Athletes and Free Speech

From the gridiron to the living room, the controversy over NFL players taking a knee as a form of protest during the national anthem has revealed deep divisions among players, owners and fans alike. The issue has spilled over to other professional sports, while NFL teammates continue to lock arms in solidarity to support their right to make a statement on and off the field.


  • Ann Killion, San Francisco Chronicle sports columnist
  • Kevin Lynch, KNBR contributor

North Korea and 21st Century Warfare

On Monday, North Korea’s foreign minister escalated the war of words between the U.S. and North Korea by threatening to shoot down U.S. military planes even if they flew outside his nation’s airspace. We talk with UC Berkeley School of Law Professor John Yoo, who co-authored a new book on technology and warfare, about containing North Korea. The former George W. Bush Justice Department official also shares his thoughts on the constitutionality of the Trump administration’s latest travel ban.

Tax Overhaul

This week, President Trump and Republican lawmakers began promoting a massive reform of taxes. They claim their proposal would simplify the tax code and slash taxes for working-class Americans and small businesses. But details remain scant, and some economic experts think the plan would most benefit the rich while also driving up the national deficit.


  • Professor Alan Auerbach, UC Berkeley
Athletes and Free Speech, North Korea and 21st Century Warfare, Tax Overhaul 24 October,2017KQED News Staff

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