Updated 2:25  p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 18.

Since the onset of the fires, there’s been an outpouring of donations via money, volunteers and items. Organizations from all over have been receiving a “generous” amount of donations, according to Pam Nold, executive assistant at United Way of the Wine Country. Due to the large number of donated items, numerous organizations are stressing that financial assistance is the best way to help out at the moment.

Whether it’s donating money or volunteering, there are various ways to help out those impacted by the wildfires in Northern California. Here is a list of major organizations accepting financial donations:

Animal Shelters:

Looking to help out in more direct ways? Volunteering is another option.

Numerous shelters are also receiving item donations, but check with specific organizations to see what they need and don’t need:

This is in no way an exhaustive list. Some smaller organizations are reaching capacity and/or have not been verified. Please be sure to call the location before dropping off donations, or check their social media for updates. We’ve chosen not to list them, but encourage you to let others know more in the comments.

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