Federal Court Tells the EPA to Hurry Up with New Lead Paint Standards

A federal court in San Francisco ordered the EPA Wednesday to revise standards on the hazards of lead paint and its dust within 15 months. The court said the EPA’s multi-year delay in acting on the matter poses a clear threat to human welfare.

A Renewed Sense of Community in Upper Ojai Valley

The massive Thomas fire is now 91 percent contained. Evacuees are returning to find out what’s left of their homes and neighborhoods. And in the Upper Ojai Valley, a quarter of all residents are coming home to find rubble where their houses once stood.
Reporter: Stephanie O’Neill

Pardoned Cambodian Refugees Still Fighting Deportation

Two Cambodian men facing deportation for crimes committed decades ago were pardoned by Governor Jerry Brown over the Christmas weekend. But their fight to stay in the country is anything but over.
Reporter: Alyssa Jeong Perry

The End of Incandescent Light Bulbs in California

January 1 is the beginning of the end for one of technology’s biggest leaps forward: the good old fashioned light bulb. Stores will start selling off the last of their regular incandescent bulbs.
Guest: Craig Miller

The California Report 28 December,2017KQED News Staff

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