The supermoon as seen from Quintin Chisolm's North Oakland backyard. (Quintin Chisolm)

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On Sunday, the Bay Area was treated to a “supermoon,” which occurs when the moon’s close distance to Earth makes it appear brighter and larger than usual. The last supermoon was in November 2016, and it was the closest the moon will get to Earth until 2034.

Even though this month’s supermoon wasn’t as big and bright as last year’s, it’s still unique as our first and only supermoon of the year.

Given the popularity of the lunar delight, we asked our viewers and listeners to send us their best photos from the Dec. 3 supermoon, and got these snaps from the Bay Area … and beyond.

Castro Valley

Taken in Castro Valley by Elliot Lowe at 6:23 p.m. using a Canon EOS 1Dx with a 600mm lens and a 2x converter ISO 400 1/200 sec f/16. (Elliot Lowe/Pointnshoot)

San Francisco

Taken from an apartment in San Francisco. (Michele Garcia Charles Nakashima)


Just after the moonrise. Supermoon and its reflection in Pleasanton by T3i- 300mm lens. (Chi Panchal)

San Francisco

Supermoon above the Union Square ice rink in downtown San Francisco. (Sharon Castellanos)


Taken from Maui while a cloud partially obscured the moon. (Charles Nakashima)

Half Moon Bay

Moon rising over Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay (T. Scott Pyne)

Santa Clara

Photo taken in front of Vicki Tran’s home in Santa Clara. (Vicki Tran)


Supermoon from Oakland. (Janice Quackenbush)
The supermoon as seen from Quintin Chisolm’s North Oakland backyard. (Quintin Chisolm)

Redwood City

Taken from a lookout in Emerald Hills of Redwood City. (Alayna Maria)


Lora Douglas took this photo in the backyard of her Niles home. (Lora Douglas)


Super moon in Sebastopol. (Shirley McGill)
PHOTOS: A Supermoon Rises Over the Bay Area 4 December,2017Bianca Taylor


Bianca Taylor

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