Feinstein ‘Close’ to Announcing Reelection Bid

Sen. Dianne Feinstein told NBC's Chuck Todd that she is "close" to announcing her reelection bid for 2018.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein told NBC's Chuck Todd that she is "close" to announcing her reelection bid for 2018. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

We will find out “very shortly” whether Dianne Feinstein will run for a fifth full term in the U.S. Senate in 2018. That’s what she told Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

“I’m ready for a good fight,” Feinstein said. “I’ve got things to fight for, I’m in a position where I can be effective, and hopefully that means something to California.”

Feinstein has been publicly noncommittal about a 2018 run, and when she was asked in a recent television interview whether she was “up for another six years,” she replied: “Well, we will see, won’t we.”

At age 84, Feinstein is the oldest current senator, and a recent poll by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies found just 45 percent of voters polled would be inclined to vote for her if she ran again in 2018. That’s down a bit from a poll taken in March, which also found that 62 percent of voters thought it would be a bad thing for her to run when told of her age.

Feinstein dismissed these polls when asked about them by NBC’s Todd saying, “There are polls, and then there are polls.”

Feinstein’s age hasn’t been the only thing dogging her in the lead up to the 2018 election. She has been targeted by far-left members of the Democratic Party who say she isn’t liberal enough, and she was booed at an event in San Francisco in late August when she said “we have to have some patience” with President Donald Trump.

Feinstein, who had a pacemaker implanted in January, joined the Senate in 1992 after winning a special election.

Feinstein ‘Close’ to Announcing Reelection Bid 8 October,2017Ryan Levi

  • Rwadeg

    She’s already a “demented old circus monkey” (King of Queens humor) let her run.

    • Churyl Minne

      And yet she’s still probably the best of the CA lot…. Pelosi, Waters, Harris etc.

  • Steven Patterson

    Her and Pelosi need to run for the association board at Leisure World. We’ll throw in turkey neck Mitch McConnell and John McCain for good measure.

    • Retrometas

      I was thinking she can run for the woman’s auxilliary club presidency — at least she’d be qualified for that.

  • Missus Katie

    Another “fresh face” of the democrat party. She should get together with Bernie and run on the octogenarian ticket.

  • JohnnieD

    She is beginning to look like the PHD Govt woman in the original Planet of the Apes movies… No fool like an old fool.

  • Don Holt

    Her, Nancy, Chuckie, and McCain should all step down. The Wisdom age (IF any of these 3 ever had any) brings is negated by dementia

  • tymwltl

    Without any prejudice: Our founding fathers would have put term limits in our Constitution had they ever thought that someone’s life would be so lacking of a personnel / family dimension that they would stay their adult life in an elected office.
    On the other hand term limits would have been Article One if they had ever suspected that elected politicians would earn 10 times that of their constituents, have campaign funds totaling millions and millions of dollars, have multiple means of taking legally cloaked bribes from special interests, and exempt themselves from the very laws they force down our throats
    The Republic is in a very sad state at present and say what you will about Trump, he is stirring the cesspool waters and causing quite a commotion in the swamp known as Washington.
    Have some self respect Dianne, GET OUT !

  • oldvlc

    Do we get a guarantee the goods won’t decay during her term? Seems she wants to be like Strom Thurmond and expire in office.

  • FaraDay

    Dianne is 84 years old, has a Pace Maker implanted, and if she most likely runs for re-election in the 2018 Mid-Term Election and most likely Win, yet again, she will be 90 Years Old at the end of that 6 Year Senate Term.
    So, you will have a Great-Great Grandmother making Laws ?

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Good! Feinstein, Pelosi, Fauxcohontas and Waters!!!

    Never retire. We need you! You are the face–UGH–of the democrat party!

    MAGA TRUMP 2020!!!!~~!

  • Peahi

    She needs to go we don’t need these dinosaurs anymore.

  • Richard Thomas

    Your great, great grandma uses 3 bottles of hair color a week and you liberals think she is up to the job? How hard can a senator’s job be then if a near 100 year old granny can do it?? Any snowflake can handle a job like that. Do nothing and get rich. Crap, I’d call my self a liberal for a job like that! If she is from California, she is old enough to be Trump’s mama.

  • Richard Thomas

    Crap, she makes Bernie Sanders look young.

  • disqus_TXlLd72GJ2

    she needs to move to jurassic park where she belongs

  • Sparky Mills

    Blatant age discrimination ……. how appropriately hypocritical of the fascist-democrat party.

  • Drago

    At 84, you are not leading, you are being propped up.

    • Wavy1

      Yeah and the Left likes to know that Ginsberg at 84 is still doing exercise when she is not napping.

  • Blandly Urbane aka lunatic

    These lifetime politicians are worst plague on this country.

    • mauloa

      Agree! We’re talking John McCain, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Orrin Hatch, Bernie Sanders, Steny Hoyer — all in late 70s or mid 80s. Hillary Clinton still thinks she’s part of the game and expects to be heavily involved as she turns 70. These all have one thing is common – they believe they are indispensable in the governing of America and have egos that exceed the head to hold them. No wonder the Country is in such trouble.

  • pugwis

    Why in the hell does anyone want to work at 84? Power. That’s it. The ass-kissing sycophants who will lick the bottom of a Congressman’s shoe. Disgusting. Her brain has deteriorated since 25. What’s left in there?

  • athena1516

    The more she and pelosi hang around the less room for new blood. Democratic Party of oldsters

  • Observer

    Amazes me how ppl can elect such scum just like the Republicans reelect the same scum over and over. I’m proud to be a Independent because the two party system is dying off fast, and these incumbents ruined their party on their way out, and they know it they decided to take the money, because they got nothing to lose besides the media will always cover for them..

  • Retrometas

    When a senatress as ooooollllllllldddddd as Feinstein says she’ll run again — she’s almost 180 — the obvious question is why was the old bat elected in the first place?

  • STQ

    At this age, and like McCain,why don’t these people just go home and spend their last days with their Families and friends and enjoy their latter days??

  • Loptr

    Perhaps all the aging, decrepit Dims should just form a new party, the Octogenarian Party… Depends in every drawer and Russians in every closet… The dumb-arsed Dims would follow them anywhere…

  • tdrag

    California! Do your duty and retire this old biddy.

  • Wavy1

    Rock on California ya been sending her for decades ride her till shes 90

  • Wavy1

    Do you realize that the United States is 241 years old? Then maybe you also realize that 3 of your representatives (feinstein, waters, peolosi) ages added together is 240 years. Ya think the world has changed a bit. If so why dont you folks in California come on into the 21st century.


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