Hop in, Your Lyft Rapper Has Arrived

If you’ve ever taken a Lyft ride, you know that the “ding!” of the app might be the only sound you hear for the entire trip. Ridesharing can sometimes be a silent, awkward experience. But there’s one Bay Area driver who tries to establish a human connection with everyone who steps into his white Prius — with some spontaneous entertainment. Ashel Eldridge calls himself the “Lyft Rapper.” Reporter Allen Young caught a ride with him, and tells us his mission is to pull people into a fresh mental state, giving them something to think about long after the ride is over.

This Ghost Town’s ‘Curse’ Isn’t What You Think

Cross the Sierra Nevada and you’ll come across the California ghost town of Bodie. It’s a place that’s famous not just for its Gold Rush history, but for something darker. A curse, that supposedly falls on anyone who dares to take something from the abandoned town. And even though some visitors swear they’ve been cursed, this legend isn’t exactly what you think. Carly Severn went to Bodie to find out more.

Searching for Ashes Within Ashes — Dog Teams Hunt for Human Cremains in Wildfire Wreckage

In the wastelands left from the North Bay fires, a new form of canine rescue is at work. To find out more, we go to what’s left of Kathy Lampi’s home in Santa Rosa. Her mother died last June, and Kathy stored the ashes in a velvet bag.

In The Wake Of The #MeToo Movement, A Former Abuser Apologizes

As part of a series we’re calling #UsToo, women across California have been sharing their stories of abuse and sexual harassment in their own words. Today, a bit of a different take. We from hear a man from Los Angeles, who says for most of his life, he was an abuser. He sees the #MeToo movement as an opportunity for men like him to also stand up, speak out — and acknowledge how they’ve hurt others.

Is This Gold Rush Town Coming Back to Life? You Bet

We’ve got another in our series “A Placed Called What?!” about California places with bizarre or surprising names. Listener Danielle Smith of San Francisco emailed us, asking about a gold rush town called “You Bet” off Highway 174 in Grass Valley. So we got in touch with a guy named Dan Brady, who has deep roots in this community that’s no longer really a town. His father was born and raised there. Now Brady lives in San Mateo but he’s been visiting You Bet at least once a year since he was a kid. We called him to find out just how You Bet got its name.

The Legend of the Lyft Rapper and the Curse of the Gold Rush Town 14 January,2018KQED News Staff

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