scrutinized you will see that you are presenting a straw man for your argument.

      • libertyanyday

        you are being intellectually dishonest. We are not a small finnish country………a program for 10,000 people is not the same as for 100,000,000 people ( the oversight would be outlandish).

        1) Where does this currency come from
        2) adding currency without adding value = INFLATION.
        3) INFLATION wipes out the UBI, because the rest of society just has a raised floor as a starting point.
        4) Our currency already is worth about 2 cents on the 1910 dollar. there is no silver in our coinage.

        The LEFT sells lies , dispair and pestilance………they try to repackage theft over and over and over……….it NEVER works.

      • Pointing&Laughing

        Oy. Another victim of government indoctrination.

      • Zyzyzx Zyzer

        A rose by any other name is still a rose. A dependent welfare society is still a losing one socialism is theft without votes.

      • Tom Constantanople

        Finland is the answer? Some of the highest taxes in the world so people can go to work if they feel like it? The problem with liberalism/socialism is you people want to make everyone feel good. How is it that when you get a handout it makes you feel good? It would make me feel inadequate. Pathetic.

      • Nocturnal7x

        Giving people something for nothing via the government is socialism. Its taking from someone and giving to someone else. Don’t spit in our face and tell us it’s raining.

      • nolie

        I hope you are high as you write the drivel above. It would be scary to think that anyone who can read and write would actually believe what you have written.

      • claytoncramer

        You might want to read the rules on this. http://www.edd.ca.gov/UIBDG/Total_and_Partial_Unemployment_TPU_5.htm

        Under the provisions of the Unemployment Insurance Code, a person must be “unemployed” to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. The definition of “unemployed” for benefit eligibility purposes, is contained in Section 1252 of the Code which, in part, provides as follows:

        ” (a) An individual is ‘unemployed’ in any week in which he or she meets any of the following conditions:

        (1) Any week during which he or she performs no services and with respect to which no wages are payable to him or her.

        (2) Any week of less than full-time work, if the wages payable to him or her with respect to the week, when reduced by twenty-five dollars ($25) or 25 percent of the wages payable, whichever is greater, do not equal or exceed his or her weekly benefit amount . . .

      • Retired military

        Finland about 3 million people with the state owning most of the industry and sitting on a ton of natural resources for its population.
        Comparision isn’t anywhere near valid.

      • MoreFreedom2

        From whom do you think the resources to provide a UBI come from? Taking from some for the benefit of others (the same thing criminal thieves do) is socialism when the government does it.

        Though I do agree, government welfare is a disincentive to work, especially near the government’s rules limits. So if the rule is, you get no welfare if you make over $15,000, people will insure they don’t make more than that.

        The problem with government welfare, is that it’s immoral to begin with, because the money is taken from others via force. Private charity on the other hand, doesn’t use force, and generally private charities strive to help people become self sufficient, rather than become a business using force to obtain the money to pay for their salaries and then provide what’s left to the poor.

      • lspanker

        unemployment penalizes people for working a little rather than not at all.

        That may be so, then propose a change that still provides an incentive for people to pursue gainful employment. Don’t make receiving money into some type of permanent “right” that others have to support.

        • ars2nd

          There is already such an incentive. It is called the Earned Income Credit, Obamacare subsidies, food stamps for the working poor, etc.

      • Freeland_Dave

        Socialism under any other name is still Socialism. Don’t give them a fish, teach them to fish. Grew up in the area and if you really want to work and be successful you can. But it requires you to actually want to work. Also, if you think that Finland is so great why don’t you live there? Aren’t you kind of stupid to live somewhere else if Finland is so much better? Lets use that $500 and send them to Finland. What? The Fins don’t want them? Why not, where is their charity? Oh, you have to be a Fin-lander to qualify? How racist of them.

      • Commoncents

        Finland’s population is less than the San Francisco Bay Area. And they don’t allow the immigration of hordes of third worlders.

      • Kyle Smith

        I am ok with UBI as the ONLY form of welfare as long as everyone gets it. Then it has much better features than the welfare we are already spending. As just another source of free money…not helpful. But as long as we are going to give the poor medical care and food and housing and money the UBI is a much more efficient and in the long term cheaper way of doing what we already do without the overhead.

    • john webb

      Like I said, read the handbook. You can call a duck anything you want, it is still a duck. Taking money from working citizens and giving it to others in private life is called theft. Taking money and giving it to someone else always has a fancy name when it involves government. I stick with my original, correct post.

      • TheBigKitty

        And Stockton will be totally bankrupt in


        • Freeland_Dave

          It already is. How can it get more bankrupt?

    • Dan Mitchell

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. UBI is debatable, but it’s not socialism (or “Socialism.”) Milton Friedman, one of the most conservative (libertarian-leaning) economists to ever live, was a major proponent of it, and probably did more than anyone to popularize the idea early on.

      Venezuela, jesus. C’mon, man: why risk humiliating yourself by bloviating on something you clearly know nothing about? In the time that you wrote this comment, you could have read a whole article explaining the basics of the concept — but you’d rather run around the Internet sharing your vague feelings about “Socialism.”

      • john webb

        Yep, you explained it to your complete satisfaction. Taking money from tax payers and giving it to people who did not earn it. Great thinking…we will all watch your spectacular results. Also, insulting is a great way to protect your position.

        • Dan Mitchell

          All I did was point out that you’re confusing two completely different concepts: socialism and universal basic income, the latter of which actually started as a conservative idea (mainly as a way to reduce government bureaucracy). So, clearly, you have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s not an insult, but a statement of bald fact.

          Also, I said nothing about whether I favored either UBI or socialism. So, there again, you don’t know what you’re talking about — you’re making assertions with zero knowledge. I know that’s popular these days, but that doesn’t make it good.

          Complaining about government wealth transfers in those terms — that they’re bad by nature — is an argument for nihilism, basically. If we all agreed with you, many people would die. Nearly all social welfare spending goes to children, the elderly, and veterans (and not a few active service members). So if you want to totally eliminate their benefits, fine, but you should know that those are the people affected, and many of them would die. Therefore, your position is beyond radical: it’s extremist. And if we introduce simple morality into the equation, it’s heartless and cruel.

          Of course, since this is all an abstraction to you — just stuff you use to emote on the Internet for whatever reason — you won’t see it that way. And therein lies our problem.

          • john webb

            Okay, one more post. I am aware of negative taxation and of Milton Freeman’s comments. But you have to take the whole thought and not cherry pick. In negative taxation, you are right that it reduces government. Freeman thought you would do away with government by getting rid of welfare. Stockton is not doing away with welfare or reducing government which makes the proposal Socialism, ie robbing Peter to pay Paul, so people don’t die. Driving down the streets on Wilson Way recently reminded me of third world countries I’ve visited. This proposed program is not the answer. Attracting more business by having business friendly policies is a great first step. I will now drop the microphone.

          • Dan Mitchell

            It’s Milton *Friedman*, and you clearly weren’t aware of his promotion of UBI, and clearly had never heard of the concept of a negative income tax, until you looked it up for this post. And, equally clearly, you were actually too lazy to simply go back and check the spelling of the name, and get the name of the concept right, as Friedman used it. I’m guessing you’d never even heard of Friedman until now.

            Also, even after you’ve been ridiculed for obviously not understanding the most basic, fundamental concepts under discussion, you’re still declaring that UBI is “socialism,” when the two concepts actually have little to nothing to do with each other. Socialism isn’t welfare (even if UBI were considered welfare: you probably don’t know this, either, but the idea of it is that EVERYBODY gets the same, basic level of income, regardless of how much wealth they own, and how much other income they earn.) Socialism exists when the major means of production in an economy are owned in common, by workers. Democratic socialism has a wider definition, which includes wealth transfers from rich too poor, and strong social safety nets, including a welfare state. But again: UBI is *not* welfare. This KQED story is terribly reported, but I have to assume that Stockton’s experiment with UBI will not include any kind of income test, and the income will be distributed blindly, with middle-class and rich people just as likely as poor ones to be selected for it.

            Dude, you need take up a different hobby. If you were genuinely interested in any of this stuff, you’d spend your time learning about it, not just bloviating online because you don’t like “libtards,” or whatever the hell. As it is, you’re just making an ass of yourself. Go spend a few hours with the topic, at least, and then comment on it, if you have anything to say. Doesn’t that sound more fruitful and productive than listening to buzz phrases and canned ideas on Fox News, or whatever, and repeating them to a bunch of strangers on the Internet? What’s the point of that?

          • Tim Tom Zalabim

            Good post, although Socialism isn’t just ownership of the means of production but also the control, or regulation of.

          • Iowa10

            And, more importantly, the control of people, which Obummer tried with his obamacare crap.

          • Commoncents

            Agenda 21 (or 2030).

          • Joe

            Actually communism is when the government owns everything and runs everything and makes supply and demand decisions,…..it’s called central planning, and socialism is more along the lines of taxing you to death to redistribute the wealth from those produce to those who can’t or won’t. In the end socialism always sounds great until you run out of everybody else’s money. Then the asset seizing starts and the absolute totalitarianism begins. But you always have a ruling class that thinks they are so much smarter than everyone else. It all begins with wealth redistribution which sounds great until it isn’t. Sooner or later they come for YOURS.

          • Joe

            As an example,….look at Cuba. It’s a communist country run by a Dictator and his little group who live very well. Hollywood morons like Michael Moore espouse it’s virtues. What it does is strip man of his God given right to prosper.
            I personally know people who escaped on home made boats. Who would do that if it was so wonderful?

          • Innocent Bystander

            “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is a slogan popularised by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program.[1] The principle refers to free access and distribution of goods, capital and services.[2] In the Marxist view, such an arrangement will be made possible by the abundance of goods and services that a developed communist system will produce; the idea is that, with the full development of socialism and unfettered productive forces, there will be enough to satisfy everyone’s needs.[3][4]

          • California70

            Yes “the same basic level of income”! We are all now “PEANUT BUTTER”! Won’t that be boring has hell! Sounds just like Karl Marx to me! Only dressed up in a new suit!

            And who will make the REAL mo et and be able to live well? OH, I know,,,, THE ELITES! Of Course! The rest of us are the SERFS getting the sale level of pay!
            CAN YOU SAY…… “1984”?

          • OverTheCoastline

            john webb is correct, and you are wrong. The government’s giving people money for nothing (at the expense of the taxpayer) is “welfare”, “socialism”, “Socialism”, “communism” – – whatever you want to call it. You can call it “Fred” if you want. But it’s all the same: Government theft of other people’s money.

            I’ve read Milton Friedman and I admire him. I don’t recall him ever advocating for UBI – he may have, I just don’t recall it. Whether he did or did not, UBI is nothing more than welfare, by a different name. Leftists do that a lot – – change names for the same thing – – in order to keep recycling their failing ideas (“the coming Ice Age” changing to “global warming” changing to “climate change” springs immediately to mind). If Milton Friedman advocated this, then he is wrong, and I strongly disagree with him on this point.

          • James Green

            Socialism exists when the major means of production in an economy are owned in common, by workers.
            In theory, yes. But ownership of the production is little consolation when consumption of what you just produced is controlled by the government. That’s the part that the pigs like to leave out when they sell socialism/communism to the rest of the barnyard.

          • Keith

            I think the point he was making is that taking from those who produce to give to those who don’t produce is the foundation of Communism or Socialism. The UBI money comes from somewhere – producers – and goes to those who did not produce it. Thus his point that this at its foundation is socialism. I would actually say it is more akin to Communism (eg Animal Farm), From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. I’m not sure if you respond, if I can get to this link so not sure I can respond if you reply.

          • hazmat-Latina4Trump

            Keep robbing Peter to pay Paul and soon you have a sore Peter.

          • Bill Powell

            hazmat – or ol’ Peter just feels he’s been raped.

          • Joe Brown

            I knew Milton Friedman, and I can tell you he would NEVER have supported an incentive not to work. Anything that reduced a persons incentive to work he was vehemently opposed to. He knew well the damage that the current welfare state did to generations within families, and the incentive it game them to not work.

          • rootvg

            Yes…and that is precisely why Guaranteed Minimum Income (what it was called during the early seventies) died during the Nixon days. The early seventies was another time when at least on the books the economy was growing but inflation was starting to rear up and there were signs of an impending bust. That period was followed by the recession of 1974-1975 which even today ranks as one of the worst since the end of the Second World War.

            Academics are do-dos. That’s the truth. One of my best friends is director of informatics at UC Berkeley and even he says there are too many kids who look great on paper but don’t have a lick of common sense and whom he wouldn’t allow to walk his dog or take care of his house. Seriously!

          • biggcatt1

            People with money to spend will attract businesses too. This is an experiment. A poor one I believe because it gives too little to too few. Myself I’m a proponent of the fair tax but giving the pre-bate for double the poverty level and simultaneously wiping out welfare, student loans, small business loans, unemployment, etc. The fact is in 30 years there may well be very few jobs with AI and automation taking over. Technology has always created more jobs, but as we approach singularity I don’t know if that will still be true. I believe if all the bank bailout money had been given to people not only would the banks have been saved but so would many peoples homes. Yes, some people would have blown it. But I think it would have worked better overall. I think it’s not enough to make a huge difference, but covering a good bit of the rent will help. The fact that it’s not truly universal will cause it to have negative psychological consequences for the recipients.

          • tightloops

            The only business this money will attract is the drug business and the local liquor store. Are you that dumb???

          • California70

            Technology is the problem! It’s great for a Lot of things! But people have to work and keep busy. If NOT, the smart ones will create their own business Essex and the dumb ones will just get into whatever trouble there is around to take up the time on their hands! Just like the welfare recipients do today! Enter to be gainfully employeed! Forget the robots!

          • MRFinOhio

            Dan, these two “concepts”, as you define them, have dictionary definitions, and then they have common social definitions as well. The concept of giving someone something earned by someone else, without the exchange of effort, is connoted as Socialism, whether you like that or not. UBI is exactly that, whether your definitions say it or not. Your idea of an “abstraction” loses its steam when actual money flows from someone who earned it to someone who didn’t.

            You also engage in reductio ad absurdum when you argue that dislike of government wealth transfer is akin to nihilism. There is a difference between things like Social Security and UBI. Don’t even try to equate the two, because they’re apples and oranges.

            And when it comes to spending other people’s money, there is no such thing as “heartless and cruel”. It’s either right, or it’s wrong. Please excuse Mr. Webb for feeling that it is wrong to steal. He was raised learning right from wrong from his normal parents. He did not engage in philosophical collegiate debates with airheads who tried to debate the meaning of words and concepts. He earned his money; he just wants to keep more of it for the care and feeding of his own family.

          • California70

            Simple! Get rid of ROBOTS AND PUT REAL PEOPLE TO WORK!

          • 1stbabyboomer

            Problem is, at least the robots don’t get sick, pregnant, and demand raises and then go on strike.

          • Commoncents

            Or pay inion dues… another liberal scam.

          • No Funeral

            No. The robots stay. The people need to get an education.

          • quaichang

            Yes. They will need to learn how to fix robots.
            Sad fact is this–and it IS a fact–people who fail to learn science and math will have no jobs. None.
            Experts predict that in less than 20 years, most blue collar work that is not very narrowly skilled will be done with robotics. Taxi and truck drivers, warehouse, food service, farm and factory work–pretty much everything.
            White collar workers will not fare much better; as current, elementary A.I. can already replace news writers, teachers and most office workers–it’s estimated that close to 50% of all white collar jobs will be history.
            This is the REAL reason that U.N./globalist schemers are “testing” U.B.I. They are planning ways to keep people from rising up to destroy them when they realize they have been marginalized by the elite’s misuse of technology.
            You think tech robber barons like Musk, Zuckerberg and Bezoz are heroes?! They are arch-villains. They are the new Stalins and Mussolinis; wrapped up in a shiny, aluminum case, using a technology as a sledge, to batter the common people into abject servitude.

          • Commoncents

            And the rise of robotics cements the fact that we need to seriously curtail the numbers of third world, uneducated migrants pouring into our country. What are all of the manual laborers going to do when everyhing becomes automated (which it eventually will). They will be a permanent underclass, reduced to being “slaves” on the liberal plantation, which is the democrat’s goal.

          • StarsR4me

            But real education has been destroyed in this country. The politicos and academia do not want an educated serfdom.

          • Joe

            I don’t think anyone is confusing anything here myself. This is a step toward socialism and communism. And it said nothing about the elderly either. If you reward people by letting the government be their provider you take away their need and incentive to work. It’s destruction of the work ethic and and encouragement for more unwed mothers. Liberals will never be satisfied until no one is married and all women can birth kids with sperm donors and have the rest of us pay to raise them.

          • Bill Powell

            Geeze dude! Get a couch if you are going to try to analyze others.

          • Roberta

            The welfare spent on children is because their parents are irresponsible, sit on their butts and don’t work. But, they keep having children. Welfare needs to be cut except in extreme cases and only for a couple years, not given to generations of families.

          • MrPete

            Dan, if you were correct, then our nation would have been full of dying people in the hundred-plus years before income tax and social welfare state began in the early 20th century.

            You make a bad assumption: that the poorand needy can only be cared for via government-run confiscation of wealth, oresumably because peiple are too heartless to care for others without oversight.

            Our nation was founded on a different principle that you apoarently don’t know well. It is illustrated in the Good Samaritan story. We strive to love others and personally get involved in helping, voluntarily.

            I will take a wild guess: you have heard about the supposed greed espiused by Adam Smith in Wealth of Nations, but never learned that it is preceded by a companion book, On Moral Sentiments. Capitalism was never intended to be about greed or selfishness. Done properly, all boats rise together. And we don’t need an overbearing government to force it.

            Of course that requires a fee things like work ethic, integrity, strong families, conscience tied to recognition of a Higher Power (rather than moral autonomy) , etc.

        • Mr bascom

          The city of Stockton doesn’t know how to handle money
          They filed for bankruptcy in 2012
          So the answer is to give the city of Stockton more money to handle lol
          But I guess I don’t understand

      • J Nice

        Who cares what you call it, look at the examples. It may work in Finland with a whopping 5.5 million people in the whole country!! Let a million Arabs come in and see what happens to that system! Venezuela has 28 million people with THE LARGEST known oil reserves. Bankrupt! Canada… 20 million people, and they are crying right now about people pouring over the border. Now multiply $500 month for 40 million in California. $2 billion per month, $24 billion a year. Where is that money going to come from?? Oh just tax them is so dumb. Money is very picky it only wants to go where it is treated best.

      • csno

        Milton never dreamed that the Unhinged Left would take over our country and encourage 3rd world invasion

      • jburr36

        Umm. Government forcing wealth confiscation from wage earners and redistributing it is in fact socialism.

        • rootvg

          Relax, buddy. It’ll never happen. What southern or midwestern Senator would vote for this? NONE. Not a damn one.

          • quaichang

            And when they said a black man with a moslem name; a completely mysterious and hidden past, zero accomplishments, and a history of radicalism would be elected POTUS, people laughed and a said, “No way in hell.”

      • Francisco

        I am sorry, it is YOU who doesn’t know anything.

        I still do have my brother and sister surviving in Chavez/Maduro’s Venezuela!

        The UBI is just legalized theft. And BTW, Friedman later acknowledged he was mistaken regarding UBI idea.

        Why do you think FDA prints posters for US national parks to not feed wild animals? Because they would lose the ability to take care of themselves.

        Same with humans!

      • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

        So what if he recommended it. he was wrong. Using the same rebuttal you did: C’mon, man. Just no. You fvcking imbeciles are just wrong

      • StarsR4me

        “Popularize the idea”??? The idea was NEVER popular. If it had been or if it had been doable, maybe a few more people would be thinking about it now. But it wasn’t and it isn’t, so only unrealistic socialists have been spouting off about it present day. It always comes back to this one truth: a government only has the money its’ citizens pays it in taxes or borrows from other nations. So where is this UBI money going to be coming from?

    • jhoger

      There is no handbook on socialism.

      Venezuela is a great example of what happens in Venezuela.

      I hope the robots take your job first.

      • CommonSenseIMO

        No handbook because it fails spectacularly every time it is tried. Oh, but it just hasn’t been done by the right people yet, right?

        • jhoger

          Socialism is tried all the time in Western Europe and results in happy, healthy populations of people.

          You should visit, I’m sure you could find someone responsive to your ideology as an intellecual exercise. Just don’t expect anyone to give up their cradle to grave welfare state.

          • CommonSenseIMO

            Democratic socialism, yes, and it is failing. Then again so is our version of capitalism here in the US, but for a different reason.

      • quaichang

        Evil Spock was the “good” Spock’s precise opposite, so “Live long and prosper” would then be: “Die young, in failure.”
        So both your icon and lefty cred checks out.

        • jhoger

          Mirror Spock was not Spock’s opposite. He was still a logical thinker, and used his position to create major reforms in the Terran Empire.

          • quaichang

            Lol! By that definition, you could say Hitler created major reforms in Germany.

          • quaichang

            And I think Mirror Spock feasted on Tribbles.

    • portangeles1

      You are so right. I was in Venezuela for an extended period beginning when Chavez was wrapping up his first campaign for President. I saw the early days when Venezuela was still financially secure, although in a major recession. The lessons to be learned of the evils of socialism are right there. Every step Chavez took is well documented. The age of cyberspace, 24/7 news recorded the whole story from beginning to where they are now. Every liberal should spend a little time and read the story, and every parent of a kid in school ought to make sure they learn this….it’ll counter act the liberal indoctrination that passes as learning in todays schools

      • Freewheeling Frank

        Every liberal should be sent to Venezuela, to fully experience the fruits of their philosophy!

        • Frantic_human


        • UnknownRider

          To a liberal, the failure of Venezuelan socialism is no failure at all, just proof that Chavez and Maduro didn’t invest enough and/or nationalize enough.

          • fredbailey

            …of somebody else’s money.
            That was what they eventually ran out of, or they probably would still be doing it.

          • P Smith

            ‘Here is unconditional guaranteed income just based on you being a human being?’… If you don’t work you don’t eat… Jesus

          • Freeland_Dave

            There is a serious question to resolve concerning many who live in Stockton as to if they are human or simply animals that sort of look human.

          • therealmadmarv

            This gives new meaning to the phrase “Stockton Proud”

          • SerfCityHereWeCome

            They (mostly) look human, but say, “baaaaa, baaaaaa” and will be severely fleeced (and/or eaten) when the Other People’s Money runs out,

          • Allan Polinsky

            Wasn’t it Margaret Thatcher who said that the problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money?

          • claytoncramer

            The progressive agenda is mostly about making rich people feel that they are helping. Consequences be damned.

          • claytoncramer

            This is cruel and shows no understanding of how child abuse leaves people nearly helpless for living in reality… or even California. Some years ago, my job required required reading Pre-Sentence Investigation reports for the Idaho court system. When a woman was raped twice before 14, are you surprised she is now a guest of the state?

          • Freeland_Dave

            You obviously can’t see the real problem here. It’s more cruel to allow the present situation to go on to damage more people. Throwing money at the problem in the hope that the problem will go away only makes the problem worse, not better. I am all for helping people but even in the best of the 12 step programs out there the person has to recognize that he or she has and is the problem and want to do something about it. Just giving them money without them doing anything to better their deplorable situation simply enables them to continue and makes things worse. No, given the real help she is given I am not surprised that a woman raped twice before the age of 14 ends up being institutionalized. The problem there and in CA is the cheap feeling of doing something good for these people by simply throwing cash at the problem. So please spare me the condescending lecture about me being cruel and having a lack of understanding. The money would be better spent, at $500 per month on some mental help for those mentally damaged and a jobs program to put the rest of them back to work so that they can have some self pride in their achievement. Simply giving them money is like giving a wino or a drug addict money so they can buy the next bottle or get their next fix.

          • claytoncramer

            Not defending UBI at all and ceretainly not the current welfare system. Just calling you out on unnecessary cruel language which plays into the leftist portrayal of non-progressives as heartless.

          • tdrag

            Problem is, no one reads the Bible anymore. They are “free” to believe what they want.

          • Matthew

            That’s just basic survival instinct it takes work to survive…If your hungry you find food if you don’t you die…..

          • claytoncramer

            According to Vladimir Lenin, “He who does not work shall not eat” is a necessary principle under socialism, the preliminary phase of the evolution towards communist society. The phrase appears in his 1917 work, The State and Revolution. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/He_who_does_not_work,_neither_shall_he_eat#Soviet_Union So leftists should get on board.

          • claytoncramer

            Emphasis “will not”: some cannot, most can.

          • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

            The Chinese have been propping them up.
            For how much longer is debatable. At some point they’ll want some kind of return on their “investment”.

          • elisa orozco

            Snake, I’m down here in the desert; Palm Springs. I am reading this article with interest as we all watch what Moonbeam is doing to ruin our beautiful state. I’m not too familiar with Stockton, although I have been there. Are you saying that the Chinese have been propping up the city of Stockton? If so, it falls right in line with how they are building solar farms all over the Calif. desert & are the first to purchase high-end housing. I’m sure you are aware that the Chinese own the deep port of Long Beach; it was given to them during the Clinton Administration. I could go on but I feel I would be preaching to the choir.

          • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

            The Chinese are propping up Maduro’s experiment in socialism in sunny Venezuela. Can’t say they’re doing it in Cali, but they’ll sink wrap their tentacles around anything they can. Don’t they own the Panama Canal? Or at least run it?

          • Kozlowski

            Fact: Hutchison Whampoa is the port operator for the Panama Canal. They were founded in the Hong Kong colonial era and operate ports and concessions worldwide as well as retail chains, cell phone networks and so on. They won the deal to operate the canal with the government of Panama. I wish Jimmy Carter hadn’t given away the canal, which cost Americans a lot of money, but he did. And the Panamanian government has the right to allow private operators to run it. No doubt they run it far more efficiently than any government could. So no, it is not accurate that China owns or even controls the canal. China does have some economic influence over Hutchison Whampoa, and all companies within its domain. So in theory they could exert some form of control, at which point the Panamanian government could cancel the contract. The US Government still retains many rights of access too.

          • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

            I stand corrected.

          • therealmadmarv

            No, you are spot on. There is something very criminal going on in CA, and I think you just hit the nail on the head. Preach on, please.

          • Chilli Palmer

            How can we go broke, we’ll always have printing presses……..we’ll just need more wheelbarrows to hold our worthless cash…

          • Elizabeth_Erwin

            That was exactly Venezuela’s approach. Ends up with hyper-inflation and worthless currency.

          • Anonymous

            The meltup has already started.

          • Eddie Smith

            Of course they would still be doing it if the money was still there. Once this situation ends they will do it again.

          • Your mom’s house

            You are 100% correct and I have heard these naive words come from their mouths in my private conversations when any example of a socialist utopia comes up. They just didn’t do it like how the US would implement it or they point to UK or Canada as the shining example for healthcare.

          • Artfuldgr

            given the 35 hand grenade attacks and kids with ak47s in malmo, sweden, they cant use that as an example any more.

          • Unreal Uknow

            They blame the US for their failure.

          • libertyanyday

            the LEFT is incapable of taking responsibility for their actions.

          • Dindoo Nuffin

            Pig Penn cried when his fat bloated communist brother from another Mother died. It’s hard to figure out who the bigger idiot is, Spicoli or Dennis Rodman when it comes to love for Dictators.

          • Loosgravel

            I think both were overshadowed by their big brother Barry Soretoro alias Barock Obama. He had a real penchant for dictators and tyrants and still does.

          • Voose Lagina

            How stupid are you? You give the same stupid answer that I dont know every loser communist says afyer it fails EVERYTIME. It doesnt work stupid. Let me repeat that-IT DOESN’T WORK STUPID.
            Im ashamed to even call you a thinking human your so stupid.

          • libertyanyday

            yea …..but they just didnt implement it right……… you cant fix stoopid.

          • MoreFreedom2

            You unfairly called UnknownRider “stupid” I believe because you didn’t carefully read his post. He didn’t give “the same stupid answer”, he wrote “To a liberal,… ” that same stupid answer. In other words, he agrees that it’s what “every loser communist says” after their socialism fails.

          • Voose Lagina

            Thanks for catching that I totally misread his comment

          • Jeffrey A Jones

            Or you could insert the comma in another place, “It doesn’t, work stupid”, and it still comes with the same message – the answer is American Capitalism.

          • Oscarphone

            American free markets and Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other governing system. In comparison, socialism and communism has killed somewhere around two hundred million of its citizens since the Bolshevik revolution. And that isn’t counting the ugly step sister Facism, that wonder of economics killed about 40 million.

          • Freeland_Dave

            When you say, “it doesn’t work stupid” you are correct. But if you insert a comma so it says, “it doesn’t work, stupid” you are then addressing the stupid person that thinks that it will. You are still correct because at root stupid people don’t work, that’s one of the reasons they are stupid. As the movie Forrest Gump coined, “stupid is as stupid does.”

          • Voose Lagina

            Chill grammar Nazi not everybody types a comment and only has enough time to do voice comments

          • libertyanyday

            it would work if it werent for the dam people………….

          • “Libertyanyday”?! If you support freedom and liberty, by definition, you cannot be a socialist. Socialism is based upon redistribution of private property: income.

          • Dustoff

            It “always” fails, no matter who tries it

          • lspanker

            That’s the problem with these idiot liberals, they can’t fathom that their supposedly “good intentions” are in fact bad ideas. Whenever one of their ideas fails, it must be because either bad people tried to stop them, or they did not try enough.

          • Carl Edward

            You would think any level headed college freshman could look at any inner city neighborhood which has been run by Democrats for the past 50 years and deduce they are inept at governing.

            And that explains the snowflake generation’s cluelesness on governing an basic economics.

          • Commoncents

            Exactly right. Its ALL about their “good” intentions; results, not so much. As vociferously as the liberal media touts their “wonderful” programs, they fall strangely silent when the result is a colossal failure.

          • Oscarphone

            Colossal failures in liberalland are doubled down on because: 1) There wasn’t enough money to do it right or 2) It didn’t work because we weren’t given enough control.

          • Oscarphone

            I have said more than a few hundred times to whomever will listen that anybody running for public office, a basic requirement, should have to had taken and PASSED an Econ 101 course at the least and a basic business management course wouldn’t hurt either. Most liberals don’t have any idea where money comes from apparently and that its acquisition by government is without end.

          • sosorryononame

            How much OPM would you recommend? “All of it”. But of course!

          • Commoncents

            All of it, just up until everyone is equally miserable. Except for them, of course.

          • Voose Lagina

            Sorry man I read your comment wrong I will delete my last comment

          • IReadit3

            Liberals are never wrong. They are either 1. misunderstood, 2. not given enough time for the genius of their vision to work, or 3. just need some more money

          • Commoncents

            Heavy on the “need more money.”

          • LLinLa

            Not to be a stickler here, but it should be “need more of your money.” Just saying . . .

          • jmatt55

            Exactly. Any time government fails, liberals decree because there wasn’t *enough* government.

          • Loosgravel

            Or dictate enough or exercise violence enough. However, they both probably have stashed enough dinero into offshore accounts.

          • KingofStreitHall

            sort of like the tale of the proverbial imbecile…if it doesn’t work, try and try again hoping for different results…

          • SerfCityHereWeCome

            “I’ll bet if I stick my tongue in this light socket yet again, it won’t hurt THIS time…”


            “Ow! Thunuvabith!”

          • Alarmist!!!

            That is not the phrase. Liberals will say, “But they didn’t do the right type of socialism”

            Then ask them, “What is the right type?”

            That gets met with a blank stare.

          • Dan Mitchell

            A blank stare OR they say “Scandanavian.” Which isn’t really socialism, but democratic socialism, mixed with capitalism. It basically works. It’s the only thing that does.

          • Roberta

            Those Scand countries are only able to practice a form of socialism because they are 1) small 2) homogenous population with same traditions/values of hard work, etc. 3) they don’t have to spend on a military. They have NATO (err…the US) to spend our money protecting them if they need it.

          • claytoncramer

            Not even really socialist. Most socialist parties in Europe abandoned it decades ago for welfare state capitalism which can survive until the billionaire Clintonites get greedy and make it corporate welfarism.

          • SerfCityHereWeCome

            The “right type” is the type which exterminates all the witnesses to its horrific failure.

          • PapayaSF

            The new excuse is that Venezuela doesn’t really practice socialism. It’s supposedly “state capitalism.”

          • MrSmarty

            If you leave that switched on for more than 5 minutes it might overheat and start a fire.

          • Eddie Smith

            So Rider you are a very astute student. Socialism never fails it just lacks bold leaders willing to do what it takes to make it work soon enough! Even Hillary said the soviet union failed because the people running the country weren’t smart enough but she was.
            There will always be foolish, lazy and weak minded people who want everything for nothing and that’s how Chavez and Anderson keep getting elected.

        • njlowrider


          • YeahYouRight

            One way tickets?

        • TheBigKitty

          Every Liberal should sent to Stockton then taxed to death as the support this nobel effort

          • Jack Gruenstein

            The mayor says middle class job losses and wage stagnation are reasons why the stipend is needed. The mayor ignores two things: California is a sanctuary state so the loss of jobs is to be expected. The hourly, blue collar jobs that should be given to American workers are given to illegals who work for much less, and some of the technical jobs go to imported labor holding visas; second, the mayor ignores the source of the funds needed for UBI. For now, he has the $1 million donation. But, if UBI becomes law, taxes will go up and up to pay for the dream.

          • claytoncramer

            Significantly Cali. like Oregon and Wash. has a higher rate of income inequality than Republican one party state Idaho. Do Democrats not care about this, or are they incapable of fixing it? As long as the millionaires have their Mexican gardeners, maids, and nannies, they don’t care.

          • Retired military

            Dems don’t care about anything except looking like they are doing something. Doesn’t matter that it is too expensive and doesn’t work. THey look like they are doing something.

          • Commoncents

            All democrats have is a better PR machine that “speaks” to the virtue signalers and less intelligent.

          • Freeland_Dave

            While there are some, there are not very many millionaires living in Stockton. Outside of Stockton, absolutely but not in Stockton or its sphere of influence. But Stockton does have a sphere of effluence.

          • claytoncramer

            Democrats run the whole state, creating a two class society, nobles and serfs.

          • Jeffrey A Jones

            Look what they are proposing for minimum wage waiters. Threatening to bankrupt them with a $1000 fine and 6 months in jail for seeing to the needs of their clients. They couldn’t care less about the poor and downtrodden – except when they need their vote in the few elections they can’t fix. Liberalism/Progressivism/Socialism/Communism is a consummately evil system.

          • leveraction

            The sad part is the Libs flee to Idaho and then vote the same stupid ways they did in CA, OR & WA. They are still that stupid!

          • claytoncramer

            Fortunately, California refugees here vote far to the right of the natives who have never lived under progressive rule.

          • elisa orozco

            Jack, thank you for having the cajones to speak the TRUTH OF THE MATTER!!!!!

          • Secret Person

            Yup, someone has to pay for UBI. Stockton is a lower income city, the money will have to come from somewhere else. Stockton screwed up first by not taking on the public unions, so they are still getting their fat checks and pensions. The money will have to come from the small segment of the California population that pays taxes. Given that California wants to pay for more benefits for illegals, it’s going to be interesting to see where this goes.

          • Denton_Fisk

            California is a slave state. Illegal workers will never be legalized. They will always be kept in a Spanish speaking Aparthate. They will always be replaced by newer, more desperate arrivals. Eventually, they will collapse California for even the Coastal Cloud Dwellers who reap the profit from the slave trade.

          • Jeffrey A Jones

            No just tax the greedy rich and corporations. Will take an annexation of the state of Texas where those people will be, but Gavin Newsome can pull it off. DiFi and SanFranNan will help in that effort too.

          • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

            Good little fascist. You all should die horrible deaths

          • Jeffrey A Jones

            ?? is there a point to your post?

          • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

            Failed to comprehend the simple sentence? prolly why you’re a dumbocrat. Stupidity.

          • Jeffrey A Jones

            Thank you for your erudite reply. You and your pals Moonbeam, Newsome, DiFi, SanFranNan, Maxine, the Hill, Chuckie et al, really know how to elevate the discourse!

          • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

            Said the imbecile who’s talking point was straight out of those people’s mouths. You’re as dumb as a democrat, moron. Try logic.

          • Jeffrey A Jones

            I rest my case! If you could read and understand what you were reading, you would easily see my original post is right of Rush and Sean and was a sarcastic slap at the liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Marxist cabal that is destroying the country. Have someone interpret it for you, I think you might understand the satire if you have help.

          • elisa orozco

            Unfortunately, everyone who resides in the state of Calif. is going to be ‘taxed to death’ to support all of Moonbeam’s insanity. I agree with you, but as a Calif. resident, I see the threat on a grander scale!

          • jb80538

            That would be a “noble” effort.

        • TommyD6of11

          And forced to stay there forever.

        • Freeland_Dave

          Now we can save the expensive travel and just send them to Stockton CA. Imagine the savings.

        • Barrysullivan1

          One way ticket of course.

        • oldlugan

          and Penn should lead them

        • PalaceGuard

          Unfortunately, here in Ca, they are dilgently laboring to bring Venezuela *here*.

        • The Deplorable Sickofobola

          On a one way ticket!

        • Secret Person

          Interesting how the maggot liberals want to flee to Canada but never to Mexico or Venezuela. Racists!

          • Roberta

            …..Or sh*thole countries, like Haiti.

        • ChargerBinks

          They’ll just blame it on the USA some how

        • fusilier

          Now they can simply drive to Stockton.

      • Rn


      • Tom Stam

        if you try to show liberals the facts, they will put their hands over their ears and shout “I can’t hear you….I can’t hear you!!!!

    • ConcernedCitizen31

      …or the experiment in Cuba, Russia…

    • theminx

      Like I always told my kids growing up. When someone is paying your way then they have some authority over you and you will have to follow their rules. So the goal is to not to live off of other peoples money.

    • libertyanyday

      venezuela at least relied on a salable commodity …..oil. UBI sells and creates nothing but more pain and misery for the taxpayer who is going to foot the bill.

    • Stormrdr

      Then what’s your solution to the rapid onset of automation and the changing economy? Farm jobs? Heck, in 5-10 years, those farms will be 3 times as productive with 10% of their current labor force. China is already showing how to run an entire economic sector on almost zero labor. I guarantee that engineers and investors here are paying attention and seeing what lessons they can learn from that system.

      As far as your Socialism argument against UBI, I would point out that one of it’s early proponents was one Milton Firedman–a died in the wool Capitalist. As far as he was concerned, UBI was NOT Socialism because the income did not involve setting rules and regulations on either the recipient or the businesses/individuals they spent money with, was UNIVERSAL, so it was a ‘common’ benefit, not one based on income-level, need, or some other arbitrary rule besides citizenship, it was the SAME for everyone, no matter their other earnings, and it was a payment to the citizenry for the use of the ‘common’ resources, such as roads, bridges, lakes, rivers, air, water, etc. that are “commonly owned” by everyone in the country. So, not ‘stolen’, but repaid to the people instead of the government.

      • Gorgo

        You should read more on Friedman if you think that he was a Capitalist.

      • TommyD6of11

        Here’s a crazy idea. Maybe, just maybe, farms works need to transition to different lines of work.

    • Ben Dover ✓Verified

      Note to the citizens of Stockton. Start raising rabbits. A quick internet search finds many delicious recipes.

      • Brian


    • Jeffrey A Jones

      Ask any college student which document the principle of “From each according to ability, to each according to need”, comes from and you will get various answers, but the vast majority will pick either the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution.

    • Hector Gonzales

      we all know it wont be universal income anyway. I am a white male, and well, lets just say certain groups who make sure we know their lives matter, and that we should not judge them based on their crime rates will be getting the income.

    • Tjwag

      If $500 is good, why not $5,000 a month? “Oh, that would be silly.” Really? Why? “People would stop working. Poor people from all over the country would flow into our town. We couldn’t afford to pay everyone $5,000. It would drive up the price of everything from a hot dog to houses. Who would clean the streets, stock the shelves, pick the vegetables?”

      Soooooo, what you are saying is $500 a month will only cause ‘little’ problems?

    • Jeremy

      Or maybe we could compare it to one of the Northern European countries where’s its working quite well?

      • Eric Johnson

        Nowhere in N.E is there such a program. They have a social safety net just like ours.

        • Jeremy

          You mean that there’s no program like that that you were told about by your highly biased news source? Or is Finland not Northern Europe?

          • Eric Johnson

            ok., it’s 1 year old and failing. my news sources are out of northern europe: NOS, ARD, ZDF

    • Facts_

      Stockton’s problems are simple. Non-White governance, non-White majority.

      When a White population is replaced by a non-White population the city/state/town always goes downhill.

      Sorry reality is so “racist” but it’s a fact.

    • Windigo

      “Tubbs thinks the UBI experiment will show that Stockton’s best bet is to invest in its own people.”

      What kind of people will $500/month buy? I don’t think it would attract the kind of people they want. I think they would want working, productive people. Not deadwood.

    • Eddie Smith

      This isn’t socialism, its communism.

    • misterveritas666

      Sigh. Isn’t Socialism the ownership of the means of production by the State? How, then, is this Socialist?

  • Mike N

    So the idea is to raise the water level of a lake by taking buckets of water from one side of the lake(TaxPayers) and running around to the other side and dumping it in(Tax Recipients).

    • David

      This is no different than any other social program in the United States. Food Stamps, WIC, Social Security, Medicare, etc. What’s your point?

      • dachshundsrule

        I think that was his point…

    • jhoger

      No, that’s not the idea.

      First of all the idea is: a basic income in a place with insufficient jobs. You’re guaranteed you can only fall economically so far, and not farther.

      Second of all, there is a point about stimulative tax spending. If you take some money from someone wealthy who would save or invest it and give it to someone who will spend it, it will increase demand and have a stimulative effect.

      You’re trying to say it’s all the same lake. It ain’t.

      • adalporto

        Insufficient jobs?
        How many millions of jobs have been stolen by illegals – in CA, alone?!

        The jobs are there. Unfortunately, the welfare safety net is already too generous to get people off the couch to apply for them. California, in particular, is a magnet to the welfare class – they’re not stupid, but they have been inculcated to idleness by an overly generous smorgasbord of benefits.

        The answer is a return to WorkFare along with strict enforcement of immigration laws, eVerify, etc. combined with harsh and progressive financial penalties on employers who hire illegals – or abuse H-1B and H-2B visa programs.

        • jhoger

          “The jobs are there. Unfortunately, the welfare safety net is already too generous to get people off the couch to apply for them.”

          Conservative theology.

          Go try living in stockton and let us know how it works out.

          • claytoncramer

            Deport the illegal aliens doing jobs that Americans and permanent residents would do.

      • tightloops

        You have heard of Public Welfare? This money is in addition to what they already get in free money, free medical care, free dental and braces for the kids, free eye glasses, food money when you spend your allowance on cigarettes, beer and dope!

  • BigWayne19

    ———- it seems to work in denmark, sweden, norway, finland, estonia, latvia, and lithuania. is it because they’re all blonde ? . . .

    • David

      I’m sure our president would love to ask the Norwegians about it. I hear he likes them. Must have something to do with their pale complexion.

      • Sam Kahn

        people of color contributions :
        bastardize english language
        chain welfare….opps chain is so insensitive reminds them of slavery
        Generational welfare
        too much to list here!

    • Sam Kahn

      Is that alluding to dumb blonde jokes? there’s a reason for stereotypes.

      Norsmen, Vikings some of the fiercest and hardy people, now they’re socialist pussywillows.

      The best they ever gave the world Inger Stevens…the worst IKEA furniture!

      • dachshundsrule

        Wait…did you just criticize him for alluding to a dumb blonde joke, then allude to them producing a sex goddess? Dude…!

    • amanda

      I own a lot of things and nothing I own is made in any of those countries you listed,wonder why?

    • hazmat-Latina4Trump

      they all have way smaller populations than our larger cities.

    • Mr bascom

      These country’s do not have freedom of speech
      So nobody can complane

    • Mike in Illinois

      Got OIL?

  • Don Gough

    This city declared bankruptcy in 2015. Gee, I wonder why?

    • Brooke Dunne

      2012, but yes. The city is run by imbeciles.

      • hazmat-Latina4Trump

        Let me guess which party….

      • Iowa10

        What did you just call democraps?

  • AJ

    Considering that 500.00 will most likely be spent in that community, I think it’s a great idea. The argument that tax payers are paying for this fails to realize these people are probably employed and are tax payers as well. It’s a great experiment

    • hazmat-Latina4Trump

      Ah, the broken window theory

    • Iowa10

      Cough, cough.

  • Juse’ Nuno da Silva Pinto

    This I perssonly feel is a truly a step in the right path for humanity.
    But. And this a big butt.
    Wefare fraud is up big time, SF, AOKL. CENT. BAYAREA. The church,s of the opressed, line up to take the vash, forr their chosen People. Mayer Tubbs, don,t be fooled, by christian cherity. It dose not exist. Its not an issue of color or race, NO? Too many people in need that feel, cherity is not to their vallues. So to share or not to share.
    Good luck, i hope other cities take note. Try this. “IT,S NOT A HANDOUT, BUT A HANDUP.”

    • Mike in Illinois

      So then…how many families are YOU going to sponsor, with your own money of course?

    • Hahahaha

      Hey lazy “Juse”, maybe if people stayed in school and learned to spell they could get a decent job and support themselves!

      • Juse’ Nuno da Silva Pinto

        And you spellchekNazi .
        You think your better than me?
        Get a Jacob’s size latter. You still couldn’t reach my ads. You don’t know me! Fake maker. Antichrist !

  • Sam Kahn

    I know how to spend my money best, not socialist democrats

  • Dude67

    So they’re going to try socialism, an economic philosophy that has failed every place it’s been tried. Nice.

  • silk

    What happens when the UBI money dries up and the rich get tired of paying everyone’s salary and there’s nobody left to refill the coffers? VENEZUELA folks! Without jobs, consumerism, low taxes and a healthy bustling economy like President Trump is creating, it’s UP “universal poverty”! Socialism doesn’t work in the real world, capitalism is the ONLY way to grow a healthy economy, sorry to tell ya libtards.

  • cccdude

    Now talk about a s**thole.

  • mistermcfrugal

    Hey, sign me up! I want $500 for nothing. This society owes me! Truly, it really should be $1,200/mo though.

    • hazmat-Latina4Trump

      “Money for nothing and the votes for free” With apologies to Dire Straits

      • William

        And Sting.

        • hazmat-Latina4Trump

          True, forgot he sang in the song.

  • wendell harris

    I’m a seasoned investment counselor wannabe. Take the $500, invest short term for Meth, weed, LSD or other illegal substances. You should be able to double it 2-3 times a month. Thanks dumbass California……

    • William

      I recently started thinking that if our government is going to continue to waste money at the rate it does, why don’t we give people one million dollars when they are born? Give them a swift kick to get ahead right from the very get go. Have some limited control over the funds so that the person will hopefully learn to use it in a proper manner for their future.

  • Islam_Sucks

    …”make sure that folks in our community have a real economic floor”

    In other wordsThe Democrat mission statement. Getting people to the economic floor… and keeping them there for life.

  • Jose

    I bet the bankrupt bond holders are happy about that decision.

  • roadkill367

    I think I will be able to hold my breath long then it will take for this program to fail.

  • Iowa10

    Citing Nixon doesn’t do squat. He was another lousy neocon. This is idiocy writ large.

  • Midge Romney

    This is the basic idea behind Atlas Shrugged. Rand demonstrates that this doesn’t work. There are so many examples of this. I give it a year and we will read a report that says the city is or has ditched the program. This will also include the further decline of this city.

    • Iowa10

      The Pilgrims’ example as well.

    • jhoger

      Rand was a simpleton cult leader.

    • adalporto

      That all depends on who writes the report…

  • Herb

    Sounds like a great idea for “several dozen Stockton families”, but what about everyone else? Where’s the money going to come from?

  • I am a small business owner and I honestly can’t see any way around this. It will happen at some point as long as the predicted AI/Automation predictions for the future hold true. Maybe something like each AI/Robot a company uses to replace humans that company must continue to pay the same taxes as if a human still held the job. At least that way the tax base stays stable and employers will gain the added benefit not having to pay all the associated costs of human employment like vac/sick days. Healthcare will be an issue once again as we wrestle with covering more and more people who are removed from the workforce.

    • Mike in Illinois

      Maybe you should try a premise where big government isnt sugar daddy and stand down the central planning, ya know, that communism.

      Try leaving people alone, to pursue their own happiness, freely, like the Declaration describes.

      • Sorry but that has zero chance. How do you pursue anything when work for humans becomes scarce at best. No at some point it will happen. So you know this isn’t socialism we are talking about this is the natural progression of Capitalism. Think for a moment or better yet read about the issues we will face as humanity progresses technologically speaking. This is the most natural course capitalism can take.

        • Mike in Illinois

          You can manage and administer and plan and even computerize all you want to, and in the end people STILL have to actually DO things.

          No, it is socialism you are talking about. The Pie in the Sky notion that someone ELSE will do the thing – in this case the labor.

          Read about your PROJECTIONS? You mean the opinions presented as facts – like Al Gore’s claims about the polar ice caps being melted in a decade, a decade ago?

          Uh huh. RIiiight.

          • No the warnings are being sent out by some of the biggest players in America. Musk, Theil, Bezos all know they will remove humans from their work forces in the not so distant future. AS I SAID, this is a natural prgression. Companies will increase profit margins through the roof by not having humans and all our trappings. But the only way society will handle it is either everything will become free or near free or either government or corporations will have to mitigate the fact that few will be working for wages which means no money to purchase the products they are producing for nearly nothing. Can you see the issue here. IF automation goes they way it is predicted, and there isn’t a single thing to hinder it at this point, then humanity will come to a juncture. Free everrything or abandon automation to keep the status quo.

          • Mike in Illinois

            You guys always make one change, and claim XYZ, never bothering to understand that when you change one thing, other things DO change as well.

            Pssst- there can’t be profits increased when you do away with all the jobs, because a funny thing happens, nobody has any money to BUY the things those fellas are selling.

            You can preach you “everything free’ IDIOCY and it is STILL collectivist communist GARBAGE.

            If automation goes as predicted…..yeah, you might as well be claiming PEAK OIL and the polar icecaps are gonna melt. It is the same drama. Been hearing the same crap for my entire half century on this planet now.

            It is wha wha wha the sky is falling so give up all your rights and embrace commie government to take care of you.

            No thanks.

          • I’m telling ya, our days are numbered as a means to produce. Look at McDonald’s, they already have stores in California that only employee a couple of humans per shift. The rest is all automated. I think it was one person to monitor equipment and one to aid customers in using the new tech. Look it up, the future is happening, slowly thankfully, but it is happening. Manufacturing would already go 100% if the unions wouldn’t freak out when they saw what was happening to the membership rolls. I was a civil engineer for the government for nearly thirty years and I saw Design Teams go from 20 or 30 to no more than six per team because the efficiency of computers. Drafting tools are now relegated to a display shelf in our offices. Man everything changes, the trick is to stay ahead of it.

          • Mike in Illinois

            I don’t disagree that as we go forward more and more machines will be used to perform tasks. The point I am making is that people have been saying what you are saying ALL ALONG and a funny thing happens – the more mechanical items perform tasks, the more people are feed up to do OTHER things – like come up with things like gadgets that build gadgets!

            You admit to being a government goon, which explains way you sing the government Sirens Song. Of COURSE everything changes. That is HOW things get BETTER, that is HOW quality of life IMPROVES.

            You call going from 20 or 30 government employees to 6 a BAD THING.

            I Call that PROGRESS…only 6 more to go!

            You say “stay ahead of it” but what you really mean is stay in control of it.

            The right thing to do is to go with it, as the Pursuit Of Happiness takes care of the ills government actually CREATES as it tries to usurp that inherent INDIVIDUAL right.

            Collectivism is the problem, not the solution.

          • I agree about small government bro. when I started we had 38,000 state employees when I retired we had about 21,000 and declining. That is a wonderful thing. As technology progresses we will be able to eliminate thousands more. But remember one thing those same advance go to the private sector as well and those jobs go bye bye as well. Just remember that tech is efficient, way more than we are and that means our jobs will go everywhere.

  • MsnDxn

    From the article:
    >“We’ve overspent on things like arenas and marinas and things of that sort to try to lure in tourism and dollars that way”<

    That's because it's Stockton. Nobody wants to go there. That's like trying to get tourists to go to Fresno; nobody wants to go there, either.

  • Tom

    What the hell I grew up there and I need to know if there is anything in the water. $500 is not a living wave can’t that bankrupt city give $2500. I know the city employees lost some of their pension money, just take more of it.

  • Casimcea

    And how do you get around the moral principle of robbing Peterr to pay Paul ?

    • mistermcfrugal

      If you have enough Paul’s, you don’t need to worry about principle. It will just happen.

      • Casimcea

        Venezuela is running out of Peters

  • Sencho

    The sad thing is this has been tried before in the US. The Souuthern states, with their Democrat majorities, experimented with guaranteed universal income and health coverage until that ended in 1865

    The real question is why people think the same concepts, with different names, will yield different incomes.

    • William

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  • Tom

    Stockton is a joke, California is a joke, Idaho looks better all the time.

  • itbethetruth

    Fail…the only word for it

  • William

    Wait for the mass exodus…

    • TheShaz

      It began a decade ago for California, but its ramping up.

      • mark

        nah, for every educated liberal leaving the state they are being replaced by 2 illegals with 3rd grade educations. This is all planned by the progressives. Create a sh#thole state and the libs will leave and pollute other states.

  • K. Chris C.

    It’s not the Orwellian “basic income,” but welfare. It is stealing from people to buy dependence and loyalty from others while the middle-men line their pocket with as much as they can skim off the top. A welfare scheme that will further create, via the associated plundering of the productive, more people in need of the same welfare.

    It’s a self perpetuating system of plunder and slavery.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • RegisteredDemocrat

    YES! We need this for everyone on this planet!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Remember the Katrina Cards?

  • Sales Czar

    Explains the increased traffic on the freeway in Republic of Texas all the out of state license plates mostly California, Chicago, NY, etc. coming for all of the jobs here . American people want jobs private companies pay, provide medical benefits, retirement plans open up competition. You want to outsource go ahead tax them and tax them higher to ship the product back in. Supply and demand the market will adjust and sort itself out. Federal Reserve aka Central Bank don’t care what Wars it funds or what loan it gives out as long as stupid politicians from both parties borrow it prints all the worthless paper money to be paid back by the American tax payer. God Bless America

  • Sedonabear

    There seems to be no end to the stupidity of liberals who harbor the socialist utopian dream. They want to collect data from the UBI experiment that has “failure” baked in. Since the data will be collected from families receiving the “income” from a voluntarily donated source, the data will completely ignore the ramifications produced by the impact of collecting the money from the actual parties who will be paying the UBI over to the recipients, i.e., the taxpayers. The false scenario that the experiment is based on is that the families collecting the donated UBI are essential winning a small lottery that they will be collecting in the form of a monthly supplemental check, which you may as well regard as privately donated charity. The actual scenario will be more like a snake eating itself, which is what socialism is; when the snake eats all of its tail and reaches the back of its own head its game over. But, by all means, even though we have countless examples of this “experiment” playing out all through history and ending in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people, let’s just try it one more time to see if it will work. Be my guest you f*ing morons.

  • Rob99

    The moguls of industry might try building a factory and giving people jobs. No, that might be in keeping with a tried and true model of Capitalism that actually works.

    • TheShaz

      You would be a stupid “mogul” as you called it to build ANYTHING in California. The taxes and regulation alone makes it too expensive. If I were the “Mogul” you describe……there are plenty of other states in this Republic I can set a business up.

  • David in Texas

    Lets just take this to the logical conclusion and make minimum wage a million dollars, then everybody would be rich and could afford whatever they want, and there would be no poverty, and everybody would be nice; and everybody would get along; and it would stop global warming.

    • Redpenmaster

      Free cookies too?

      • TheShaz

        No, the cookies cost $1,000,000 a piece – Inflation

        • dude911

          Ya but they can still BOGO that.

  • Rob2013

    If he wanted to do an experiment of how people feel on universal income why doesn’t he just ask the few thousand families in Stockton that are on welfare and food stamps?

  • TheShaz

    Human Nature has doomed this experiment before it started.

    Equal Opportunity not Equal Outcome

    People are different some have tremendous work ethic others do enough not to get fired. If you are going to equalize pay like everyone is the same, why stop at salaries?

    Make everyone wear the same clothes.
    Drive the same cars…..wait, cars are evil, give everyone the same make/model bicycle.
    Make everyone listen to the same music, same tv shows and same movies.

    Who gets to decide the jobs, the salaries, clothes styles, transportation needs and entertainment?

    Why the same people that came up with this stupid plan.

    You can always count on The People’s Republic of Kalifornia to do stupid stuff like this.

    Look around , the last attempt at something like this was the $15/hr minimum wage in select cities. Sounds great on paper but it has been a disaster in action.

    The economy is coming back, there are jobs out there to be had, maybe not in California with the wicked taxes…..might be time to move.

  • CA2010

    And yet, go to Yellowstone and try feeding the animals – you will be ticketed. Per the National Park Service:

    “Wild animals that depend on people for food can cause injuries or spread disease. When wild animals gather for food handouts, it can cause crowding and competition. These unnatural conditions increase the chances of fighting and injury among animals. It can also increase the spread of diseases, some of which may be transmitted to pets and humans.”

  • d cp

    wont even pay the electric bill

    • Name

      Leave all the lights on. You’re not paying…mommy and daddy taxpayer’s paying.

  • California70

    This is nothing but pure old fashion Communism like they have had in the Soviet Union! Don’t our colleges teach anything about OUR system of government i.e., “CAPITALISM”, ANYMORE?
    It’s extremely obvious all they teach these days is communism under the guise of Democracy, which is nothing but Horsepucky!
    This will not work!
    Communism has been tried the world over and has NEVER worked for a Myriad of reasons! What is WRONG WITH CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT? Oh I know, they are all SUBVERSIVES trying to call themselves something different, except it ends up the same way
    just old fashioned communism with the citizens in “BREAD LINES”!
    What a bunch of SUBVERSIVES HE WE HAVE IN CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT! And the electorate are so uneducated, they go along with it like a bunch of LEMMINGS!

  • Trappist Westvleteren 12 xii

    So they are bankrupt and still want to continue spending others hard EARNED money and redistribute their wealth to those undeserving. What happens when those peoples money runs out or they leave? Regressive commie libtards prove over and over again how retarded and mentally deficient they are and so do the idiots who keep voting for them.

  • OutlawJoseyWales

    How about you CUT taxes, reduce onerous regulations on business, and reduce the size of Gov’t. Then see what happens?

    Why does the left ALWAYS go to making people MORE dependent on Gov’t? The Gov’t is the PROBLEM, not the solution.

    • Trappist Westvleteren 12 xii

      Because Liberalism = mentally retarded

    • dachshundsrule

      Oh God no! That would be too much like the success that President Trump is producing for the rest of the country, and we can’t have that in Kalifornia.

    • jhoger

      Platitudes are evidence only of deluded cult like thinking.

      • OutlawJoseyWales

        Your game is weak… But that’s only pointing out the obvious.

  • Mr bascom

    Mean time Silicon Valley is moving to other states and taking their workers with them
    Moonbeam didn’t fix the damns
    And now they want to tax cars by the mile
    And no straws
    Last week a California driver cut me off
    Then flipped me off in Utah lol

  • David

    So what’s going to happen is these families will go deep in debt as they will now go get that new car loan and charge up the credit card. They’ll think of that “free” money as an amount to make monthly debt payments and this whole thing will be a huge disaster. Guaranteeing income can never work because you can’t control spending habits and use of personal credit.

  • Reverend_Wright



    • dachshundsrule

      Say, your caps-lock is stuck…just thought you should know….

      • TheShaz


    • TheShaz

      Before you pop the champagne there Reverend.

      I suggest you wait till after the State of the Union Address this week. Also for the release of the FISA Abuse Memo that now appears to be on a path of release to the general public.

      The 4th Amendment of the Constitution – Unlawful search & seizures. Was blown up by major agencies of the Federal Government. That is a fact and is in the public domain. What the memo will tell us is WHO KNEW & WHO LIED ABOUT IT & WHO COVERED IT UP.

      There is a possibility the President will read the memo during the SOTU Address or have it released right before or after. Expect indictments to follow shortly.

      And as for the Democrat Blue Wave this November. The DNC is near broke. The economy is starting to really boom (Sorry California, your taxes and regulations, no business with half a brain wants to go there).

      There are 23 Democratic Senator Seats up for election, 8 Republican. To take over the Senate, the Dems need a +3 outcome while they have three times as many incumbents with their arse on the line.

      As for the House or Representatives, no chance.

      The Trump Tax cut is popular, no matter how you spin it. Many companies around the nation raised their salaries and credited the Tax Bill. Companies are coming to the US to invest and that creates jobs. When people see the increase in their pay stubs and a bigger tax return in a few months. To the vast majority that $1000 give or take is not crumbs like Palosi and others Democrats called it. That is several payments.

      So stay on the path of hate Mr Reverend_Wright. If HATE is all you have, then so be it.

      • mark

        I’m so excited to see Silicon Valley have to give up 1/2 of it’s Federal tax savings to Sacramento. They deserve it.

      • jhoger

        Trump is a terrible president, embarrassing us daily.

        The SOTU ain’t going to change that.

        • TheShaz

          Guess you didn’t catch the reaction Trump got at Davos last week. If you are watching CNN and it’s Russia, Russia, Russia coverage you might have missed it.

          He was well received and that is putting it mildly. Check out the video where he had dinner with 20 business men and all say their companies are investing billions in the US.

          You don’t like Trump thats OK, I didn’t care for Obama. I found Barack to be a good orator as long as the teleprompter didn’t break. But he couldn’t govern. Once the GOP took over Congress he did not know what to do. When he got into office and had the super majority he let Palosi & Reed run the show.

          • jhoger


            First of all, no one gives a s***. Business leaders fawning over the POTUS is absolutely nothing new. Business leaders promising big promises of investment is nothing new.

            “Once the GOP took over Congress he did not know what to do.”

            What can you do? You do exactly what he did. Operate on the basis of executive orders.

            When Democrats take over congress, Trump will do the same thing.

        • Name

          My Schwab account has exploded to the upside since a year ago November. Not embarrassed to tell you.

          • jhoger

            My ETrade and now Robinhood account (no fees) has been exploding since 2010.

            Were you born yesterday? That would give you an excuse for thinking the run up in the stock market is Trump’s doing.

    • mark

      Pop culture and the media may win the day in 2018 for the Dems, it won’t be anything they did. I hope you get what you want.

  • Reverend_Wright


    4. LIBERTY

    • TheShaz

      1. EQUALITY – Federal law says we are equal. Any discrimination at the workplace has a boatload of laws.
      2. TOLERANCE – This is the funniest. You can not get 30 seconds into a debate with a liberal without the name calling. They are “tolerant” as long as you agree with them.
      3. INTELLECTUALISM – Nothing like college educated people leaving the schools only to find out that the Liberal Arts diploma will not put food in your stomach. Higher education is a total joke. Kids getting a worthless education and going into massive debt for it.Want proof? How many people with Masters Degrees working minimum or near minimum wage are out there?
      4. LIBERTY – the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. To a liberal Liberty is the right to do some things within this framework designed by elite people who think they are smarter than you.
      5. ANTI-FASCISM – Ultimate oxymoron uttered by liberals. Their version of “Liberty” within a scope and if you step out of the scope they want to punish you. If I told a liberal that I did not believe in man made global warming, their typical response pretty much makes my case. I’ve seen cases where my death is called for for having such a belief.

    • mark

      You missed 4 out of 5. No. 5 would be correct if you left the anti- off. Churchill said in the future the people calling themselves the anti-fascist will in fact be the fascists…..nailed it

  • TheShaz

    Every “Safety Net” welfare system this country has started sounds great on paper. But just about every single one of the said safety nets have turned into a hammocks.

    • dachshundsrule

      Hammocks that people mysteriously almost never fall out of.

  • Reverend_Wright


    • dachshundsrule

      MAGA, baby!

    • mark

      Bend over the Rev needs to keep that finger warm

    • TheShaz

      Debate! Have all you “Intellectuals” forgotten how to debate?

      Back your idea’s & beliefs up and try to make it past 5min before you start name calling.

      You say “Tolerant” but as long as everyone agrees with you.

      Debate or do what my 2 year old does when he doesn’t get the candy he wants.

  • JoeKlip

    $500 barely covers the cost of living. We should demand the city raise the minimum payment to $2000 per month / per person

  • Bob Burns

    Used to live right near Stockton. Shi*thole

  • Deplorable!!!

    The city will fund this new program from all the surplus money left from their bankruptcy. That, plus the $1mm gift means a guaranteed income of $3.24 per citizen. Human dignity at last!

  • mark

    FYI. Stockton is no where near the “bay area”….lol. I stopped reading there and I was really wanting to know how giving people a minimum wage for not working would turn out….o wait I already know.

  • friedcheese

    I’m all for it so long as everybody gets it and not just those who are already on welfare or jobless. If you’re just creating two classes of people, one who work for their money and one who gets their money without working then that’s hardly fair. that’s hardly a new idea, it already exists. It’s called welfare.

  • ForteDS

    Well, that leaves several questions to be asked, like what is the population of Stockton? How many is “Several dozens”? 50? 100? 500? More? Where is this money coming from, since governments don’t actually have money of their own? Who is paying for this experiment? What are the qualifications to be one of the families receiving this $500? Why does the mayor think taxing someone with money to give $500 a month to a family will stimulate the economy when we are already having a national experiment showing great promise that lowering taxes on the wealthy may, in fact, create jobs and raise incomes?

  • Jeff

    What color is the sky in Stockton? They have already spent all their money. CA sanity is in serious question.

  • Hahahahah

    Stockton is a complete $h!thole!!! It’s a dangerous city full of poverty and crime! Maybe instead of spending money on building marinas and arenas where people are just gonna get robbed or shot, they should clean up the dope slingers, gang bangers, and pimps! But that would remove a lot of the democrat voter base so that’s not gonna happen!

  • TMA1

    One more deseaster in the making……Yeah BABY…The CaliKornBalls are going to show the whole wide world once again on how to FAIL BIG TIME.

  • Very Concerned

    What a brilliant idea – they call it welfare

  • Stanley

    Will the mayor be paying for this out of his own pocket?

  • 1stbabyboomer

    The problem is you cannot guarantee anything (redistribution of wealth) with out strings attached. Human nature is such that it can only be an enabler to be even less productive. I’d guarantee it but you must do something, anything for it.

  • CommonSenseIMO

    So Stockton files for bankruptcy and then decides to turn around and hand out money for free. Outstanding! Nothing can go wrong with this!!!!

  • rlwieneke

    And when this is approved and goes into operation for real on a large scale just where are they planning to get all this “LOVE MONEY” (as in we just love you for “you being a human being”)? Out of a Unicorn’s ass? Out of the street sweeper? Growing from trees? Falling from the sky? More than likely there will people that just aren’t loved as much as others and the money will come out of their ass.

  • GS

    You will get more of what you encourage. In this case, of parasitism.

  • Dan Ros

    Oh, isn’t that lovely. Gonna give money to people for doing nothing?? Perfect. Q: how long before Stockton becomes a complete cesspool of illegal immigrants and tent people? Baw ha ha. Let the jugheads proceed.

  • Hank Wilson

    You’re giving illegals more income than that. What a joke.

  • C C

    Quoting Margret Thatcher, socialism works great until you run out of other people’s money to spend. Stockton has already gone bankrupt once, due to overspending. I guess the leaders there are too stupid to learn the obvious lesson.

  • KingOfAllAnimals

    I am so livid taxpayer dollars are used for such “experimentation.” This Democratic party social experimentation needs to get shut the heck down. All this is in MY OPINION is an attempt to seek validation of a Communist answer to a problem that crippled Soviet Russia’s economy. Now we want to try that here? This “WE” in California is a hand full of people, not the rest of us living outside of California House in Sacramento.

  • slowboat2

    Tip: Homeless, move to stockton.

  • No Funeral

    This should read, “Each family to get $500 worth of drugs.” Cut out the middle man.

  • Ron

    How stupid can these people be after having gone through bankruptcy 5 years ago?

  • jburr36

    This ‘experiment’ is a meaningless test of government wealth redistribution. It is funded privately. If something like this was ever implemented by government you will see wage earners flee en mass due to high taxes. Result would be worse than than what happened to Detroit. It wouldn’t be like Venezuela considering citizens have the rest of the US to escape to.

    On the other end. The recipient would still be spending beyond their means and creating more debt for themselves. Even with extra free money.
    Look at welfare communities. Give them more and they just get fatter. Not healthier.

    This is a complete fail.

  • Name

    Yes. All deadbeats please move to Stockton.

    • A 7000 Year Old Carousel

      I’m on my way!

  • White Privilege

    What happens when to money runs out?

  • yiddishlion

    Hey I got a question for you all…………..what was the first American city to ever go bankrupt?

    July 18, 2013
    On Thursday, the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy protection after being saddled with debts totaling more than $18.5 billion.

    That makes Detroit the largest city in the United States ever to file for bankruptcy — the previous record was held by Stockton, California, which was half the size and owed $26 million. The previous debt record, meanwhile, went to Jefferson County, Alabama, which owed $4 billion when it filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

  • FU

    “Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms”. – Aristotle, —–
    “democracy passes into despotism” – Plato. —–
    “democracies have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.” James Madison, 4th USA President, author of Bill of Rights, Father of US Republican Constitution. ——
    WHY DO democracies fail and revert to dictatorships? GREED & WELFARE dependency. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.” – Alexander Fraser Tytler, 1776. —–
    The majority of large corporations are owned and operated by democRAT owners. Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc. These people are extremely greedy. The Republican Free Enterprise, Small Government, and Capitalist system is best for everyone, when it is NOT abused. GREED & WELFARE dependency destroys Capitalism and brings on democracy, followed by the dictatorship. Power & Wealth must be limited for everyone – NOT unlimited.

  • adalporto

    I’m fine with it if you agree to be sterilized as terms of receiving the money. Otherwise, it’s only going to help perpetuate the generational cycle of poverty.

  • auggieX

    You certainly can’t have a UBI and pourus borders.

    • A 7000 Year Old Carousel

      Stop stating facts and being a realist. Liberal Californians don’t like that.

  • A 7000 Year Old Carousel

    How can a city that went bankrupt just a few years ago do something that’s guaranteed to send them into debt again?

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    LMAO! This can only be the same kind of sadism you see in every other jawdroppingly-impoverished and destitute dictatorship the left creates, since it’s literally impossible to be THIS stupid.

  • portangeles1

    This is Industrial Strength Stupid. It’s embarrassing to witness just how brainless liberals are. Common sense and logic are never enough for them. Somehow each one separately comes to the point where they conclude themselves as The Superior Intelligence of mankind, which at that point all common sense and logic are deemed worthless follies of the great unwashed…not nearly sophisticated enough for consideration by a liberal: They Are Better and Smarter People. and they come up with stupid ideas like these…how ’bout that Bullet Train, eh?

  • akramden

    Great. Yet another “dog chasing his own tail” scheme from your bonehead leaders in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia…

  • Russell Scott

    When something fails like the welfare state, leave it to libs to give it a new name, and make it even worse.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    I guess they never read the book, “How NOT To Go Bankrupt Twice Within A Couple of Years”.

  • Theydontgetit

    When will it end? I guess free stuff gets votes.

  • frankieagogo

    A $6K a year handout is not going to prove anything. This is a wasted effort.

  • Jim Robinson

    $500 a month is not enough to live on or even close, so this is not “universal basic income” its just extra $ to spend. I can’t see anything useful coming out of this study.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    gotta luv the gimmedat votes

  • johnleehooker


  • Sampson

    The flies will come swarming to that honeypot. What you have to ask yourself, is why is a man’s labor so difficult to sell? What kind of barriers are there to a guy grabbing some ladders, some paintbrushes and starting a house painting business? This is just an example of course, but I’m willing to bet that its almost impossible to legally do that without overcoming substantial financial and regulatory barriers in Stockton.

  • kramartini

    If everyone gets money for free, what will there be to buy?

    • alpha_protagonist


  • alpha_protagonist

    Let’s have a REAL experiment…Tubbs can forfeit $500/mo. from his salary to a recipient — or $1K/mo. for two — and then track the recipient(s) to see if they look for employment, or spend the money on an iPhone. Until the people putting forth these policies have skin in the game, they know not what they do.

  • Michael J

    What could possibly go wrong here ??????? HAHAHHA Orwell we need you back.

  • disqus_c197zi57ib

    Stockton is a gang and drug infested sewer that is why the jobs left. Low and unskilled people who live on entitlements are all that is left. throwing tax payer monney at them will accomplish nothing.

  • tightloops

    Stockton is one if the filthiest most corrupt and dangerous towns in the U.S. If Stockton tries to say it’s crime and murder rate has gone down it’s a lie. Crime never goes down in Stockton, they just stopped counting.These corrupt third world quality politicians who will steal money from the producers in order to pay the parasitic welfare class to remain and keep themselves in office. The City has, from the very beginning been corrupt. The developers paying off the Planning Commission with favors like extravagant remodels to their homes for $500, total sending cases of booze and wining and dining. The lousy corrupt City Council members, ALL OF THEM, have always, but always also picked the pocket of developers and larger businesses to remain in office and curry favors. Council members without even a GED make decisions to spend millions of dollars on trying to attract tourism while no tourist in their right mind would be suicidal enough to visit. The Council cut the pay and even health care and retirement of police officers so badly that Stockton residents rarely see a veteran officer because as soon as trained, these young officers escape as soon as they get a job offer ANY place but Stockton. The crime problem is beyond comprehension unless you’ve lived it. Everyone that could, has escaped, those that remain are trapped. And now, the City “Fathers” are saying they are going to pick the pockets of homeowners and businesses even more and give it to non-productive sloths and call it “investment. Stockton would do better by ending public assistance and public housing and giving those residents money to permanently leave town. Handing out more money will only increase the welfare dependent population and the crime. Just like pigeons, feed them and all their friends will come too. Welfare knows no color, but it does know laziness. The problem is these ignorant politicians keep getting tax dollars to do stupid stunts like this. Until the taxpayers of California and the U.S. say ENOUGH! NO MORE, they’ll keep ripping off us all.

  • Wrenchman2.0

    Ahhh, who’s exactly paying for this income? I live in this third world state and would be curious from who’s taxes these people are receiving their “income”?

  • Jujubar Williams

    Another goosestep toward Socialism. Wow, a whole 500 bucks a month. You can pay your utility bill in Phoenix in summer! This appears a real problem looming, however. Driver-less cars (commercial trucks soon after) in less than 10 years I’d guess? In significant numbers? That’s a lot of taxi drivers, commercial truckers, delivery drivers, etc. Robots will continue to be implemented at restaurants (and surely in other industries–how many employees do you see at a bowling alley?–the forerunner of rudimentary robot tech). Then there’s Artificial Intelligence. It’s all a coming, and I fear it will culminate at once. A runaway freight train. Millions of people are going to rely on the government for food (we are superb in agriculture, why the government pays farmers not to plant crops) so I don’t see mass starvation, but somebody’s going to have to pick up that bill. And what kind of life is that? I think Elon Musk was right. The government better start considering a monthly stipend payout for jobs that vaporize…permanently. In a sci-fi light, it’s kind of interesting to consider future ramifications. And unavoidable. A strange future awaits.

  • norcal

    Its stockton, so the 500 will go to meth, weed and makeup for all the Latina gurls…its a dump full if illgals and gangster crips…ranked top five every year as the worst place to live.

  • KidPsych

    Is this a “value added benefit” on top of welfare, subsidized housing, EBT cards, Medi-Cal? What the hell am I working for? Jerry and Friends won’t get my money for much longer. Buh-bye!

  • Ben

    Why to spend any fund on this study?!
    Just look what most lottery winners do with the winnings, how does it affect them and where they end up in five years!

    There’s no such thing as free lunch!

    Perhaps Stockton mayor should move to Cuba or North Korea, since Soviet Union collapsed almost 30 years ago!

  • ConcernedCitizen31

    New TVs for all!

  • Howard Loomis
  • StubbornlyRational

    I have a relative who lives in Stockton. I was driving through Stockton and offered to meet her at a local restaurant. She said she couldn’t, it was too dangerous after dark. Let me guess. Democrats run Stockton.

    • Mr Tea

      In some parts it’s too dangerous before dark as well.

  • Mr Tea

    $500 is nice but I’m gonna need at least two grand a month to make it. It’s free money any way. Right?

  • Barky

    Black folk…what are you going to do with them?

    • Mr Tea

      Give them free money apparently.

  • allah_speaking

    California – the only state in the Union now properly classified as a sh!thole.
    Disclaimer: No plastic straws were damaged in the composition of this post.

  • Steve Squared

    These phony LEFTISTS spend half their day inventing hysterical, phony stories about Trump and russia and the other half of their day trying to turn America into russia.

    LIbs stole the term “progressive” from the communists and the communist party USA has done nothing but support these frauds for decades; most recently the old commie himself bernie and then a quick pivot to hillary.

    It’s unreal such a BLATANT effort to infect our society with communism could take place and only serves to illustrate how California has changed from a great state to nothing but a reservoir of useful idiots.

  • Dan Cornford

    It’s only necessary to consider Venezuela and what a bunch of THEIR democrats can do to a nation!

  • Dularr

    This sounds like fake universal income. The only real test for universal income is to eliminate all other entitlement problems. No welfare, no food stamps, no unemployment insurance, no section 8 housing, no social security…

  • CaliMark

    Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. California Democrats are deranged.

  • Jack Burton

    How does money YOU DIDN’T EARN HELP SELF ESTEEM? Time to split this state.

  • Garry Sills

    This is called welfare! That’s what this state is made up of, illegals and people on welfare! How’s that working out for you? Idiots!

  • Jane Dowe

    Welfare on a whole new scale

  • Sally


  • No Left Turns

    Stupid Liberals
    you can’t reward the poor for being poor
    sure it gets you votes
    and kills your city



    Low education people will spend their $500 a month on buying more lottery tickets, fast food and the latest hoodie gear and sneakers. I’d rather see a program geared toward college and tech schools. Education helps end poverty. Would’nt you agree?

    • StubbornlyRational

      Better spent on trade school for most of the people. But I fundamentally agree with you.

  • Oscarphone

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. 500 bucks isn’t any kind of “income”, particularly in California. What it is however is some politician’s way to get re-elected using other people’s money and make themselves feel good doing it. As long as the numbers are small this will be considered a success I’m sure but nce all the flakes and bums infiltrate the system the problems will start. With ideas like this, I can see why Stockton is having problems . . . I’m sure nobody in power there has a passing grade in Econ 101.

  • Commentary Cat

    LoL – This experiment will go badly.

  • John Person

    well there is the utopia the commiecrats want,and who is going to get illegals and refugees?Who is going to par for it?

  • Elaine Farrell

    Sweden tried it, as did Venezuela… how much proof do you need to realize a demotivated workforce does NOT work.. pun intended. Seriously, in Sweden, hard workers stopped working, out of resentment. Humans have a natural desire to “achieve”… this treats humans like cattle.

  • Large Basket

    Im moving to stockton and retiring. no need to bust y hump anymore.


    Stockton is a hole. This will ensure it stays that way.

  • Mr. Friendly

    The mayor has had a free ride his whole life from Daddy government why shouldn’t everyone?

  • Anne Ominous

    Welfare Wednesday is going to be crazy in Stockholm, ehrr Stockton. Shopping carts overflowing with Obama’s stash, and money left over to burn for some of Obama’s hash.

  • Beaver Eater

    Only thing they’ll see is an increase in robberies on payday.

    • Jack Adams

      Welcome to the new KALEEFORNICA!!!

  • Deejayemmm

    No one knows what’s really going on in the world unless they know God personally. Then you would soon learn that the world has serious Christ followers (imperfect but improving) and those who hate God. Most of those who hate God aren’t aware of it, because they do not have access to spiritual knowledge. It’s all going to end soon, so I plead with you to come to Jesus.

  • TrapperJohnFL

    UBI = Universal Basic Idiocy.

  • BA DeMonte

    Whose pockets did the city pick to get this unearned $500.00 per month? Nothings free, the money is coming from somewhere.

  • BPCR Silhouette Shooter

    I find it interesting that the Mayor of Stockton thinks that $500/month of free money is meaningful basic income when the Democratic State Senators and Congress people call the corporate bonuses and the low to middle class payroll tax deductions “crumbs”! How ironic and to think the $500/month is going to a select few where tbd payroll tax deductions go to the many! It will be interesting to see if the “crumbs of cash” or the “basic income” has the more significant impact on the Stockton economy. My money goes on tax cuts!

  • Matt

    One thing I know for sure. Throughout human history there is one group of people that are the real problem solvers. There is one group of people dedicated to fixing all of the world’s wrongs. Their history is that of constantly doing the right thing. Their history is never pointing fingers or blaming others.

    And that group of people is government.

    Sure, hundreds of millions of citizens have been murdered in the process.

    But don’t believe your lying eyes that see the results. Believe the words of those seeking to rule over you by force. You can totally trust those people that are looking out for the common good.

    So what if they’re stealing your earnings, lining their pockets, and giving a pittance to those that will vote for them.

    Yes, it has always ended up in mass starvation or mass murder or both, but it will be different this time.

    And if by some chance it doesn’t succeed, they won’t blame their bulletproof ideas. You, the victim of their totalitarianism, will be blamed.

    Socialism is beautiful. The professor that “teaches” at the university the woke people attended said so, so it must be true. They had to get the piece of paper to get the job. They had to attend the university to get the piece of paper. They had to pay 6 figures to attend the university. Mommy told them take out the loan. You don’t pay 100k for junk. Do you?

    • BPCR Silhouette Shooter

      It seems to me that history has taught us that socialist countries and close forms there of have been the biggest war mongur’re’s and human butchers in the history of mankind. Do we really want part of that?

  • Julie Kasenow

    500? For a real ubi you would need like 4000.

  • artvet2

    Yesterday, was this not called W E L F A R E?

  • Asher Pergament

    This is sad that so few understand this very well thought out concept by Friedman. The basic tenet falls within the social contract we have to each other as humans. He understood that the government was going to pay for “welfare” regardless, the question was what way would be best. Too much welfare leads to dependency and too little, leads to violence and overthrowing the current system for far worse options (socialism and totalitarianism). The basic income through the concept of negative income tax, was meant to eliminate the leviathan of government run welfare systems that are wholly inefficient and ineffective. The current welfare system has no incentives, rather disincentives. It also chooses winners and losers. (Think WIC, some cheese is better than other cheese.) it was understood that some people would choose not to work. That is ok in this UBI system. Those who are happy at the minimum, essentially leave the competitive labor economy as they would’ve anyway, and give motivated labor a better chance for income in the marketplace. The minimum types have enough money to stay out of dangerous and illegal enterprise (lowering the crime rate). This would cut government substantially (pay government workers the minimum to stay home, instead of overpaying for less productivity). Marry this with a simplified tax code and establish a national sales tax, we cover the entire cycle of GDP and no underground economy goes untaxed. That means more income, less cost to a smaller and efficient government. With surplus, all citizens would receive a dividend. In deficit years, those above the UBI pay tax. Hope this helps you guys understand it. I certainly doubt the people in Stockton will do it right though.

    • Smoak

      Blah, blah, blah. WELCOME TO VENEZUELA, FOOL!

  • Jack Adams

    Hey Tubbs….You want all those ILLEGAL INVADERS in your state and be called a sanctuary BS State – then that comes with a BIG price!!! And you will NOT be getting any Federal $$$ either!!! The once Golden State is now the Rust State!! ENJOY!! The $$$ is leaving every day – as people look for a better place to live!!

  • richard1head

    income inequality what a joke. if you want more money work harder. dems are socalist

  • JTravianDTeriusJacksonIII

    You stupid liberals know no boundaries.
    Are you unable to take care of yourselves, or, do you need a mommy and daddy?


    Ok. So I’m going to get my grandma, who’s in a home anyway and is surviving on a fixed income, and I’m moving her to Stockton. She won’t care where she is and the $500 bucks, $6000 a year, will come in very handy. This is a great plan. That is if you want to bankrupt the city. People who don’t produce a liveable income are not going to become better at budgeting if you give them an income. This plan is already a failure. We give a whole lot of people free stuff. Money, food, healthcare and even education. And in no circumstance has it ever been shown to increase their productivity. That’s the real issue. A persons prodoctivity is directly related to their income and overtime, their wealth. You can open a business peeling bananas and you can be happy, work hard, put in tons of effort and still end up broke. Go for it but you had better have a back up plan. Giving people $500 a month means they now have a back up plan. They will waste their efforts on nonsensical endeavors because “hey, I’ll still get my 500 bucks!”. This is going to last about a year and then go down in flames. Even if it worked on a small scale in this city it would fail county, state or country wide. Why? Because the natural tendency is capitalism and inflation will devalue the 500 bucks in about 6 months. Nothing is free folks .


    How many illegals are working the farm jobs? Wouldn’t sending them back open up a few local jobs?

  • CBDS

    Hahahaha. 500 a month. Why not make it 5000 a month? You can’t live in style for 500 lol.

  • GroverT

    UBI, price controls, rations, food lines, hyper-inflation, and media propaganda are all tools of the socialist to control the people. The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome. This is insane. Global history has shown socialism has always failed and the people will escape it once it takes hold. Don’t be fooled by this so called “benefit.” When you become a ward of the state, you can be controlled and manipulated as needed to satisfy the leadership that wants nothing but power. Look to history to show how this experiment in socialism has always resulted in catastrophe.

  • Areyoukiddingme

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. It makes sense as it is California.

  • redcats2

    Stockton is a cesspool of gangs and illegals. What the hell ever happened to folks getting two jobs if that can’t make it on one? Must be too much to ask people to take care of themselves and those they choose to bring into this world! Sheesh buck up folks!

  • Smoak

    What will be the impact? A complete disappearance of accountability and motivation for one’s lot in life, followed by a collapse of the city as illegal aliens, the mentally ill, and the homeless move there. California leads the nation in terrible ideas.

  • Shadowpaw

    The $1 million dollars was donated, what will they do if they decide to use this system? Where will the money come from ? Higher taxes on your citizens? California is in debt now do you really think putting your state in more debt will help everyone? I guarantee if this system is implemented you will see a mass migration of middle and upper income tax payers in your state to other parts of the country. With fewer tax payers it would be even harder to pay for this and i know there would be no money coming from the Federal Government to fund it.

  • Eddie

    Clueless liberal elites still have not figured it is their policies that cause all the problems…

    In all of history, no government became more honest, less corrupt, or respected its citizens’ rights more as it grew in size.

  • dont know anymore

    When you give free money with no strings the people at some point will say it is not enough and demand more. They will be unhappy when you say no.

  • CatsWithShoes

    I’m sure this won’t be a burden passed to the taxpayers in other states since california already depends so heavily on federal funding.

  • Fred Whitney

    “From each according to their ability….to each according to their needs.” Sounds familiar to me.

  • Money for nothing. Chicks for free.

  • Dean Haversham

    Instead of UBI, why doesn’t Stockton give citizens $500 to move to a non-socialist state with low taxation, cheaper housing, and jobs?

  • emersonushc13

    Free money forever with no strings attached? What could go wrong?

  • SirTennyson

    Unless you’ve somehow come up with a way to defecate the money you’ll be taking from this person and giving to another person. That’s wealth redistribution. It won’t work. California is bankrupt because Morons are in charge.

  • The headline should read “Stockton Dreamers get free premium cable”

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    LOL. We seriously need stricter Cretin Control laws.

  • I predict a rise in Stockton’s cigarette, liquor, lotto sales plus a whole bunch of Stockton’s poor and down trodden sporting expensive new tattoos.

  • Scott M. Cregar

    So, government produces nothing and must take from the population to continue running, where is this UBI ultimately coming from?

  • killerasteroid

    Isn’t this just like a demorat controlled city? As if bankruptcy in 2012 wasn’t enough they now GIVE MONEY AWAY as they teeter toward yet another bankruptcy……

  • NAAWP 2016

    caliphornia …..still the dumbest people in the country

  • From each according to his ability, to each according to his need
    Karl Marks 1815
    This is NOT the ground zero for the US – only CA

  • Goodtoo

    So communism comes to California? No matter what you try to label this “grand experiment” it’s communism……
    No matter where it’s been implemented it has always failed.

  • merkinmuffy

    Now watch the homeless flock to Stockton by the thousands for their shot at free money.

  • The Observer

    A Socialist is but a Communist without an AK 47 and the will to use it. They all deserve nothing less than extermination.

  • zzzzzap

    Call it what ever “ism” you like. The analysis you must make is where did this money come from? Did it miraculously appear from thin air? Was it given to the state from the federal coffers? Was it generated via tourist spending? NO!, it is stolen, taken, absconded, redirected from the taxes paid by the local people that manage to eek out a living there. It is clearly theft from those folks. As the news of this stolen money begins to permeate the country more freeloaders will seek it. That will result in greater difficulties in maintaining this bucket of money. Finally, the bucket will be overdrawn and THEN the nasty spiral downward as experienced in Venezuela will begin. The second analysis you must make is how and why does a person qualify for this camouflaged welfare. If I made all of the right decisions, sacrifices and life choices that brought me to a point of having a good job, family, and security why should I now be punished by paying a tax that will be redirected to someone that didn’t or wouldn’t make those right decisions? Would I even qualify to get this handout in the first place? Once you begin to raise taxes to cover the growing deficit of money in the bucket you will find those that supply the taxes will simply move away from this burden. The old adage about “running out of other peoples money” holds true for every “ism” where the government controls who gets what and certainly applies to a UBI experiment.

    • Christopher Mathieu

      From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

  • SlickPigWillie

    Her comes the increase in drug overdose.

  • skoch

    This project is doomed to failure. Better to give all parents of school age chit to select the schools of their choice. That will crush the iron hold of the corrupt teachers union and require the administrators to hold the teachers feet to the fire or they will lose their own job as the school will be closed to to lack of attendance.

    Wioth a decent education, the next generation will take care of themselves, as we that grew up in California 60 years ago did.

  • Debbies21

    They’ll purchase on amazon no impact to the city

  • Spend the money educating these people to make more money.

    • Muzzled✓ᴹᴬᴳᴬ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ✓ ᴰᵉᵖᶫᵒʳᵃᵇᶫᵉ

      That didn’t work either. We have way too many liberal arts graduates

  • CuriousOnlooker

    Perpetual free money kills human creativity, initiative and drive.

    Just look what it did to black people in the inner cities: destroyed our nuclear families, parenting and potential. It’s slavery.

    That’s all the proof you need.

  • JackP32

    No strings attached means that these people will have $500 more per month to spend on dope. Sounds like a good idea. Big Gooberment insuring that they retain power over your life.

  • takwita

    $500/month = Crumbs

    • Will-o

      Especially in CA!

  • emc2jc

    Two reasons I did not move to Kaliphornia. 1. I like the firearms I have, they are perfectly legal were I live. 2. It’s turning into Venezuela.

    • emc2jc

      Five reasons to move to Kaliphornia, Beaches, Mountains, Deserts, Babes and Weed.

      • emc2jc

        It was a very very difficult decision.

      • Muzzled✓ᴹᴬᴳᴬ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ✓ ᴰᵉᵖᶫᵒʳᵃᵇᶫᵉ

        Yeah, that 500 bucks will go along way

      • Muzzled✓ᴹᴬᴳᴬ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ✓ ᴰᵉᵖᶫᵒʳᵃᵇᶫᵉ

        Yeah, that 300 bucks will go along way

  • Nitro Noriega

    Financial struggle is what motivates us to work harder and what disciplines us to choose what we need over what we want and what we want most over what we want now… It keeps young families from having more kids than they should… Financial struggle will keep most people in check and will keep most people honest with themselves… only hard work and living within your means will get you ahead short of some great windfall…

    Struggle strengthens… Coddling weakens. Sturdiness of character is byebye in Stockton, CA.

  • UnknownRider

    Fundamental laws of economics and government:
    1) to get less of something, tax it more.
    2) to get more of something, tax it less.
    3) to go broke while corrupting everything, subsidize.

  • yowsah yowsah3

    MAN !
    That’ll buy a lot of fortys.

  • whoodoo

    “Stockton is one of many Bay Area cities on the fringe of the wealth…”
    Correction, Stockton is the s***hole of CA and the nation, always has been and will be, a total failure as a city – that went bankrupt several years ago – and is the dumping ground for all manner of misfits and the like. To take it as an example of anything, is to take the most unrepresentative case and as such, a model for no one to follow. And, comparing it to Finland, as some do, is the height of disingenuity or just stupidity.

  • Muzzled✓ᴹᴬᴳᴬ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ✓ ᴰᵉᵖᶫᵒʳᵃᵇᶫᵉ

    You would have to have a fairly low self-esteem to accept $500 a month for free

  • Muzzled✓ᴹᴬᴳᴬ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ✓ ᴰᵉᵖᶫᵒʳᵃᵇᶫᵉ

    I ain’t picking no more lettuce now that I got 500 bucks a month

  • Ben Neviss

    Simple math: people who work for a living will be overwhelmed by people who vote for a living. If you pay people to be lazy they will happily oblige, but their gratitude will turn to angry entitlement in an unbelievably brief time frame.

    Man I’m glad I got out of that stupid state.


    Why just a few families gettin it? That’s not fair. All families and individuals should get it except for the top 10%. Every immigrant should move there as well. Free money and no work! He’ll yeah! We are all headed to Stockton! Lol

  • Bob Bernet

    First of all, Stanford law professor Michelle Anderson is being misleading. President Nixon was NOT a proponent of UBI. He and his administration were advocates of a workfare system similar to what Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress eventually passed in the 1990s. It was an economic plan designed to temporarily provide a livable income in exchange for work. Those who are considered truly needy would still receive welfare and food stamps.

  • tbone51

    $500 won’t pay for a third of their ever-increasingly monthly rents.

  • Robert Davis

    $500 a month? That’s a crumb every two months, right Nancy?

  • S Davis

    Control the Money and you can control the people, I wonder if the recipients (UBI People)can speak out against government hand out programs, and if need be vote against it, and choose a candidate that opposes it? without any repercussions..

  • ounceoflogic

    California: the Hits just Keep on Coming. There’s no stopping these fools from implementing their radical un-American schemes, but we should keep them from doing it with Federal Tax Dollars eh?

  • fredbailey

    If Wasserman-Schultz thinks that $1,000 a month is nothing when it comes from President Trump’s tax incentives that are being handed out to blue collar workers on a regular basis, I can’t wait to hear the bimbo sing the praises of “how much good this extra $500 a month will be for these families…we should implement this all over America”
    These bozos have no idea wha they are doing…

    • YeahYouRight

      They know exactly what they are doing! Trump money bad, prog money good.

  • Rino Parsegian

    The one thing no one is talking about that is crazy. Is when did Stockton be come part of the Bay area its like 90 miles from San Fran and on the other side of a mountain range. I didn’t get past that part of the story, so if they can’t read a map how can I trust anything this story has to say.

    • njlowrider


  • ridesdressage

    Yes. The faster liberal cities go completely broke the better for the rest of America. Go for it Stockton. GO FOR BROKE!!!

  • Russ

    just rename stockton to “diet venezuela”

  • JohnnyFreakinSunshine

    Free money means people flooding into the city.

  • njlowrider


  • Boxhawk ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    These idiot liberal politicians never stop to think where the money comes from in the first place.

  • Janie

    the same thing could be accomplished by cutting taxes to zero.

    think about it. the government is handing out tax money that they already paid.

    zero taxes for wages. zero property taxes.

    no universal income. cut all taxes first

  • chaga

    Stockton is not a bay area city.
    And it is the worst city in the state.
    Stockton sucks.

    • njlowrider


      • chaga


  • silencedogoodreturns

    Don’t they already get that, in a combination of welfare, food stamps, Section 8 Housing and “earned” income tax credits? Far more than that $500.

  • phreeman

    …bet we can all guess the “Demographics” of the “….several dozen Stockton families… will get $500 a month, no strings attached.”…

    …does this mean also that they have to “Give Up” all other Social Services (EBT, Sec 8 housing, Medicaid, free daycare) AND have to PASS a Drug Test????

    …or is this just extra Spa, Nails, MLTLIQ/Ganja money???

  • Jack Lane

    More free money for illegal aliens, what else is new?

  • ah.1960

    It’s a shame they are going to ruin Stockton this way.

    Once people learn that there is “free money” in Stockton and you don’t have to do anything to get it, how many people do you think will move to Stockton? (Hint: None of these people will be gainfully employed.)

    • Jack Lane

      Got news for you, Stockton been ruined since your grandmother’s salad days.

      • ah.1960

        I don’t live there myself, but I have relatives who are near it. I just hate to see any city degraded by liberalism whether Stockton, New Orleans, or Springfield.

  • Max42

    One of the most egregious myths created in the past 50 years is that self esteem can be conferred on a person by other people or institutions. Self esteem can only be attained through the accomplishments of an individual’s efforts. UBI will inherently create a new “right” – that money is mine, I have a “right” to it, and no one can take it away from me. It’s basic human nature, but today, the progressive socialists believe they can change human nature because they refuse to learn from the past.

  • ehh

    Human nature tells me every person looking for free money will migrate to Stockton. Of course these people will not be able survive on 500 a month so they will turn to a secondary source of income: dealing drugs, prostitution, burglary, car jackings….oh what a life. Another progressive liberal fail.

    • Kemo Sabe

      The story did not say if this $500. per mth is in addition to all the other Fed & State benefits ( if it did I may have missed it)but I think this will be the case.
      If this turns out to be true, this $500, will be their ” secondary income” in addition to EBT cards, and other freebies.

  • Jack Lane

    Now they can supplement the food stamps with free beer and takis

  • JMNT

    It’s just a fancy name for welfare.

  • M DeRosa
    • YeahYouRight

      Chilling. Obama’s to-do list, got so close. But Trump’s reversing it very quickly, thank God. No wonder they HATE him!

  • Uncle-Archie

    UBI will not work in this country,,,.

    Also with cities,counties,states defying immigration laws there is no way social programs or UBI will succeed with open borders and mass immigration.

  • Craig S Joksch

    Isn’t Stockton one of the cities that reneged on their public employee pension plans? Now they’re tossing this kind of money around.

  • UnknownRider

    While they’re at it, to help single moms, they should give them money to raise their kids, but only if the baby-daddy is out of the picture. Who could say no? It will be “for the children.”

    For those too young to know their history, that’s been tried already, by Democrat president Lyndon Baines Johnson, who said his “Great Society” would buy votes and keep the Democrats in power for 200 years. It resulted in whole generations of inner city fatherless children and the rise of the urban ghettos where drug gangs and murders are commonplace.

    • YeahYouRight

      This very LBJ famously used the N-word to describe these poor social lab rats, but he’s a hero because his name is followed by a (D)

      • UnknownRider

        Yeah, I didn’t go there.

  • Gary Warren

    Didn’t Stockton file for bankruptcy just a few short years ago? Where did this new stream of available revenue come from to encourage sloth? Perhaps they should reimburse some of their defrauded creditors rather than indirectly, but undeniably, funneling these monies to the undocumented pharmaceutical distributors that always look forward to the monthly distribution of “free government cheese”, in the form of discretionary, non-traceable cash.

  • Critical thinker

    will be another failed attempt by socialist statist liberals. This will not work..Venezuela, Cuba and the list goes on. Funny how this test is using private funds to see if this works…just go for the City’s kitty if your so confident mayor Tubbie

    • UnknownRider

      In the hearts of socialists, Venezuela and Cuba, etc. are not failures. They just weren’t socialist enough, didn’t nationalize enough.

  • dave

    This is how it works: The local government put the city in massive debt by gambling taxpayer money on building arenas and marinas (no doubt some well connected people made out pretty well on those deals!), then blames the debt on nameless “corporations” and declares the answer is socialism. Seems to me the only common thread is politicians spending money they did not earn.

    • Born Free

      Of course it’s a great hustle. Take other people’ money, buy votes with it and collect a paycheck!

  • FRED

    What an IDIOTIC idea, after decades of replacing American citizens with illegals, the Democrats can finalize their plans for communist America !

  • Gorio 123

    Once you start “giving money away”, it loses its value. Do you not think that businesses will not price jump to benefit from the free money the residents will spend on soda, chips, candy? That’s exactly where it will end up, or, the local gin mill. Free $ no strings, B.S.! The strings will be that the working few will carry the load in Stockton. As they have now for years.
    America has provided the foundation for this wonderful technology, and, now this technology has taken over and, humans are losing their work and pride. Trust me, it will get worse.
    Baited us with computers and phones without wires, put games and sports and places to find a sex partner at your fingertips and now, they want your job, your welfare, your reason for going on in many cases. And, in return drop you a few morsels of cash to to keep you passive. That will go on as long as the money keeps flowing, once you run out of other peoples money, it will get ugly. I’ve worked in Stockton…..

  • CT Joe

    “I feel that as mayor it’s my responsibility to do all I could to begin figuring out what’s the best way to make sure that folks in our community have a real economic floor,”

    Mr Mayor, can you PLEASE tell us when creating “economic floors” became your job? Can you explain how forcing the taxpayer closer to your “floor” is a good thing? No, you cannot. Socialism has been tried and has failed over and over and over again. Do you not know history Mr Mayor? No, you do not. Utter fool.

    • UnknownRider

      Socialism will never be a failure to a socialist. Failure only identifies where the system needs tweaking next time.

  • SteveStuning

    Well, at least now the Negros in Stockton won’t have to mug people for their dope money.

  • “they will be monitoring how a basic income affects things like self-esteem and identity.”
    Because generational welfare has done wonders for the value systems of Americas inner cities. Get it through your head lefties, it isn’t the free money it is the pride that comes from earning it….its called accomplishment and it makes a body feel as if they have some self worth.

    • ah.1960

      Excellent point. UBI codifies generational welfare into law.

  • VictorSeal

    Party time!!!!!!

  • ah.1960

    “The UBI that is being proposed in Stockton now is very small compared to the big corporate subsidies that cities like that engage in.” That’s a loaded statement full of falsehoods and half-truths.

    It’s incredible (and an incredible shame) that people in positions like this have such a poor understanding of economics.

    “Big corporate subsidies” sounds evil, but when economic incentives are offered to companies to locate their, the benefits to the community extend far beyond any temporary tax abatement or infrastructure improvement costs. Long after the incentives expire, the community has jobs (and the employment taxes workers pay). Employees spend their earnings in other local businesses, boosting their prospects. The city has an improved economic base from which to attract other businesses.

    UBI is just wealth transfer from those who are working to those who are not. It creates permanent dependence on the government (making it a form of slavery). It destroys personal incentive. It robs people of the dignity of work.

    • Kemo Sabe

      um, it’s to lock in( and increase) the Gruberite votes.
      The cost of everything have been going up. The cost of buying votes is not immune from rising prices. A communist ( or communists)have to do what a communist ( or communists)have to do to stay in power.
      When all of OPM runs out (nation-wide) then the velvet gloves will come off the iron fists that hides underneath them.
      And the Nikes will be changed for the jackboots . Then it will be Lift Dat Bale and Tote Dat Barge. Or you ain’t gonna eat.
      You will (MUST)work where we tell you to.

  • Born Free

    This idea will work GREAT!!! Until you run out of other people’s money to give away. Then, just blame the whole mess on Trump and the state dumbocrats will campaign a fix to get re-elected….see? It works beautifully.

  • Gangnam Style

    Ok so one more trip a month to Costco or the neighborhood meth house…BFD!

    Seriously, how does this genius mayor think Stockton went bankrupt in the first place? Chasing out those with capital who can pay taxes, that’s how. Who’s gonna move there now knowing your tax money is mostly to spread the wealth instead of for basic community services? What a moron!

  • logansfun

    Stockton California is both a sanctuary city and a city that wants to give away free money. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Mark Burns


  • ata777

    “Tubbs is coordinating an effort to test a new way to sustain residents: universal basic income, or UBI. For one year, several dozen Stockton families will get $500 a month, no strings attached.”

    That’s not a test. Get back to us when you try it with several thousand families, and the stampede out of the city of those forced to underwrite this socialist b.s. begins in earnest.

  • YeahYouRight

    This is creating a real economic ceiling for these poor people, Mayor McCheese, not a “real economic floor.”. Invest in them by teaching them to fish. Giving them fish caps their potential.

  • OverTheCoastline

    Dumb idea.

    Money has to be earned. Work and effort and time must be turned into money so that the money has value attached to it. Otherwise, it’s just green paper being slid to the next person, like a shell game. Who’s going to pay for this cockamamie scheme? YOU and ME, via our earnings, TAKEN from us by government crooks. WE earned this money by going to WORK every day, then it’s STOLEN from us and GIVEN to somebody else, who is doing NOTHING to earn it.

    Democrats at their creepiest and most desperate, trying to hang on to their power.

  • TheTruth Hurts

    And now you get a clue as to the type of thinking that lead to this City declaring bankruptcy in 2012. Bankrupt ideas lead to bankruptcy.

  • UnknownRider

    If UBI becomes a “right,” and it will in the eyes of its recipients, that imposes a “responsibility” of society to provide. The underlying premise, then, is that we are all part of a collective, that we are less individuals with our own hopes and dreams, but cells in a body to be used to strengthen that body according to a brain that’s smarter than we are. But what’s to become of us when that brain (the leaders) decides we are no longer useful to it? That’s when you are disposed of, just as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and other socialists murdered over 100 million people in the last 100 years.
    UBI is not an idea promoting compassion or hope, but death.

  • Rickintheforest

    This program will NOT end well.

    • Unreal Uknow

      Sure it will. A few dozen families is so small to create only positive results while hiding the devastating effects of doing it enmasse

  • Ralloh

    Stupid fools. They are going to let the government own them. LOL

  • OverTheCoastline

    Won’t work, not a chance.

    Liberalism ruins everything it touches. EVERYTHING.

  • RD Blakeslee

    “Homeless” people, Looky here!

    There’s a bonanza for you in Stockton.

    Don’t waste time! Go there now!

    • UnknownRider

      Maybe this is a San Diego plot to get their city back from the homeless.

      • RD Blakeslee

        Well, maybe so.

        I’ve heard that California is at war with itself – part of it wants to secede.

  • Conservative in CA

    Among the things evaluated will be self esteem. Hmmm….you can’t make it on your own so the government has to give you free stuff. Your self esteem will be soaring! By the way, Stockton is economically depressed so once their benefactors end their participation, what will happen to all the people getting “free” money? Where will the money come from to carry on, or will you simply stop paying and let the chips fall where they may? Liberals play with other people’s lives without much regard for the future. Sad.

  • Unreal Uknow

    What an idiot. A few dozen people? You won’t see any economic effects from such a small sample. The two things that come from giving everyone money is that prices of goods will rise to negate any positive effects, and then taxes have to rise as government struggles to pay for it.

  • Brian washere

    Hey Kalifornia politicians…. Venezuela called and ALL their villages are missing their idiots. GO HOME!

  • John Coffelt

    And where does the money for UBI come from? Unless the UBI is taxed at 100% the government can’t come up with enough money to pay that to every LEGAL citizen, unless it just prints more money and goes deeper into debt. If you give out free money people will quit working and thus erase the tax base.

    • Unreal Uknow

      Thats why their sample is so small. A few dozen people wont show the dangerous effects. They want to show positive results to skew reality.

  • robert97

    Who decides which residents get the $500 per month?

    • UnknownRider

      The damning question to collectivists is, who decides?

  • Ladygrey

    $500 is crumbs in the words of Nancy Pelosi. How really will that ever be enough for some people. Sounds like a bad idea.

    • Kemo Sabe

      Del u sio nal Nan said 1K is crumbs. This is half a crumb.
      Watch her tell her Komrade there in Stockton that $500. is no enough and he’s is being too stingy W/ OPM.
      She will say to him “Shucks Mike, double that or triple that, after-all, it’s not your money”.


    Why not? Robots all get paid equally so why not these humanbots from California. There is no hope left for this liberal lala land.

  • Trumpagator

    This should be fun to watch.

  • Drock

    Never get between a liberal and a stupid idea

  • unoga

    Creeping…no…galloping SOCIALISM!! They don’t call it Kalifornia for no reason!

  • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

    Two old sayings come to mind. 1) The road to heII is paved with good intentions and 2) whom the gods would destroy they first make mad…

  • Dindoo Nuffin

    Congrats, you’ve gone from being useful idiots to useless idiots. Here’s your monthly stipend to produce more feces, apparently the only skill set you have mastered.

  • Fed Up

    Socialism and welfare together in the “not so great state” of CA. Perhaps they should look at the way Trump is handling the finances to see what REALLY works but then Democrats want to have something to hold over these people’s heads to force them to vote Dem so I guess not.

  • Liz

    Time for a discrimination lawsuit. You have are not giving to all residents of Stockton or none.

  • BC Maxx

    It won’t take long for Stockton to become one big sh!thole. Every deadbeat loser will flock to the city looking for the free money. What a dumbass mayor.

    • UnknownRider

      Oh they passed that road sign long ago.

      • Consultofactus

        Yes, thank you, I was about to offer the same retort.

  • Don

    Call it what it is – the city is experimenting with giving its citizens an allowance. Thanks mom and dad!

  • Brian washere

    You’d like to blame the politicians but this is the fault of the Kalifornia voter. Can we hurry up and get the “big one” we keep hearing so much about?

  • Consultofactus

    500 dollah?! Sheet Holmes! Jes how de hell ams I spose to buy dat case fo my iPhone 8 and my weed fo 500 dollah??!!!

  • Tim

    Idiots. Giving money is not production. Corporation, jobs, small business actually create wealth through production.

  • hiram floss

    I foresee an uptick in Air Jordan and 24 inch rim sales….

  • Kemo Sabe

    Stockton Gruberites at saying to themselves. “Shucks, we never knew Christmas comes more than once a year”
    Our EBT cards will have a $500. increase deposited to them each month.
    Stockton business owners are saying to themselves. “Now lets see how much of an increase in prices we must put on our products for this “bonanza” as Komrade Mike will surely raise taxes.

  • My other car is a broom

    From what I read Stockton is a crime infested craphole. It’s a product of liberal policies and nascent socialism. It’s an example of what eventually happens to all communities that are run by Democrats (there are others like Detroit and Baltimore). More are coming and they keep voting (D) because they are too dumb to realize that the Dems want only their votes and not the betterment of their quality of life.

    • Consultofactus

      Sir – your claim that Stockton is a craphole is an insult to crapholes everywhere!

  • Regulas

    The Demo☭Rat Party/Unions are almost the same as the Nazi Party except instead of murdering Millions of Jews the Democrats support the continued Genocide/Murder of Millions of Unborn (Babies) Americans.
    Fact: The Nazi party were Socialists and liberal environmentalists too.
    The National Socialistiche Duetsche Arbeiter Partei (A.K.A The National Socialist German Workers Party), referred to as the Nazi Party had several key party platforms:
    Universal Education (Al Gore and his free college for everyone)
    Guaranteed Employment. We have leftist CEOs and Demo☭Rats now saying give free money out
    Welfare for the Elderly (Social Security)
    Nationalization of Industry (the GM shenanigans under Obama was just the start)
    Nationalized Health Care (Obamacare) was the first step
    Abolition of market-based lending (Occupy Wall Street Protests)

  • Seriously

    So if I move there, I get free money? Bankruptcy scam! How do they go from having no money to affording people’s basic cost of living in 5-6 years with no real changes in their economy? Won’t that just bankrupt them again? BTW. 90 miles away isn’t the ‘bay area’. Stockton is in the Central Valley tools.

  • Dan

    Sure, people being treated like cattle. Come on over to the trough and get your free government handout. No strings attached my arse. There will be no strings attached first. But slowly there will be rules added. You want to be a slave? Go to Stockton CA.

  • Consultofactus

    I’m sure Stockton’s reputation for having hard-working and a skilled labor pool along with a pro-business government will see 21st leaders in science and industry flocking to expand to Stockton. What? Stockton, California? Hell no! I thought this was an article about Stockton, WISCONSIN!!!

  • Michael J. Friedman

    $500 for more weed and all their troubles will be gone.

  • Dave LaSorte

    They don’t need universal basic income; they simply need to stop electing Democrats, and they need to eliminate unions of public “workers.”

  • Buster

    so instead of paying people to do nothing, how about stop stealing from the ones who are actually working , by taking oppressive tax amounts?

  • libertyanyday

    UBI suffers the same issues of min wage to 15 bucks. The proponents of min wage hikes KNOW that over time this will increase unemployment, raise consumer prices…………..their answer is to phase in the wage hike s l o w l y , 1) to hide the economic destruction and to hide the displaced workers slowly so that society forgets why this happened. UBI just raises the starting point for all goods and services……..if you dis agree, then make UBI 50,000 dollars a month…………since it wont adversely affect the economy and markets.!!!!! It is a LIE, the real problem is that as long as we have cheap energy, we only need about 1 billion people on the planet………….time for ww3.

  • Mick Savage

    I’m spreading the word among local bums here in Illinois. Hope they move to Stockton.

  • ratintheswamp

    Socialism … they are giving money away that they took from fellow taxpayers … The government doesn’t make or produce anything to generate money. Califiorna is turning into a SHITHOLE ….

    • Regulas

      To late it already is a shithole too bad its such a nice piece piece of real-estate to have the left ruin it.

  • Vlad Untruksur

    “I think Stockton is absolutely ground zero for a lot of the issues we are facing as a nation,” Tubbs said.

    Except that most other cities that are NOT lead by the Democrat elite are doing just fine? It would make more sense to not tax someone for a year than to give them money in this manner, but we all know how well that would go over with Gov. Moonbeam.

  • Patrick Burton

    I predict Stockton attracts every homeless person in the Nation and then is unable to afford to pay the universal income after being inundated with folks who would rather take a hand out than work to earn their keep.

  • JimmyH

    Oh yeah, THAT’S a great idea! A place that has no money, is going to fund a welfare plan that generates… wait for it…. NO money! UBI has some economic merit as a concept, but it’s going to take CONSERVATIVES to design & implement it when the time comes. As a Social Justice plan it’s gonna die the moment the funding does.

  • Consultofactus

    Hey! LBJ’s “Great Society” was sure a success! Ri g h t????

    • Regulas

      love the sarcasm I agree LBJ was a socialist piece of scum

  • steve miller

    socialism is not the answer. where do these wacky people come from?

    • Ho Jo



    $500? Crumbs. Why not $5000?

    • Dustoff


  • Jjj1965

    Liberal failure. Over 20% of the mexifornia population is living below the poverty level.

    • Peter Okeefe


      • Ho Jo


  • Ho Jo

    Didn’t Stockton declare bankruptcy a few years ago?

  • Dustoff

    Like Calif isn’t broke enough already? Jezz look at your state retirement nightmare.

  • Peter Okeefe

    invest in the people?? will they be picking cotton?? what is the investment return? communism 101…where is the magic tree they pick it out of?

  • Dmw23

    Call it “Stockton-grad”

  • James Madison

    The next shoe to drop, a few years away, is D’s demanding the Federals bail out every liberal disaster city. Chicago (if not the entire state), Baltimore, Detroit, Stockton, Harrisburg, PA, etc.will attempt to be the recipients of a national, taxpayer funded bailout. Will never happen with a Trump in office, but the minute another Dem takes the reigns…..

  • AirFrank

    What more proof does one need that liberalism is a mental disorder. Communism has never worked and can never work. By transferring wealth from the workers to the non-workers you simple employ tricklee up poverty.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    You’re GD right you’re at ground zero you moron, because if you do implement that idiocy of a universal basic wage for everyone you’re city will explode. Just where in the “H” do you think you’re going to get the money to do this? Higher taxes? So, you expect your hard working citizens to fork over even more of their hard earned cash to support your very large illegal population in a diminishing employment base.

    Fire that idiot, impeach him, or just string him up to the nearest snag. These Communistic Socialist bstrds need to be run out of town on a rail, as the old saying goes. I believe this has to go through a referendum process, and if so we advise everyone to vote no on any new Tax scam.

  • Ho Jo

    Isn’t welfare a guaranteed income, will this 500 replace the ebt, section 8, free healthcare? if so then do it.

  • Ronaldus_Maximus

    Lost me at “wage stagnation”. Pay attention, NPR boy, wages are up. If the first sentence of an article is a lie, you’ve lost all credibility.

    • Pointing&Laughing

      Shhh. Don’t interrupt your enemy while he’s committing suicide.

  • Alan n

    Now we can stop sending our homeless to Miami. Stockton has them covered.

  • Bill Thrower

    drug, liquor, hookers and guns and KFC.

    same thing they used to trade food stamps for.

    • Dmw23

      Sign me up! I’m sure the s-hole is sanctuary city, too.

  • Pointing&Laughing

    Self esteem? You’re kidding, right? You wanted a socialist craphole, you got one. Has nothing at all to do with the rest of the nation.

  • sandrala

    So, Stockton has already gone broke and they want to give away even more money? Yikes!

    • Dmw23

      Exactly. Sounds like the local politicos need “common core” math to figure out that the model is not sustainable.

  • Deplorable Steve Duncan

    A couple of predictions, if I may…
    1) Like section-8 housing, the environment in which this occurs will gradually decline
    2) Like Jamestown, when people didn’t have to work to eat, it will rapidly be determined by the clear-thinking, that necessary things are simply not getting done. That some will lounge while others work, simply because they don’t feel like working.
    3) Groups like the ‘Economic Security Project’ will dry up in short order and those who seem to think that money grows on trees will begin to wonder just where the money has gone.

  • Lee Norris

    They don’t need to do the experiment. It’s been done for years in the UK where they call it the Dole or “being on benefits.
    Until recently you could get quite a bit and not worry about working. The government had to introduce cuts in 2015 but there is still no limit to how long you can stay “on benefits.”
    Summary: People get fat, people get lazy and they make sure they don’t work enough hours to cause the benefits to stop.
    It kills initiative and self-esteem.

  • Charlie

    The homeless population will explode.

    • Ho Jo

      500 bucks a month for being homeless is pretty good, won’t have to beg.

  • Hoofhearted

    Let me guess. The Mayor of Stockton is an “African”?

    • Ho Jo

      Yes he is, He is not African, I prefer to call him an American and Black.

  • Ho Jo

    What are the stipulations? Have a full time job and receiving no other guberment benefits?

  • mauloa

    Stockton California is a perfect example of why Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore are failing. Add States bordering on bankruptcy – Illinois, Connecticut, California. It like in the elected Liberal Democrat party – who come up with these insane features. Where is Stockton going to get the money? They already admit poor conditions. California cannot secede fast enough for the rest of us. And no – Stockton is not “too big to fail”.

  • Independent Observer

    Note the irony of those in California bemoaning the widening gap between the rich and poor. They don’t have to look very hard to see that the taxes and regulations promulgated by left-leaning politicians have forced thousands of companies to leave the state -along with the middle class jobs they created. So all that is left are the Uber-rich and the poor and illegal immigrants. Duh!

    Underlying UBI and other socialist programs is a diabolical agenda to entrap people into perpetual dependency on the government — and guarantee their votes — forever. Could this be a modern form of enslavement?

  • OverTheCoastline

    Sounds like it’s high time that Stockton jumps on the Trump Train.

  • Greg

    Let me explain it, you cannot help the poor by giving them money, because they are poor for a reason, they will blow the money and remain poor, this is why they are poor.

    • (((Aron)))

      Your understanding of economics and philosophy leaves much to be desired.

  • Sterny

    Glad to see this genius thinks the solution to the problem is more welfare. Welfare, by any other name, will still fail miserably.

  • OverTheCoastline

    (sigh….) America needs more white European men. This country has really gone to the dogs.

    • Brian


      • OverTheCoastline

        Truth denier

        • Brian

          Truth denier

          • OverTheCoastline

            Phony. Go live amongst them in their neighborhoods if you like them so much. And I didn’t say Blacks. I mean any non-white group. Put your money where your big mouth is. Let’s see what you think after six months.

          • Brian

            Saying white is racist

          • OverTheCoastline

            Why, snowflake?

          • Brian


          • OverTheCoastline

            Tell me why, snowflake?

          • Brian

            Tell me why snowflake

          • OverTheCoastline

            Thought so. You can’t even define the term, “racist”. Like all stupid leftists, it’s just a buzzword for you to insult and falsely accuse other people.

          • Brian

            Actually I am a white conservative woman but I do take offense to people making conservatives look bad. Seriously stop it raindrop.

          • Brian

            But yes Stockton needs prayers not welfare. I wouldn’t drive thru it.

          • Brian

            Glad to see you shut up. Please keep it about policy not race. Race really should be dropped, as we are the same really.

          • Brian

            No reply??

          • Brian

            People like you give white people s bad name, all people are important to God, and can be clean law abiding people. Even in CA, yes even in CA

          • OverTheCoastline

            “white people’s”? Thought you said that was a racist term?

          • Brian


          • Brian

            You give conservatives a bad name racist raindrop

        • Brian

          Racist, it’s not race that caused these problems, it’s bad governance. And yes you are a racist

  • Ho Jo

    Didn’t the Chinese buy Stockton when they went bankrupt?

    • OverTheCoastline

      Even the Chinese didn’t want it.

      • Ho Jo


  • liberalism est mentis morbus

    It’ll be boom time for the crack houses and meth dealers…

  • NJ_Joe

    Why don’t they ENFORCE a WEALTH CEILING in Silicon Valley, not income, but a wealth ceiling. Everyone in Silicon Valley will have their “excess” wealth taken away until they meet the Net National Wealth level of all Americans. This can work because if everyone has the same finite wealth to spend in the economy it will lift the wealth of the poor and bring down the cost of good and services in the economy…it will FREEZE inflation. Everyone will have the same amount of wealth to spend on food, housing, clothing, and medical care. It’s the ultimate Control Economy. [sarc]

  • Pauly Bagadonuts

    Bad title for article. Disingenuous description; UBI = Comunist Subsidy. Monitoring how people feel IS NOT the job of ANY government. And having to suggest that a past president liked / encouraged it proves that UBI is a flawed theory because of insecure need to bolster the “need” for it.

    The Perennial LIBERAL / COMMUMIST answer to any problem is to throw money at it. And when the well intentioned plan fails, the reason is because they needed more money.

    But then again, this is Kalifornia we are talking about.

  • Jimmy Changa

    Don’t they understand that government produces nothing. It has no money to give others just for being human. Every dollar that government has was taken from someone else just for being human. But I guess if someone is too stupid and/or lazy to go out and earn money, they are too stupid to understand this. Does Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations need to be turned into a comic book for it to be taught in school?

    • OverTheCoastline

      Maybe if it was a rap song. Hey, that gives me an idea….

  • Brian

    Stockton, really? Living in the northern valley all my life, Stockton was always the one we skipped. Went to the mountains, ocean, Santa Cruz, etc. always skipped Stockton for a reason.

  • John Johnson

    First of all, Stockton is not a Bay Area city. It is a s***hole in the central valley.

    • OverTheCoastline

      And San Francisco is a s***hole in the s***hole Bay Area. What’s your point? If it’s in Commiefornia, it’s all gone to the dogs.

  • jim1965

    LIberalism is truly a mental disorder. Manage the state into total bankruptcy and when it is on the verge of crumbling think, “Hey, maybe we haven’t been extreme enough! Let’s emulate the catastrophe in failed Venezuela!”

    • Atlas Shrugged

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results – liberals have been throwing money at the poor for half a century now and only made things worse, yet they keep saying “if only we throw a bit more money at them it will make things better.”

      I worked half a decade in PA’s welfare system and I can tell you that 95% of my caseload involved people who were poor entirely due to their own actions and inactions – all the handouts in the world would never result in that 95% bettering themselves.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    They’re going to track what these families do with the $500 a month but otherwise allow it to be spent as the families want to spend it.

    Based off of what the Katrina ‘victims’ were doing with their money I can tell you were the bulk of this money will go – bars, liquor stores, strip clubs, expensive restaurants, electronics, jewlery and expensive clothing/hair/nail places.

    Liberals being liberals, the city will, of course, hide the results.

    • OverTheCoastline

      And the lamestream media (hat tip Sarah Palin) will cheerfully report it as a smashing success!

  • Derek Save

    This is being done throughout America – IT”S CALLED WELFARE!

    • OverTheCoastline

      And it’s not working. ANYWHERE.

  • Spay’N’Neuter Your’Liberals

    500$ is not alot of money especially in cali.
    However if you are already retired, or semi retired it is substantial.
    If you are struggling to feed your family, additional money is great but a larger % of it will be for food.
    Most grocery stores are apart of larger chains, so that 500 you spent there for food very little of it will return to the immediate community, ergo it will have zero impact on the over all economy.
    This smells awfully more like what 3rd world communist sh!7holes do when the people have been starved and are about to revolt, they do this to satiate the masses so they stop their revolt, and use it to re-establish faith in the dictator.

  • Tom Constantanople

    Nice try Mayor but it won’t work. When you are watching how people spend money they will spend differently. Give it to them and check back in a year to see if their plight has improved. If their debt remains the same or worse it hasn’t worked. Canada has been doing the same thing for decades. People with children get a monthly check. Now its gotten out of hand and they want to quit because it hasn’t improved anyone’s life. Pathetic.

  • miwingman3

    UBI is just the evolution of the failed Great Society War on Poverty. The Obama Stimulus failed, liberals said it wasn’t big enough. The War on Poverty has failed, we need to give people “free” money.

    Everyone would be better off if the leftist just leaved them alone.

  • BeFrank

    Just require all employed Democrats in Stockton to adopt and care for a marginalized, broke, can’t work, kinda homeless type person. If two Democrats are employed under one roof, well congratulations, you get two homeless types. The only problem is that it may be impossible to find enough Democrats that actually work for a living.

  • Zyzyzx Zyzer

    Fahrenheit 451 was about burning books the Internet is burning these books by changing them. When you can’t learn from history you have idiocy.

  • golfinjesse

    Isn’t this the same as welfare that we already have?

  • ShowMeMetropolis

    Yet all of you have no problem giving it away to other rich people who do nothing with it except pocket it. You applaud that.

    • John Johnson

      Who gives rich people money? Not the government. All rich people keep their money in a mattress at home. They do not invest it or start companies or create jobs. (sarc)

      • ShowMeMetropolis

        Wow… Did you actually just say that? Where have you been the past few months?

    • Earl Hoffman

      Yes, they pocket it in their businesses, and in investments. They pocket it in their houses (that other people build/furnish/maintain), their cars, their lavish vacations. They pocket it in so many other pockets that provide products and services for them, it’s shocking.

  • Leprechaun

    Stockton, you’re doing it all wrong …. $500 per month, that is chump-change!!
    Forget Universal Basic Income. With UBI, you are still going to have income inequality, so you cannot have that. Instead, go to Universal Maximum Income and pay everyone the exact same wage, regardless of age, education, and experience. That way, no one has more and no one has less.
    After all, in the mayor’s words, it’s our best bet to “invest in our own people.”

  • ShowMeMetropolis

    The best way to stump a trumpTARD is to tell them the truth with facts, logic and reason.

    • What is the truth about this? Can you elaborate ?

      • John Johnson

        He only knows talking points. Has zero facts.

    • Earl Hoffman

      Even if we were to conjecture that what you say is true (it isn’t), it would still obviously preclude your ability to accomplish same.

    • OverTheCoastline

      I got tired of waiting for facts, logic and reason from leftists. Perhaps you can enlighten us. Then again, expecting that from you is the definition of insanity.

  • What is the mayor hoping the result will be ? I don’t see the point.

  • Joltin Joe

    $500 a month, what are you going to do with that, live in a tent?

    • kramartini

      Get high or drunk…

  • hanginout

    Hasn’t SF been paying the homeless several hundred dollars per month? It’s done wonders…

  • David Battle

    Democrat economics at it’s finest. Tax corporations into laying off workers, then put those unemployed workers on the Democrat dole. As Nancy Pelosi would say, “Crumbs.”

  • Fred Doe

    Have they considered the coming riots when other people’s money runs out and this farce must come to an end? Or the massive influx of new residents that they will shortly have? Who in heaven’s name elected these buffoons?

    • OverTheCoastline

      The remaining buffoon residents who don’t want to work and want free money. It’s happening everywhere in America. Get out and vote. Our vote has never been more important.

  • alfrhed

    what a monumental waste of money.

    • OverTheCoastline

      Let’s call it what it is: out-and-out THEFT.

  • Earl Hoffman

    Stockton went bankrupt in 2012, now has the whiz-bang idea of a UBI for all its residents? It will go bankrupt again VERY QUICKLY, but the upside is that it will have an explosive increase in “residents” picking up their UBI checks…

  • Charles

    going to give low income people 500? and you dont know where its going to go? DUH… either utilities drugs or booze….. how can people be so stupid? these people are poor for a reason. they will stay poor from bad choices.

    • OverTheCoastline

      Government still trying to equalize everyone’s outcome. Such folly.

  • LOZ3R

    yes, Start off your Experimental Universal income with donations… i feel they should not accept donations and show it works through proof of work… donations aren’t going to be a real world solution for a universal income….dumb in my opinion…

    • LOZ3R

      whole concept is dumb…. WHY?!… just why…

  • Oscar S

    its only going to make matters worse…get over it….one needs to ask him/herself “what happens when you run out of the other guys money”. No wonder there is a proposal to form a New California

    • Brian

      Wha? California think of this? The northerners (like me) want to be separated from the southerners including San Fran, but it won’t happen, ever. We don’t like them and can’t vote (they have it all rigged).

      • Oscar S

        Sorry to hear this Brian. I visited northern California a few years ago. Beautiful country. Nice people. Sad to see what is happening and one has to ask how much more before the entire State collapses. Stay strong. I hear a lot of people are leaving. I am glad to hear that but I hope they learned their lesson and leave their socialistic politics behind. We don’t need for this “cancer” to spread. Best of luck..never quit..stay strong..

        • Brian

          Thanks oscar

          • Oscar S

            you are welcome..as a side note leaving is not the end of the world. ….my wife and I lived our entire lives in RI. A solid “blue” state. High taxes, poor economy…we moved to Georgia about 3 yrs ago. Both retired. Built a small home on 4 acres of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Nice here..no winters to speak of, extremely low taxes..people are nice. Not perfect but better than RI…a state rated as one of the worse to live in…best of luck

          • Brian

            Ha that’s funny because we were just talking about Georgia as our next move!!

          • Oscar S

            we live in northern Georgia…just to give you an idea…no state income tax on you Social Security, 401K, other government pensions…when you are over 65 yrs of age. Under 65 yrs of age I believe the State taxes anything over $37K (not sure). In our county (Gilmer) there is a Homestead Exemption….if the home owner is over age 65 and the home is a primary residence the school portion of the real estate tax is eliminated….only 1 other county besides Gilmer has this…I pay less than $1,200 per yr in real estate tax…I do live in a private community and pay a HOA fee of $900 per yr. Once again, I do miss home and family…we travel to visit, nothing is perfect…but it suits us fine.

  • evilsandmich

    “The idea isn’t new”, that’s putting it mildly.

    • kramartini

      And Nixon didn’t invent it…

      • OverTheCoastline

        And Milton Friedman didn’t advocate it, as some leftist loon was claiming earlier in this thread.

  • OverTheCoastline

    Stockton should be arrested for the obstruction of truth, justice and the American way.

  • Fred Doe

    This is the same city that paid Neil Diamond millions to have a concert in its new stadium and then never thought to advertise the fact so people could buy tickets! They lost it all with an empty stadium. I lived there. It’s a fact. After my home was broken into and the thieves used my credit cards to pay their bills, I knew we had them cold for prosecution since we had their address and names. The police told me they didn’t have the manpower to follow up and that the credit card companies would take the loss. I moved to Arizona the next month.

  • LewisAz

    Taxing less from a company that already pays in taxes is not welfare. Welfare is giving money taken from one wage earner and giving to someone who didn’t earn it. That’s welfare.

    Reducing the tax burden on a company so that its profitable is just simply that, reducing the tax “load”. And its time to count the tax loss of a company full of wage earners who lose their jobs when you tax the company into oblivion.

    Want to do the right thing? Encourage businesses to thrive and thereby your community to prosper by analyzing your tax income and adjusting your spending to live within your means. What a novel idea.

  • HumbleGardener

    For a city with an agriculture-based economy, you would think that it would better understand the consequences of eating your seed corn. There is no need for any hoopla over grand experiments in basic income. The data is already available because it has been tried. The name of that ground-breaking experiment is “welfare.”

  • stealthdan

    This is just a cover trick to take credit for an improved economic situation for middle class thanks to the real catalysts, President Trump’s tax reform. Wait and see.

    • OverTheCoastline

      Even Trump’s tax reform won’t work in Stockton. You actually have to HAVE businesses for them to receive a tax cut. Stockton has nothing. Nothing but homeless, illegal aliens, refugees, the unemployed, the indigent, Democrat politicians…. How do you base a society on THAT?

  • Miguel Stevenson

    Stockton isn’t in the Bay Area it’s in the Central Valley. This shell game will not work, “giving away” money to those who don’t work or earn it is doomed to fail. Ask Venezuela how they are doing these days.

    • Wills510

      Just don’t ask for a straw at a restaurant…that will get you in big trouble.

  • Wills510

    Sometimes you just have to stop and wonder about the states that have been under democrat control for years. Here is a city in a state that is on the verge of bankruptcy due to draconian taxes and laws. Gov. Moonbeam almost destroyed the state during his first term…now he’s almost accomplished it. The outflow of working class people is at an all time high. There are “tent cities” of homeless people throughout the state. However, during all this, a law maker presents a bill to their legislators to fine any waiter or waitress $1,000 if they give a customer a plastic straw. Now you just can’t make this stuff up. Put another fence on the border of California cutting it off from the other states.

  • lucky gmail

    $500 a month, huh? Why is THAT the “magic number”? Why not $1000 or $2000?

    • OverTheCoastline

      And why only certain people, and not everyone? This whole thing just STINKS of government utopia stupidity.

  • DisgustedwithElitism

    $500 a month in California? Talk about a foolish, pointless waste of scarce taxpayer dollars!

    Rent for a 1-BR apartment in Stockton is ~$1,000/month. The city will pay half of that – then there are utilities, food, and the rest.

    The city will either be a) subsidizing below-market-wage-paying employers (criminals) or b) subsidizing criminals (who cannot earn a basic living).

  • Mark Landsbaum

    In Northern California $500 a month ought to cover the rent for a closet for about 3 days. But what the heck, it’s not their money.

    • Wills510

      As Nancy (Our Lady of Perpetual Stupidity) Pelosi would say…that’s crumbs.

    • tk

      It would go to the drug dealers!!!

    • Fred Doe

      It will pay for a few days crack. I unfortunately lived there for a couple of years and know the town well.

  • DisgustedwithElitism

    Save taxpayer dollars! Close the national zoo in Washington, D.C., and put a fence around California.

  • tk

    So they found some oginazation to donate 1 million who is going to donate the next BILLION to keep it going. HMMMMMMMMM. I know the hard working taxpayer,it’s called welfare.

  • See the Obvious

    What an idiot ! So what’s really happening is that the destitute in Stockton will now have money to buy booze and drugs. There is a bright side. While Dems keep you poor, dependent and stupid at least now you’ll be able to be inebriated.

    • tk

      They have to support the new “pot” industry so they can keep the public stupid and get the money
      back in taxes.

  • MichMike

    The standard of living of those deemed in poverty today is MUCH higher than that of most baby boomers while they were growing up.
    I wonder why most baby boomers did not end up criminals as we are told that is caused by poverty?
    Today’s poverty should be measured ONLY in the local crime rate, the TRUE poverty.

  • OverTheCoastline

    Another doomed and wasteful government utopia program.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. It ruins everything it touches. EVERYTHING.

    • Brian

      You are right dude. I respect your position, where are you at though? Sounds like far from Stockton, probably far from CA!! I refused to even go to a game there, it’s that bad. Growing up northern valley CA, you learn not to go to Stockton or some of the others. Pray for northern CA, we have NO voice. It is drowned out by San Fran and LA. We need to be separated, because northern CA does not agree and is not represented.

  • Stroman

    All it will do is bring in more people with there hands out it does not help people it makes people Lazy and puts the burden on the working.

  • Federalist

    I predict it will not harm the self-esteem of the recipients.

    • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

      After a couple of months they’ll be saying, “Only $500????”

  • Demloather

    Look for the population of Stockton to explode.

  • Ben Krewer

    The rest of the country will soon not be able to afford California any more.

    • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

      Can’t afford ’em now.

  • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

    A couple of dozen getting $500 a month? Are these names going to drawn blindly from a hat, or will they be vetted to get the results the city wants? Will the participants have to actually verify how they spent the money, or will they just have to give the right answer, kind of like the hamster pushing the lever to get the pellet?
    “Uhhh, yessir, Mr. Mayor. I used that $500 buying nutritious food for my family,” says the Ghetto Rat with 3 Baby Mommas and an appetite for top-shelf liquor.

  • tk

    Stockton how about lowering your taxes and create new businesses and give these people good JOBS!

    • Bill Jefferson

      But then what, or who, would the democRat government parasites have to CONTROL?

  • Rick Shonsite

    Tens of millions of dead people over the last century would tell you what a bad idea this is.
    Government with its hands off the economy is the right approach.

    • hiram floss

      hey now, those millions of dead people are a dependable voting base for the demorats!….

      • Rick Shonsite

        …Along with the felons and illegal immigrants.
        We all know this is true. Why are we tolerating it?

  • Lyle Petersen

    So they plan to go bankrupt twice? Where do they plan to get all the money to pay people not to work?

  • Linda

    Get a Republican Governor. Travis Allen.

  • Nosmo King

    Great way to subsidize Drug Use

  • Bill Jefferson

    That ought to stimulate the local cheap-wine economy.
    Nice going, democRats – encourage lazy parasitism.
    Maybe they’ll even get government ‘jobs’ and permanently kick back doing nothing.

  • Goldenpuff2

    First of all, Stockton is NOT in the ‘Bay Area’ at all – It is out in the San Joaquin Valley, separated by a mountain range. It’s by Lodi for crying out loud. And Galt. You know what Galt is? A weird little dip in the road. It also is no where near the ‘wealth’ of San Francisco and certainly not Silicon Valley and never has been – what it is is a farming community turned bedroom for some places. No wonder it can’t support itself. I don’t know what people were thinking when they started building tract houses there….it’s a million mile commute to anywhere.

  • Ponyexpress

    Signs in State parks prohibit the feeding of animals as it removes their incentive to fend for themselves and dependent on humans for food.

  • Nosmo King

    Welfare and the Great Society: FAILURE
    Abortion: FAILURE
    Women’s lib: FAILURE
    Sex Education: FAILURE
    Department of Education (as a Cabinet position): FAILURE
    Affirmative Action: FAILURE
    Minimum Wage: FAILURE
    Environmentalism: FAILURE
    Sub Prime Mortgages: FAILURE
    Smoking Bans: FAILURE ( but they ARE ok with nd hand pot fumes)
    Motor-voter: FAILURE
    Punitive Corporate taxes: FAILURE
    Unions: FAILURE
    Gun control: FAILURE
    United Nations: FAILURE
    Title IX: FAILURE
    Income Redistribution: FAILURE.
    Political Correctness: FAILURE

  • Fred Doe

    How many others in California are sick and tired of this mental illness known as LIBERALISM and ready for a revolution?

  • Lewis23

    Can’t wait to see the results. I’m sure it won’t be successful. It will attract the most dependent and business will leave

  • Nosmo King

    Democrats, When I was growing up, being on Food Stamps was an embarrassment. They’ve been replaced with a slick little card that fits nicely in your pocket with your Obamaphone.

    How does a country that is 20 trillion dollars in debt give out Billions of dollars in Foreign Aid to other countries??

    Ruger is coming out with a new pistol in honor of Obama. It will be called “The Union Worker”. You cant fire it.

    Democrats, What is your “fair share” of what someone else has worked for??

  • Wet Possum

    This is buying votes. No need to track where the money will go. Everyone knows already.

  • Nosmo King

    Democrats feel it’s okay to allow 20 million ILLEGAL Aliens to stay and take jobs in this country, while 75 million Americans are UNEMPLOYED
    Democrats feel it’s okay to put the American public at risk by allowing travel to and from a region that has been infested with a virus that has a 70% mortality rate all for the sake of maintaining their open borders policy.
    Democrats feel it’s okay to have children travel unattended for thousands of miles across dangerous Mexican deserts in order to advance a political agenda that hurts the American worker.
    Democrats feel Vets dying while waiting for healthcare is an acceptable sacrifice on their altar to socialized medicine.
    Democrats feel dead diplomatic staff and SEALs in Benghazi are an acceptable cost for Obama’s re-election, to hide his Incompetence.
    Democrats feel between 6 and 14 dead soldiers and freeing 5 islamo-fascist savages is an acceptable cost for bringing home an America-hating traitor/deserter
    Democrats feel it’s okay to use the IRS to attack political opposition and then destroy evidence when caught in the act.
    Democrats feel that a 62.8% labor participation rate with 95,120,000 unemployed Americans is yet another “Summer of Recovery”
    Democrats feel that a 23% reduction in wages since Obama took office is economic boom, and paying women in the 0bama White House 77%of what they pay men is “Equal Pay”
    Liberalism is the cancer killing America.

  • Mike Dennis

    Ah, “several dozen” families will receive the handout. Not quite “universal”. We all know what would happen if they handed out free money to every person in Stockton.

  • Black Labs Matter

    California will be the first state looking to be bailed out of their idiocy by the US taxpayer. When you build that wall, put California on the other side of it.

  • will

    Nice try using Nixon as the model for this. But it has Marxist Democrat written all over it.

  • Andy Maxwell

    When I studied economics one of the facts that it pointed out is that when you have more money chasing the same goods, the price of those goods goes up. Then again, I bet none of these folks took, much less understand economics.

  • Nosmo King

    Q: How many Democrats does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Just one, but it really gets screwed.
    Q: What happens when you cross a pig with a Democrat? A: Nothing. There are some things a pig won’t do.
    Q: What’s the difference between a Democrat and a trampoline? A: You take off your shoes before you jump on a trampoline.
    Q: What do you get when you offer a Liberal a penny for his thoughts? A: Change.
    Q: Why can’t John Kerry tell a joke? A: Because all the botox keeps him from smiling!
    Q: What’s the difference between a Democrat and a prostitute? A: The prostitute gives value for the money she takes.
    Q: What do Democrats and porn stars have in common? A: They are experts in switching positions in front of a camera.
    Q: What’s the difference between a dead skunk in the road and a dead Democrat in the road? A: Vultures will eat the skunk.
    Q: How do you confuse a Liberal? A: You don’t. They’re born that way.

    . Q: What’s the difference between a Democrat and a catfish? A: One is an ugly, scum sucking bottom-feeder and the other is a fish.
    Q: What do you get when you cross a bad politician with a lawyer? A: Chelsea.
    Q: In what way are Democrats more generous than Republicans? A: Unlike Republicans, Democrats are not only generous with their own money, but also with other people’s money. . Q: What do you call a basement full of Liberals? A: A whine cellar.
    Q: When do Democrats like the idea of a flat tax? A: After it reaches 95%

  • outrider777

    Again and again. Governments tout “investing in people” but it invariably means giving away a lot of free stuff and food. The recipients instantly become dependent on the government’s largesse, and howl when it is threatened. News stories filled with dirty, starving children and hopeless single mothers accompany every call to cut back on the giveaways. When will we learn.

    • Black Labs Matter

      “Investing” in losers by robbing winners.

      Exploitation of the ignorant is what leftists DO.

  • djs1138

    Sounds like “crumbs” to me…

  • FiftycalTX

    Do you have to live there or can I just sign up on the internet? They can just do a direct deposit to my account. That would be kewl. thanks.

  • DearLeaderMaobama

    So what happens after they smoke $500 worth of crack on day one and are broke for the rest of the month?

    • Black Labs Matter


  • Brian washere

    Hey Kalifornia politicians…. Venezuela called and ALL their villages are missing their idiots. GO HOME!

  • Standard Salvage

    UBI, taking money from one person to redistribute to others, unearned, will lead to Civil War. We used to call this slavery.

  • Joe Wong

    Several families getting $500/month no strings attached might be the basis for a permanent policy change? So all these families should get together and agree to use the $$ as the Mayor intended so he can claim success and expand it to everybody.

    • It’sMe

      That is the plan, and they are using this very small sample as the model,—because a small sample will not break the bank.

  • nolie

    One “inconvenient truth” that always pops up with these great ideas. Where is the money going to come from? Do you just pick it up off the ground with the moonbeams and fairy dust? Also, free money will attract free loaders. What are you going to do with the surge of homeless folks moving into Stockton for the free money?

    People seem to really enjoy watching a train wreck, so this story will get some continuing attention.

  • Paladin jones

    Welfare gone rampant. Not a useful experiment if EVERYONE does not get $500. This will lead to inflation.

    • It’sMe

      It will lead to more dependency and less production, if these marxist principles are followed more.

  • ObamaisaSCUMBAG

    The socialist dream never dies. Nothing better than removing eligibility requirements that are the standard for social welfare programs to draw even more people. The tone of the article is “don’t call it welfare. Big Corporations are giving money way.”
    THis UBI will, at some point, have a “Given to you by the Democrat Part of Stockton” stamped right on the check.

  • It’sMe

    Of course if several dozen families are given, or earn more money, will be in a better economical position. The difference between “given” and “earned” is “earning it” does not steel from anybody else. The reason why they are experimenting on such a small scale is because they can show the families doing better, and there are still enough money to steal for them to do better. Just more redistribution, that can not work on a large scale, unless mass poverty is the objective.

  • All that jazz remastered!

    Five hundred bucks a month.. 7 Eleven will be enriched, and all the pot heads and riffraff in Stockton will be joined by hordes of illegals, and others, who will leech the weak pulse of life out of it. Stockton is over built, with luxurious housing developments, which are too far away for commuting, and there is too much crime for families, its just unappealing. Stockton was once a great farming community, but now the small farms have been put out of business by big agribusiness, and there is no local economy .. drugs and meth labs, a very poor citizenry, and politicians who think leadership is spoon feeding the huddled masses with this thin gruel of $500 a month.. the elected moonbat, geniuses now want to ‘give’ money away in the hopes of making Stockton more desireable, affordable, and prosperous? Recipe for failure. You cannot make these things up. Communism is bread and water for everyone.

  • When welfare isn’t enough to cover Directv and Domino’s Pizza delivery.

  • In4mayshun

    Obviously this ridiculous venture will fail miserably but not before getting this idiot Mayor re-elected because as we all know- getting elected in Ca is all about pandering to the lowest common denominator, i.e. appealing to the most useless unproductive citizen. I work in Stockton every week- mostly low-lifes, criminals, and immigrants. Kinda funny though- there are some very well off people in the San Joaquin area. It’s like they’ve hollowed out the middle class and now you have nothing but upper middle class and working poor.

  • claytoncramer

    Nixon’s proposal was for a negative income tax and was promptly shamed to death by progressives because it would have shut down the major employer back then for college-educated middle class people: the welfare state. Economist Milton Friedman pointed out that when you ask college-educated middle class people to design a system to help the poor, it gives its primary benefit to college-educated middle class people.

    I am skeptical because most people respond to poverty by looking for better jobs or seeking education and training to get better jobs. IBI destroys those incentives–and isn’t that the real goal here: a permanent underclass that is guaranteed to vote Democrat?

  • TZAZ

    How are they going to study effect when the money is given no strings attached, they will have to intrude on the recipients lives to get info. Pie in the sky leftist. This money is coming from an organization the next time it will be taxes that pay non workers.

  • jon

    Great. Maybe word will spread and some of Seattle’s homeless will move to beautiful downtown Stockton for a better deal. If you feed the pigeons in the park you just get more pigeons

  • StevenNewsom

    There is a real economic floor, it is called poverty.

  • Divine Friend

    What part of Welfare did the Mayor misunderstand?

  • Retired military

    Watch it fail as socialism in the past has failed. Then watch the dems say “IT would succeed if we just throw more of other people’s money at it”

  • Ruckweiler

    These people in California are nuts. Their taxes are driving businesses out of the state in droves and then this?

  • Lowell Parlow

    Notice to all homeless people, move to Stockton CA.

  • Steven Patterson

    The same Stockton who had to declare bankruptcy? I’m completely baffled by this, next the city of Detroit is going to give all of their residents new Corvette’s.

    • lisa a

      Luckily the Corvette is only made in Bowling Green, Kentucky now .

  • philster7656

    The biggest problem I see with this is one the progressives continually ignore: the money is not the important thing; men and women need to work. All of us who do work for a living like to go on vacation, but the only way we can go on vacation is if we have work from which we can leave. If we have no work, we have no purpose in life. Some work is paid. Some work, such as caring for your own children, is not paid. But no matter what, as human beings we need a purpose in life. Work provides that purpose.

    This is doomed to failure even before they run out of other people’s money. And don’t get me started on how easy it is to live in California on $500 a month.

  • Don

    Crumbs…try $50,000 you’ll get better results.


    “Let’s try this again! It’s sure to work this time because WE are trying it. It failed before because THEY tried it but it’s sure to work when WE try it…………”

    The California mind is mired in political effluents and ideology garbage juice.

  • Steven Patterson

    Time to open a liquor store in Stockton…..Ripple sales are about to go through the roof.

  • Bill Powell

    Well at least we now know from the story what kind of ham-fisted liberalism and socialism killed their economy. Liberals… always just a little more of the same ideas that already failed.

  • PresidentTRUMPStyle

    So now prices in Stockton will go UP because money has no real value there!!
    I lived in Stockton when it was decent. Now? What could go wrong subsidizing the ghetto even more. It did not work in the past and more money being thrown at the problem will not fix it. Oh, and Stockton IS NOT A TOURIST DESTINATION!!!

  • john wilson

    This is the basic definition of Communism, just with a cute neutral name. It just doesn’t work folks, but Democrats really believe it does by ignoring facts like Venezuela, USSR, etc. As usual, the Democrats want to decide based on emotion, not on facts. So typical.

  • Ponyexpress
  • Yscracker

    Cheapskates. Bump it to $200,000 and I’m there.

  • Josh

    You called Stockton a Bay Area city and in the next sentence a Central Valley city….. It’s not in the Bay Area.

  • big mama

    Oh yeah…Stockton that filed for bankruptcy and has HUGE 3rd world immigrant population …in other words a joke

  • chicodon

    Why this is in the Communist playbook! Cool! California is a lost cause.

  • GB

    $500 per month in CA? So a pack of smokes, couple of beers, tank of gas. (OK more than that but not much).

    • john wilson

      Smokes, alcohol, drugs and a fancy cell phone. They steal the gas. The kids can starve as they usually do with this type of people.

  • kettlecorn

    The insanity of these liberals and the ignorant sheep who keep voting for them is mind boggling, Venezuela, here we come with our ears pinned back and our hair on fire.

  • Ima Haider

    Can I sue liberalism/Dimocrats for giving me head-shaker’s neck?

  • PA2112

    who keeps voting these lunatics into office?

    • JeffC

      The very same parasite class that wants freebees in exchange for their vote

  • Dnice

    getting something for doing nothing should be the democrats motto ….. disgusting people

    • john wilson

      It kind of is, most chain migration brings in old immigrants that really can’t work long and suck on the free money system eventually that they never contributed to.

  • LiterallyAristotle

    Good luck, psychopaths. With luck, the experiment will show you just how absolutely destined to fail such a program would be. But since you Californians have been sure to elect the most corrupt and insane politicians in the country, I’m sure they’ll ignore the results and jump right to state-wide legislation to ensure their reelections in the short-term. Who cares about the irresolvable debt you would incur doing it? After all, [A] You won’t have to deal with it, and [B] It’s all just a ruse to one day crash the economy and bring about the long-awaited Marxist revolution anyway.

    Then the mass killings will solve all problems.

  • JeffC

    Redistribution at its finest. Just continue to suck more from those that work and give to those whom the “Giverment” feels deserve it. Throw in words like “social justice, income inequality, stimulus”. This is a good example of why people who can, flee and all that’s left are social parasites , rot/decay, and bankrupt cities and states.

  • EmmyP

    [Tubbs is coordinating an effort to test a new way to sustain residents: universal basic income, or UBI. For one year, several dozen Stockton families will get $500 a month, no strings attached.]
    If it’s “several dozen families,” it’s not universal
    If it’s $500/mo in the bay area, it’s not “basic income”

    What, precisely does the city think it’s “testing?”

    • JeffC

      Its a pilot program. Once deemed “successful”…..it will be expanded to include everybody under the banner of “a living wage”. of course, The government will get to decide who is “worthy” and who has to “foot the bill”

      • EmmyP

        if it doesn’t go to everyone, it’s not “universal”

  • lspanker

    If it’s true that we have too many people and not enough jobs which requires some of our people to get paid for not working, how come the same people who propose this nonsense are adamantly opposed to enforcing our immigration laws?

    • pyramid_003

      Because they vote democrat.

  • Kevin Goldman

    Giving people $500 at once is going to have some unintended consequences.

    Offering people $500 is going to attract homeless to the city.

  • Nigel Oswyn

    The infection in CA is running deeper than I thought it might. I can’t believe I sold my home to live with family in CA. I’m going back no matter what it takes.

  • Terry Simpson

    This is just welfare in another name. Bad news for everyone.

  • Watch this!

    De-annex California. Give them their craphole state, and let ’em go.

  • Sally

    Taking money from the most productive hardest workers to redistribute to the lesser people seems so socialist.

  • dabba

    Another stuck-on-stupid leftist. There’s a reason why your city is doing so bad. Working people flee the crime and high taxes, which shrinks your tax base and forces businesses to close. And what’s always the solution from a Democrat? Raise taxes and/or redistribution of wealth. I hate to tell you, Tubbs, but this will only bring you more of the same.

  • pyramid_003

    I can save the city a lot of money by giving them the results of their study right now. Some landlords will raise the rent they charge. Some 7-11’s will see an uptick in sales, primarily in snacks and beer. Pizza deliveries will increase to these households. Unemployment will rise in these families. More calls for the police will involve members of these families, especially in the area of domestic violence. These families and other agitators will claim that $500 of free money is not enough. There is more, but I would have to charge you for the details (that’s how the free market works).

  • JohninRedding

    “they will be monitoring how a basic income affects things like self-esteem and identity.” I suppose their self-esteem might rise for a while. But at some point it will become the status quo and they will realize they have done nothing to deserve this largess. Only honest work or other worthwhile endeavors can bring true positve self-esteem. Liberals DO NOT understand human nature. They think they can rewire us but our basic instincts are wired per our Creator.

  • dan

    Stockton, populated by hoards of poor, low skill, non english speaking, illegals given sanctuary. I wonder why they are broke?

    • pyramid_003

      Run by Democrats for years. The Chicago of the west.

  • JeffC

    Stockton is a Third-World S-hole. Suprise.

  • Younis Mourabi

    $500 a month could buy a vote, but it wont buy self-esteem or happiness.

  • Car Car Jinx

    what a way to chase the taxpayers out of your city……

  • Freeland_Dave

    If you want to see a real shiest hole in CA you have to go to Stockton CA, the county seat of San Joaquin County. $500 per month no strings attached isn’t going to do anything for the city of Stockton except to elevate crime. Not biased at all, I lived not far from Stockton for 30 years and witnessed liberalism and socialism turn the place into a shiest hole. In many cities there are streets and neighborhoods that you simply don’t go to after the sun goes down. With Stockton however there isn’t any street or neighborhood you could go into after dark. Stockton is a virtual Mecca for crime, poverty and those living on government handouts and everyone in the local area knows it.

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    Riiiigghhhttt. Don’t help people re-educate into areas that have jobs, just give them handouts rather than handups. This is going to turn out well. /sarc. Socialism doesn’t work, can’t work, has never worked, will never work. Case in point, Venezuela.

  • Younis Mourabi

    How much crack can you buy with $500? Malt Liqqa? Fried chicken/tacos?


    What could possibly go wrong with a bankrupt city giving money away to people for doing nothing?

  • The Mikado

    I guess they didn’t believe all the other thousands of times someone has tried socialism as a solution. Left unchecked, it usually turns into “the final solution”.

  • roeck

    One thing is a certainty: subsidize unemployment and they’ll be more of it

  • The Mikado

    Why do they need to “to diversify [their] agriculture-based economy”? Oh, perhaps it’s because the morons in sacramento have been AT WAR with california farmers for decades and finally succeeded in conquering the evil water wasters.

  • BrendaK

    That will work, as long as it is a small group of people receiving the entitlement. If everyone gets it then housing, grocery and entertainment costs will rise to absorb that windfall. Just stop with the Socialist solutions. Socialist doctrine in action manages to irritate the holy hell out of anyone still trying to work for a living and manages to make every problem worse.

  • Mystick

    Typical of the left, they completely ignore the other side of the equation – where that money will come from. It certainly won’t come from the businesses that have left the area suffering higher taxes due to this scheme. I suppose it will just magically appear in their coffers.

    Marxist ideologies are not sustainable, they never have been, and they are universally toxic to the people suffering under them.

  • boca_grande

    Pay people not to work and they won’t. Is that $500 per household or person, here comes another hammer attacking the American family and marriage.

  • John27

    Renaming welfare doesn’t make it any different.

  • ObamaIsAGayCokeHead

    LOL.. not only are these damned ‘tards insane, they are entertaining as well.

  • Keith Powell

    And where does that money come from?

  • Jeffrey Angel

    Free money!!! Yeah baby.. Which GOP state is going to cover us??

  • tkdblkblt

    It takes Kalifornians to believe that they can make an economic model that has failed everywhere it has been tried, work. Liberals believe that all money, revenue, income is theirs and can be spent the way they see fit. They are the only ones who refer to allowing others to keep more of what they earn, either individuals or business’ as spending. “How will WE PAY for the tax cut”; It’s corporate welfare”.

  • GladImRetired

    How much weed can I buy for $500?

  • rich mountain rmnc

    California is not a 3rd world country WHY go down that road.maybe the mayor is failing misserabley at his job and needs to duck out on his responsibilty to his city.mayor needes to own up to his failure as a leader and people need to see that .

  • OgieOgelthorpe

    It’s going to be hilarious to watch the homeless stampede to Stockton for their free money.

  • Marc

    And who is going to pay for this? THE PEOPLE WITH A JOB.

    We already pay for welfare, Medicaid and countless programs aimed at kids.

    This is RIDICULOUS.

    • bddd

      It’s very “Kalifornian”…..

  • rtry9a

    A universal income goes completely against human nature- no one is created equal, but all should enjoy equal opportunity. It will lead to mediocrity, laziness, shortages and distribution problems, exactly like it always does in communist countries. I also wonder who will pay for it in the already bankrupt state.

  • WittyNameHere


  • Monsignor Rico Suave XXVII

    First – Why are housing prices going up in such a dilapidated armpit like Stockton? Really – who wants to live there and is willing to pay through the nose to do so? Second – And yet none of this will change the average Californian’s attitude about nanny government that grossly mismanages everything it touches. Third – Sorry Mr. Mayor but Stockton is not indicative of most of the rest of the United States. All over much of the rest of America things cycle better and worse but ultimately are much more reasonably stable in terms of jobs, crime, and housing because much of America does not just vote again and again without exception like blind sheep for one political party that puts the wants and needs of illegals, political correctness ideologues, and public employee unions over those of regular working people.

  • ancientemplar

    WOW, other people’s money …………..poooff.

  • bddd

    Perhaps that city needs to fail? Perhaps the residents should have some pride, self esteem and motivation to move somewhere better managed, that offers economic opportunity and self-reliance?

  • bugandco

    Free money, free food, free shoes, free grass hut to live in.

  • bob levine

    You give, you get. You live, you let.
    Forgive, forget.
    If the premise is equality the experiment is a hoax. The getters need assistance. The government givers or distributors are granting 12 recipients $6,000 annually. Stockton is a city of 310,000 or so.
    310,000 divided by 12 = 25,833 X 6000 = $154,998,000. Divide by an estimated 2.1 per household and you have $73,808,571. And you still have that amount left over.

    As the Isley Brothers put it; now wait a minute. A living wage for a household is about three and a half times that or $258,329,998.50. Only
    $257M to go. Did you say Stockton went bankrupt? What a plan!!!

  • datimes

    The problem with Stockton and similar cities is Democrats and their idiotic political beliefs and remedies.

  • logansfun

    Giving every Californian $12,000 a year, basic poverty level living, would cost 2.5x the current tax revenue, on top of running the state. The taxes to pay for that would drive every corporation and wealthy resident from the state.

    The top 20% are already paying for almost everything.

  • sosorryononame

    Wonder if the families are the mayor’s relatives.

  • Deplorable_Choctaw

    Dumb….. just as dumb as jailing and or fining waiters who give straws to customers who don’t ask for said straw…

    • Chris ✓ᴷᵐᵉˡᵉ ᶠᵒˢᵗᵉʳ ²⁰²⁰

      HA ha, that law sucks.

  • John Steele

    Stockton IS a Poopohole folks and they just went BROKE because of CALPERS and Jerry’s demands for 50% more contributions.. They went belly up and now they want to give away tax payers monies to bums who don’t work and contribute nothing.. Maybe they should stop trying to be
    Cuba and Venezula and recognize that Old Jerry and their next Gov .. Gavin are the ones killing the glolden goose of Kaly with Marxism..

  • j41005

    We already have this; it’s called Welfare. Folks who do nothing get paid to continue to do nothing. And just where does Stockton Mayor Tubbs think this $500 per household money will come from? Oh, yeah, the hardworking, tax paying citizens.

  • Virginia Mom

    Click on the link to the Economic Security Project. Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook who admits he does not deserve the $430 million net worth he accumulated from Facebook, is behind this communist organization. Is he pledging to fund the project? No. But since he has his mansion and fast cars, he has nothing better to do than guilt-trip YOU into funding his project. His buddy, Garfinkel, has been trying this since 1965. Slow learners. Hard working, successful people are sick to death of the Hugheses of the world telling us what to do. We will simply move elsewhere if you impose this failed policy upon us.

  • Quilviov Super Genius ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Conservatives hate the idea of equality becuase they think only white males should have money.

    • Virginia Mom

      You say it like it’s a bad thing.

      • Quilviov Super Genius ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Equality is a good thing, it’s conservatives who think it’s bad.

        • Virginia Mom

          Equality of opportunity, not outcome.

          • Quilviov Super Genius ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Institutional racism and misogyny are not equal opportunity.

        • PROUD_TEXAN

          Under your thinking, we’ll all be equally poor, Sparky.

    • Chris ✓ᴷᵐᵉˡᵉ ᶠᵒˢᵗᵉʳ ²⁰²⁰

      Equality is Bull… This world is anyone’s for the taking, you just gotta work hard for it.

    • lspanker

      Look, the idiot troll is back.

  • Baltoga

    Why not just cut taxes as an alternative to the UBI experiment?

    • Virginia Mom

      Because…Trump said the p word…

  • Jeffrey A Jones

    I think the minimum guaranteed income should be $500,000/year. then everyone would be $millionaires and all our problems would be solved. No, better year make that $1,000,000/yr. Get the money by taxing the greedy rich and evil corporations.

  • Tony Holmquist

    There’s nothing like poking more holes in your own sinking ship…

  • The Mikado

    Jeez… I just looked this Tubbs guy up and he’s a 26 year-old CHILD. Looks like he hasn’t yet put away his childish things… like all leftists.

  • JHogwin

    “UBI was first pitched by Nixon as an answer to post-industrial job losses.”

    Yeah, that would have been a great decision, open the way to send production to a 3rd world country that has labor a step above slavery and compensation your own citizens with a program that shells out 50% of what the recipients used to earn.
    And pay for it my taxing the citizens that didn’t have their jobs shifted to a shithole country.
    And taxing the companies that made the China move: nixon govt, “You know those $1k/month jobs you moved to China? We’re going to tax you $400 per month for our UBI program.”
    Corp, “Mmh, make it $325 and we’ll shift 5000 more. You’ll get more money that way, g-man.”

    • Virginia Mom

      Do these people listen to their own words? “Post-industrial job losses?” Seriously? The job losses came first, that’s what made the Rust Belt “post-industrial” And why did that happen? Bueller, anyone?

  • JHogwin

    Smart move by a city that recently filed bankruptcy, “hey, I have a great idea, let’s give away some money!”

  • Snowguy

    “Tubbs thinks the UBI experiment will show that Stockton’s best bet is to invest in its own people.”

    Invest? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    • Tony Holmquist

      “…Stockton’s best bet is to INGEST its own people.”
      I think this is what Tubbs meant to say…

  • old_dog

    From Stockton. Tubbs is a joke……………………..

  • Epapa

    Cannot wait for it to be implemented for everyone in the city. Everyone in Mexico will be heading there.

  • Flouncy Big Hair

    I would never shoot tubby but I’d cheer if someone else did.


    Well they do not have to look to far other then the current welfare system that gives people money for nothing. I guess they can just call it by another name, but this is just another welfare program that will make people even more lazy. Why the hell get up and look for a job or better educate yourself when the government will turn you into the modern day slave.

  • GraffitiForensics

    The organization funding what Stockton can’t afford to do on it’s own is being run by ex-Obama loyalists. I go to their website and they don’t state they are ‘non-profit’ or ‘tax exempt’ on their “Who We Are” page. But of course they are. This is another charity racket rich in other people’s money because they don’t pay taxes. Oh sure, all the co-chairs and other beneficiaries of this Clintonist foundation have big smiles on their faces … not because they are funding social experiments on Stockton residents … because they will personally prosper from this scheme. So let’s make it clear right now …. the organization won’t be paying it’s fair share in taxes.

    • Virginia Mom

      And there are some from the Johnson Administration — not kidding. Very. Slow. Learners.

  • therealmarciabrady

    Stockton? Really? I’m sure the plethora of gang members will use their extra $500 for education, healthcare and housing. Of course they will also NEVER tell us when it fails miserably. *eyeroll*

  • A Adams

    Nixon also brought in wage and price controls, which was a disaster.

  • Seethereality

    Set aside what we know happens when you give someone something for nothing…KQED tagline is Get The Facts! Stockton is not in the Bay Area…

  • IReadit3

    I best get to the store for some popcorn. I know how this movie will end but still…the suspense!

  • Defiant

    I hope the REST of America isn’t paying for this with Federal money. The worse life gets in California…the more insistently they pursue their flawed philosophies.

  • Jason Blankovich

    The entire State of California is bankrupt right now. The same with the U.S. Federal government. The only reason that nobody talks about it is that politicians and socialists believe in the theory that “government cannot go broke because they have the power to tax.” Need more money? Raise taxes. The people don’t want to pay taxes or avoid them? Confiscate wealth. I mean, dude, who needs more that $50,000 dollars a year? Bro, why not simply allow any income below $50,000 to remain untaxed and 100% of all other income go straight to State government?

    Think I’m joking? I’m not. On secret folders in many Democrat office holders there are bills ready to be introduced to confiscate 100% of all 401k and company pension plan assets . . . you know, for the good of the country/State.

    Democrat = Socialist
    Socialist = Progressive
    Progressive = Communist
    Communist = Fascist
    Fascist = Death


      They also have printing presses.

  • leveraction

    Economic Security Project is behind this. Please click on the link in the article for them and read the peoples Bio’s.All are Socialists, Communists, etc… and Union hacks. The project is tied to every Liberal Group and Foundation and is functioning as a non-profit. All are Clinton/Obama loyalists with a shaking of Van Jones the Communist salt thrown in! Beware people this is just another scam using other peoples money to make them lots of money while throwing some cash at people for future votes. HOW SAD ARE THESE PEOPLE!!!
    This is nothing more then a “project” to promote Socialism/Communism in America. What is the difference in $500.00 cash per month from the project and a $500.00 welfare check every month from the government? That difference is 0! Money for votes…

  • President & Mrs. Stainmaker

    How did Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer put it? “Crumbs” for the permanent dependency class…

  • Chris ✓ᴷᵐᵉˡᵉ ᶠᵒˢᵗᵉʳ ²⁰²⁰

    Stockton is a s-hole because of the infestation of gang activity. When we drive through Stockton, we drive right through, don’t look out the window, don’t stop, don’t even slow down…. Otherwise there is a strong chance you’ll be shot even just stopping for gas, and sports games, concerts, etc… forget about it!!

    Just another fine example of democrat’s utopia.

  • bose_sucks

    LOL, $500 will REALLY make a difference.

  • Buddy

    this will not work…nor will you see fruitful data if you do not remove ALL other forms of assistance(including federal)

  • rjm2238

    This insanity is a function of six decades of intellectual inbreeding and incestuous thinking by the left. Too ideologically rigid to be guided by the universal failure of this type of governance everywhere it had been tried the left marches on, willfully blind to see or even admit the obvious; that the central theorem of their thinking is proven bunk and the mere admission of of this would constitute a bridge too far for them politically.
    They are eternally wedded to the false reality of socialism as long as it provides the mechanism for their remaining in power and Lording over the vast population of they view as “the peons who inhabit flyover country and shop at Walmart”. They will never willingly change or evolve from any system which threatens their positions as the elite nor will their intrinsic sense of superiority allow them to accept input on methods to modify their leftist views. They simply lack the flexibilty to grow.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • randyo99

    Oh lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz . . .

  • ShuttleFan

    How is this “universal” if you are going to pick and choose who gets money?

    • ShuttleFan

      “For one year, several dozen Stockton families will get $500 a month, no strings attached.”

    • Buddy

      the goal is universal….but a sample is needed to determine costs and benefits of this “help”

      the problem with this experiment is lack of control ..these same people are probably receiving federal assistance….housing assistance ..and a number of other means tested programs….which skews the findings about actual cost savings

      • ShuttleFan

        Exactly, you can’t pick certain people (obviously low income) and assume this is how it works. All you are doing is giving extra assistance to select people that they don’t have to pay back. I wouldn’t want to be the person that says this family gets $500 per month, but this one doesn’t. It’s going to cause resentment and jealousy. Bad way to test this.

        • Buddy

          this program (or one similar) was championed by Milton Friedman…as a way to limit fraud, waste and abuse that is happening in all other welfare programs

          The only way it works is to eliminate 1) all illegals 2) all other welfare programs

          you now have control of total monthly output of government (everything inside government becomes ..this..$500 a month to every family..+ tangible things government uses like roads, cars, rent, payrolls, and military) ..the political aspects of all the means tested welfare programs theoretically goes away

  • Eric Johnson

    Since when is Stockton a part of the “San Francisco Bay area?” Stockton is some 83 miles from San Francisco and 84.8 miles from Palo Alto, and 80 miles from San Jose. As California is only barely 200 miles wide, and there is a mountain range, 2 huge agricultural valleys, and a massive river delta between The Bay Area and Stockton, clearly the author and editors need some education in geography.

    • The Mikado

      Yes, I had the same thoughts when they made it sound like Stockton was where everyone lived who couldn’t afford the bay and it was an easy commute… at $4 a gallon.

    • Chris ✓ᴷᵐᵉˡᵉ ᶠᵒˢᵗᵉʳ ²⁰²⁰

      Yeah, its central valley basically, I thought the same thing… I think it’s the TV version of california that most americans think of… california is one big city of LA and SF and everything must be in those areas.

    • landaddy001

      Eric you are very correct!!! The Bay Area is made up from the nine counties who have physical boarders that actually touch the San Francisco Bay. Those counties are Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma. Because I grew up in Santa Rosa (county seat of Sonoma County) this was common knowledge. Stockton is the county seat of San Joaquin County which is NOT a part of the Bay Area; KQED should know this.

  • MIKE6080

    theres money down the toilet, you wont ever hear about that study

  • Phineas

    Asinine ! Socialism has never worked in the history of man. No man willfully gives his labor away.

    • Chris ✓ᴷᵐᵉˡᵉ ᶠᵒˢᵗᵉʳ ²⁰²⁰

      ” Socialism has never worked in the history of man.”
      And yet man keeps trying it over and over and over and over and over…

  • TimC

    Can’t wait to see the lawsuits.

    They be selectin’ that udder guy and nots me.

    That’s rayseesm.

  • Jim Foles

    Do it like Norway… The liberal’s favorite country.. They sell Oil to make money, then invest in the global capitalist markets.. Then pay their citizens cash. Oh wait… they need Oil and Capitalism to make this work..

    • Chris ✓ᴷᵐᵉˡᵉ ᶠᵒˢᵗᵉʳ ²⁰²⁰

      Can’t we get some immigrants from Norway instead of s holes like Haiti? LOL

  • Grab_a_root

    Wow! Just faching wow! Say goodnight, Mexifornia.

  • Tony Clifton

    Everyone’s household weed budget in Stockton just went up by $500. In unrelated news, the price of weed in Stockton just increased.

  • Rider

    Stockton California has a population of 291,707 making this investment price tag $145,853,500. They went bankrupt in 2012 so they have only the money they have taken in during the previous 5 years. The numbers are not adding up. Where is all this money coming from? Or do they plan on filing bankruptcy against next year?

  • Michael Rodriguez

    Stockton is part of what happens when you have unchecked Liberalism. It is not “ground zero” for issues in the USA; it is ground zero for issues facing Liberalism. I’m from California, and now I live back in North Carolina (thank God). I have a cousin that lives in Stockton, and she shows me videos from time to time of crazy things that go on there. Stockton has one of the worst crime rates in the nation.

  • AnimashaunWashington

    Everyone should be resisting this nonsense.. It’s only an elaborate trap…

  • oldspeak

    Wait! These same people said $1,500 per year in tax savings was “peanuts.” $500?! That’s a mere pittance! The government deserves it more, surely! /s

  • Bill Obamabush

    I question the usefulness of any data from such an experiment. By giving UBI to such a small number of people surrounded by millions of others NOT receiving it, you are not getting any insight into what would happen if EVERYONE received it.

  • Chris ✓ᴷᵐᵉˡᵉ ᶠᵒˢᵗᵉʳ ²⁰²⁰

    How does that saying go about teaching a man to fish vs giving him a fish?? Seems applicable here….

  • mlopez

    How much of the $500 will be spent on drugs and alcohol. Instead of giving unconditionally why not have a mandatory work component on a voluntary basis? Meaning, you only get the money, if you participate voluntarily and to good acceptable standards.

  • chislee

    Just another Sanctuary City killing zone. Giving people free stuff is the cornerstone of Socialist Communism and the bedrock of the Welfare State. Of course it does not work. Just creates more ghettos and crime and violence.

  • Staunch Buckeye

    I wonder how many of these families are illegal aliens?


    Socialism is such an easy sell to the stupid, and the California school systems will keep you stupid.

  • DT

    Please do not feed the animals. This is a basic rule at national parks. The animals become dependent on the handouts and lose their will to forage for food.

  • roughman

    Funny… All of the listed problems were caused by the same Liberal dopes who are now in favor of MORE handouts. Can’t fix stupid.

  • PCamuck

    This will not work. Charles Murray already researched and answered this in Losing Ground “ It is not possible to design a wealth transfer program that will not produce net harm.”

    • Buddy

      theoretically…..it should work….but you must eliminate ILLEGALS and most forms of immigration and all other means tested welfare programs

  • caveman1313

    “Anderson said, “UBI was first pitched by Nixon as an answer to post-industrial job losses.””

    sigh. wrong wrong wrong. it was pitched 5 hundred of years ago by thomas more. geez, if they are going to promote it, champion it, and talk like they are experts they should know the history

  • Commoncents

    Free money. Yeah, that’ll do the trick. Its not free, folks, its called redistribution, and its unsustainable.

    • Buddy

      redistribution is what we have now…

      but instead of everyone only getting a controlled amount ($500 a month)…we have many people getting as much as $2000 a month when you ADD up all the welfare and food and housing assistance these poor are receiving

      • Commoncents

        Why do able-bodied people need ANY handouts? Get a job.

  • hank

    so stockton residents get $500 per month.

    i will bet that the state of cali will collect its standard 10%
    state tax on the income.

    pretty soon the state of cali will own all of the rural areas
    due to delinquent tax debt.

    that is one way to buy all the red votes in the state
    and turn them into blue votes.

    cali is wierd and going down. they would rather have a
    deficit and a train to no where as oppose to a surplus.

    thanks gov moonbeam

  • Jim

    What’s the first thing you do when the hole you are in keeps getting deeper and deeper?
    The article mentioned how they overspent on pipe dreams that didn’t pan out and that tells me they never will learn.

  • chislee

    The last mayor of Stockton went to jail because he was a pedophile and a crook.
    The current mayor is an ‘affirmative action’ educated NAACP ghetto graduate.
    Stockton is a shlthole !

  • gardenstateed

    You can change the name of welfare as much as you want. It does not lead to economic prosperity.

  • Shoe

    Will they track the money an illegal immigrant sends back to his/her homeland instead of spending it in the United States?

  • Frankie D

    This isn’t anything new, it’s called “Welfare”….and it’s been around a long time.
    And Nixon was critical of UBI not a supporter of it. Stanford professor Anderson needs a remedial reading comprehension class.

    “President Richard Nixon proposed reforms to the welfare program in 1969, where a minimum income would be paid to poor families. Contrary to popular belief, Nixon was critical of the idea of a guaranteed universal basic income. The proposal by Nixon passed in the House but never made it out of committee in the Senate.[6]”

    • Buddy

      a minimum income was also championed by Milton Friedman ..the conservative economist

      • lspanker

        Sources and cites, please.

        • Buddy

          Milton Friedman himself

      • Quilviov Super Genius ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        That’s true. He propsed it in lieu of all other forms of benefits. In other words, a guaraneetd minimum pay (differnt than a UBI) instead of food stamps, afdc, etc..

        • Buddy

          that is what THIS program is a test bed for…

          • Quilviov Super Genius ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            This program is a UBI, not based on need.



  • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

    Too much coddling and support of stupidity. Let these people die in the frakkin streets.

  • RinoHunterRealAmerican

    Sounds like communism. We all know how that will work out.

  • landaddy001

    Expecting the UBI to work is like expecting to pull yourself up while you are standing in a bucket.

  • So Cal Guest

    The city is in debt. Who is going to pay the $500 per month? This mayor has a mental disorder. He thinks money grows on trees. This is the worst thing that can happen to the people of Stockton. Time will show you clear evidence that socialism is a cancer.

    • Buddy

      the end goal is to eliminate all other forms of welfare related outlays …theoretically this will save money

      • Commoncents

        Liberals are all about intentions. Results, not so much.

    • ukalally

      money does grow on trees. the paper used for money comes from trees

  • chislee

    Stockton, California files for bankruptcy – Reuters

    Jun 28, 2012 – Pleadings in support of Stockton’s eligibility for Chapter 9 bankruptcy will be filed on Friday, Stockton, which officially declared insolvency and its desire to restructure its debt, also filed a separate list of its major unsecured creditors.

  • Mark Hardy

    They should make it $5,000.00 a month, what could go wrong?

  • Jason

    Some people just refuse to understand the government has to take the money from somebody else before they can give it away.

    • Escondido73

      They don’t care…..

    • Buddy

      they already do this….this program is supposed to eliminate all other forms of welfare

      • Jason

        Eliminate all other forms of welfare with a new welfare scheme. Brilliant!

  • Bug eater 357

    Great….more welfare

    • Buddy

      NO…not MORE….LESS welfare

      the “goal” of a negative income tax is to END all other forms of welfare…with the exception of this $500

      • Bug eater 357

        Lol at “negative income tax” , its welfare, and they arnt going to take away their current welfare. If you take away $500 and give them a different $500 you’ve accomplished exactly dick

  • Escondido73

    It’s sad and funny what we do here in CA, we keep electing the DemocRATS and expect them to fix the economy…. And even better, the businesses here and republicans get blamed for their failures….. They “liberals” have a major mental disorder, they prove it on a daily basis.

  • Richard Robinson

    So long as this hare-brained idea is confined to California, it will prove a great solution to Seattle’s homeless problem.

    • Escondido73

      We have enough problems, please keep yours up there!

  • Merde_de_Tete
    • Buddy

      the poor already receive FREE MONEY..many receive as much as $2000 a month or more in means tested programs

      ending ALL those programs ..and handing out only $500 would eliminate a ton of issues we already face today

      • landaddy001

        Those other programs you mentioned have rules that the recipients are supposed to follow and this program will not have any rules. What happens when some of those people abuse the program and buy drugs while others buy food? The answer is nothing because the city is just giving them money with no strings attached.

      • Merde_de_Tete

        And exactly where in this article does it report that the UBI will replace other programs?
        The article expressly states there are no strings attached, which would imply the recipients lose nothing in the deal.

  • Paulytical

    And recreational marijuana is now legal!

    • Merde_de_Tete

      And it only costs $500 for a month’s supply!

    • Buddy

      not really….

      the Federal government does not allow monetary transactions where drugs are part of that transaction..

      all the money involved in Calfornia’s recreational industry can technicality be confiscated by the feds

      the money earned in these transactions can not be deposited in FDIC insured banks

  • toadrw

    I predict this will be a resounding success given the small sample of several dozen families. It will lure more idiots into believing the government can provide for all your needs and when this gets implemented city-wide get ready for poverty like you’ve never seen as the deadbeats decide $500 per month is enough to live on and bring their community into the toilet to make that a reality.

    • ukalally

      as you cash your SS check, disability on a fake injury check supplemented by your pension. I know I know you worked 250 years for $3 an hour and now you a billionaire and don’t need govt money

  • HJ

    The only thing California is ground zero for is exposing Leftist lunacy. The largest welfare state in the world needs to look in the mirror. Fools.

  • with capitalism, a few people do suffer. with socialism, only a few people do prosper. america has up to this point been able to find the right balance but as i see the political left growing in america i really do fear the future.

  • landaddy001

    I’ll tell you what; if the politicians and government workers will accept the same monthly wedge then I will think about it. That means only $500.00 per month for you too Mr. Mayor. Nothing says success like living the example.

  • PS

    Communism always fails.

  • Alonzo

    Economic ignorance permeates one of the worst managed cities in California. It is already bankrupt. Does it want to call it quits and break up?

  • Hugh Tjardon

    Only in CA will a scheme like this be implemented. When it hits the toilet, perk your ears for pleas to the federal government, therefore you, taxpayer. By the way, Stockton is heavily minority and the origin of Colin Kaepernick.

  • norcalpat

    My father was born in Stockton and I grew up there in the 60s. It used to be a typical sleepy valley town, prosperous due to farming, manufacturing, and transportation. It was also more racially diverse than cities in the Bay Area with large Hispanic, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and African American communities. Now it’s a high crime, low income haven for illegals and gangs. The schools are terrible, the infrastructure is crumbling, and the few good areas are now swarming with Bay Area commuters. My great-nieces can’t find an affordable safe place to live and my elderly mother is afraid to go to the grocery store. She was also the victim of a daylight home invasion robbery in one of the best neighborhoods in town. There are large “no go” areas that resemble the favelas of Brazil. The place is a mess. My brother recently moved out, my mother will be next. I’ve already left California because Stockton is it’s future, and it’s not a good one.

  • Doug

    Why is Stockton bankrupt? HA!!! Where will they get the money?

  • Wax

    There are strings attached you idiot…tax payers will be paying for UBI and get nothing for it back…you ass wipe!

  • Meg

    Maybe if the previous administration hadn’t given 2 billion dollars to Iran, it could be used for infrastructure in Stockton and provide lots of people with jobs fixing roads or improving neighborhoods or even building homeless shelters.

  • jmatt55

    —-the best way to make sure that folks in our community have a real economic floor— Uh, isn’t that the responsibility of the folks in the community? Why are they expecting to live on the back of another man’s labor? Won’t that man just stop laboring if what he earns is stolen from him? Then what?

  • Bert

    Stockton has been a dump for decades, since before the current mayor was even born. I can’t imagine that a guaranteed income is going to help matters, but I guarantee Stockton’s population will increase dramatically. In fact, I’m going to recommend to the deadbeat elements of our family that they relocate to Stockton, Calif. so that they will be off the dole in my state. Back to Calif. where they came from, I say.

  • Prof. Bacchus

    What a crock-o-shiite.
    Where on Gods green Earth is $500/month a Basic income? Specifically in California.

    • Sam Huston

      That’s on top of whole gambit of welfare “entitlements”, so $500 of additional disposable income for the chronically lazy is a lot more cash than your average middle class taxpayer has at the end of the month.

      • Prof. Bacchus

        Which then means…
        Recipients already receive UBI and this would be, as you said, a bonus for doing nothing.

  • R. Hale

    The sad reality of all of this is redistribution of other people’s money by government or anyone else has never worked. If government wishes to “INVEST” in it’s people it would be best to reduce the EXPENSES of government both in terms of taxation and an every increasing imposition of rules/regulations and other costly regulations. Anything that results in a decrease in the cost of goods and services produced by the private sector and an increase in the INCOME of people producing those goods and services is the ONLY WAY that the standard of living of any community/country has occurred.

  • Xhristo

    Not one of them will start a business with it. My bet is many if not most will use it not to pay down debt, but to increase their revolving credit limit.

  • Syncrodude

    And Who is this money being taken from?

    • Sam Huston

      Middle class taxpayers, the rich will just pick up and leave for saner jurisdictions.

  • Sam Huston

    Hello from Canada.

    Buying votes with other people’s money isn’t a good idea. Those that can flee the lib/prog stupidity will, and those that can’t will give up producing the wealth needed to buy the votes. This it the fastest way to gain Third World SH status.


  • BostonLiberty

    Who is paying for it? The entire state is bankrupt! Unless Facebook or Google are purchasing Stockton, and enslaving the residents.

  • matt93312

    When has welfare ever boosted self-esteem? If you remove the merit element out of any “opportunity,” you get nothing but angry mobs that have to be placated with more bribes.

    I say that we employ them building the wall. They will have incredible self-esteem when they see that Big Beautiful Wall. They can say… “I built that!”

  • Syncrodude

    Wow, democratic votes have never been so cheap.

  • bcmorrison

    How about a clinical trial. Put fifty people on basic income for four years, $6k/yr. Offer another 50 people $24k scholarship to local college. Study how the groups compare in year 5,6 and 7.

    • Skay

      They will complain that 500.00 is not enough within a couple of months–if that long.

  • walterc

    The reason state and national parks prohibit the feeding of wild animals is because they become dependent on it and don’t forage for themselves. People are no different.

    This is a really bad idea for painfully obvious reasons.

  • Chainsaw McGerk

    Nixon didn’t pitch “UBI”. Nixon proposed giving moochers an annual payment that would bring their income up to the poverty line. The welfare state and armies of case workers could be practically eliminated and the payments handled through the IRS, ala the earned income tax credit.

  • The Deplorable Sickofobola

    They should change their name to Botswana, CA.

  • TexBill

    The only intelligent residents of Stockton are members of the Sons of Anarchy.

  • The Nature Boy! ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

    Pure idiocy.

  • littlegreengiant

    Universal Basic Income is used to pay for Universal Healthcare, Universal Housing, Universal Food and Universal Transportation. One would think that it would be like living in prison where they give you all of that now sans income.

  • TitzyFritzensimmons

    Please explain this “idea” to me juxtaposed with the effort to train and find jobs for TRULY disabled people so that they can enhance their self-esteem by having JOBS and earning money. For decades, some charities have worked with disabled individuals to teach them skills (like gardening, weaving, making baskets, other repetitive, activities requiring manual labor) so that they can experience the pride of creating and selling the fruits of their labor. I guess they need to stop those programs and let their clients sit in the corner.

  • Jerry Shelton

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • Mike Auck

    Where are the elitist, socialists like Tom Steyer? They should be writing checks for billions to programs like this.

  • Andy_Beatgozon

    Everybody should get minimum income of $20,000. And guess what, your loaf of bread will cost $20,003.59.

  • Joe Boltonn

    It’ll be a huge success among people who pay little or no taxes and less popular with people who’ll bear the financial brunt of this social experiment. “Basic income” isn’t an entirely stupid idea, if it were passed with the understanding that it is a replacement, not a supplement to other social programs. The elimination of a large portion of the welfare distribution structure would save tens of billions of dollars annually. No more unemployment, welfare, food stamps, free cell phones, Section 8 housing, farm subsidies, student grants. Farm, mortgage and student Loan programs could continue, as these funds are subject to repayment.

    • WriterDudeLA

      Of course limited to US citizens. Illegals need not apply.



    • SISTER X




  • Jane Barr

    Probably will just be spent on marijauna and tattoos.

  • Mike Gibson

    Give a man a fish or teach him to fish? When I drive from Reno to Oakland I am always amazed at the trash on the California highways. I am also amazed at the amount of homeless and lay abouts. How about providing them with orange vests and trashbags and paying them by the pound?

  • obamagonian

    Another fool, another bankruptcy waiting to happen. The entire USA is under the spell of these marxist fools. It is all going to end vey bad. Make sure you are well stocked on gold, guns, and food.

  • WriterDudeLA

    Socialism in all it’s manifestations is a failed economic concept. Giving someone money only creates more people waiting for the government to hand them a check. So how does it play out? Someone has to foot the bill for the government handout — taxpayers, people who work. Talk about creating resentment. At a $13.00 minimum wage, someone has to work for a week just to pay for someone elses $500.00 handout — and they still have to pay taxes ton the weeks’ income. Now how many of the people who receive these checks will be in the US illegally? Stockton has a problem because high wage earners have fled the city in droves. If they enact this stupidity, they’re likely to lose the rest of the tax base as well.

  • MAGA

    another dumb idea from kalifornia

  • Julian Shevlot

    I’m sure a few folks will use the $$$ as intended. For such things as food and shelter. I guarantee the majority won’t. Most people make enough to live, but refuse to live without sacrificing luxuries as a new iphone, clothing, subscriptions, etc. Thus they seem to be struggling on paper. I foresee a lot of folks spending the extra income on luxury items, and not getting their living situation to a stable state. not doing this will harm them even more as they overextend their living wage further to maintain a lifestyle outside their income level.

  • Jim Beamer

    “Tubbs is coordinating an effort to test a new way to sustain residents:
    universal basic income, or UBI. For one year, several dozen Stockton
    families will get $500 a month, no strings attached”

    So, basically a rigged lottery?

  • harve’ firestone

    And just who gets to pick the “several dozen” Families that will get the money…the Mayor ? And if there is “no strings attached”, why is the Mayor going to “track what the residents do with the money” ?

  • jaz

    New Stockton residents are going to be coming in by the Greyhound busload. Literally.

  • John

    I think I hear a rush of people from all over the US registering to vote in Stockton to pick up some free money. I guess Stockton like bankruptcy so much it wants to go back there soon. You cannot cure stupid! Peace!

  • Flippy Hambone

    $500 a month will buy a lot of booze and strippers…

    • Flippy Hambone

      and crack

  • jaz

    Now the person who gets to pick who receives the free money is going to be receiving some pretty nice incentives from millions of strangers asking to receive the free money. So if one million people each give this guy a $20 gift he receives 20 million dollars in “compensation” for distributing the million dollars in prize money. For phuxsakes, this isn’t brain surgery.

  • BDnSC


  • tentom

    $500/month for several dozen for a year … hmm, that’s about $6000X25=$150,000. I would think you could buy more than that for a million bucks … it must be because it’s a government effort.

  • USMC Grunt2

    What happens to the people when the $500 per month stops after the experiment? You build a dependency like that, it will mess them up at a lower income level like that.

  • Dan Austin

    I’m tired of trying to sensible and reasonable. Go ahead, CA, and do it. Instead of $500 a month, why not make it $5,000 per month? But then wouldn’t $10,000 a month be even better?

    Hey, with everyone getting $10,000 per month, nobody needs to work anymore. How cool is that?

    Jerry Brown, go for it! Gimme my money! Now! I have my rights!

  • Rick Morrow

    Oh boy, free stuff. We’ll make whatever businesses that remain pay for it. Maybe we can use that $500 for plane fare to Caracas.

  • task1

    So, I’m just curious, but is the mayor and his counterparts on the city council willing to live on $500. a month, too?

    • Shears-of-Atropos

      The concept, as I understand it, is that the $500 is a “base” and not a subsistence wage. Supposedly, it allows people to work at basketweaving or teaching bowling or making pottery, the net proceeds of the base plus the hobby money allowing you to live the good life. It still doesn’t explain where the base money comes from. There’s no free lunch.

  • KingofStreitHall

    um…what happens when the money runs out? What then? Idiocy is about to find out….

  • 1911

    CA… how dumb can you get. You’ve screwed your entire state out of everything that could possibly make it a decent place to live. More and more the New California idea seems like a good idea. Then let “old Ca” fend for itself. boot it out of the union. Best thing – won’t have to change any flags. Let old ca die under the weight of it’s own stupidity, then re-annex it when they beg for help, but make all the “citizens” pass a background check in order to be accepted back into the US.

  • RM

    This is called welfare. Nothing new about this.

  • ennovi

    This failed in one of the Nordic countries and will fail here. Why do we continously try to reinvent the wheel?

    • lastmann

      Comparing UBI to something as revolutionary and fundamental to mankind as the wheel is an insult to the caveman who invented it.

  • lastmann

    Well I know where I’ll be retiring, thanks for the free money California!

  • Dennis Brown

    It all sounds great until you find out you’re the one paying the bill for this and you can move to another city and avoid paying it.

  • Buhwhee

    How can instructors in Stockton’s schools and universities teach courses in economics with a straight face? IMPOSSIBLE!

  • Yowza

    Sounds like Stockton is a shlthole.

  • therealmadmarv

    I bet every one of the recipients voted Hillary. Can we get the data on this?

  • Allen Driskill

    $500.00 won’t even rent a studio apartment in Stockton. Housing is very expensive there.

  • nozebleed

    no strings attached – just make sure you show up ever 2 years to pull the “D” lever

  • wingag

    Thank you for covering this. It will be nationwide in a decade but no one has the guts to discuss it or cover it.

    • CommonSense033

      Then that becomes the new zero. All this does is diminish the value of those who saved.

  • Sue Thomason

    I see lots of people willing to ride this gravy train….until it crashes into the train station.

  • Oscar Tango

    “I feel that as mayor it’s my responsibility to do all I could to begin figuring out what’s the best way to make sure that folks in our community have a real economic floor,”

    isn’t that called welfare ?

    • Quid Pro Quo

      Sure is. This dope has no idea what a mayor is supposed to do.

    • Shears-of-Atropos

      Duh! The economic floor he describes is something that creates wealth. If money is to be distributed, it must come from somewhere. If Stockton cannot create any wealth, this is just one more scheme based on “other people’s money”.

  • joshuavincent

    Even if Stockton does it, it can’t work. Each of the families selected will see their rent go up magically $500 a month. These schemes benefit pols and landowners.

  • uptoome

    this is the latest version of a stupid idea, dressed in a pity party. who is paying for this? who decided $500 was the correct amount? what happens when the money dries up?

  • Quid Pro Quo

    The People’s Republic of California is at it again.

    The time has long since passed for a wall to be built between The People’s Republic Of California and The United States.

    • CommonSense033

      We need the ports and strategic assets. Almost everything you use, including the computer or phone you typed that on, came through those ports.

  • CommonSense033

    de Tocqueville wrote of the depravity and loss of self-worth caused by a welfare state. Two hundred years ago.

    To work and sustain one’s self by one’s own skill or labor builds self-esteem and sense of worth. Being responsible for a family instead of letting the state feed them instills a sense of responsibility.

  • Stillontheroad

    500 dollars will buy a lot of Mary Jane, keep em stoned, stupid and pulling the D lever.

  • StarsR4me

    “Universal Basic Income”??? How is that different from welfare? The city politicos want to know how their town will be affected by UBI (welfare)? Just go visit Detroit, New Orleans or any other American city with a huge number of welfare recipients and no jobs. If they are really serious about helping their citizens then they need to grasp the bull by the horns and instigate the dreaded RENT CONTROL. And put laws into place which prohibit foreigners from buying property. Let them buy long-term leases, instead. Getting control over the price of a roof over our heads is what we need, not a lousy 500 bucks a month.

    • bps

      it’s different because now that they get $500 they don’t have to sell their EBT cards for .50 cents on the dollar to buy alcohol, drugs and cigarettes

  • Jacob Drago

    Bay Area? Stockton is the valley. Just curious if you’ve ever looked at a map. Want me to take what you say seriously, at least get that right.

  • Barn Cat

    Just one of the evils of socialism is that socialists never learn from their failures. They do the same things over and over again.

  • Fiala