Like many of her clients, immigration attorney Dulce Garcia’s future in the U.S. is in a state of uncertainty.

Garcia was brought by her parents to the U.S. from Mexico when she was 6 years old. She is one of 230,000 undocumented immigrants in California who benefitted from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which the Trump administration rescinded Tuesday.

“It (DACA) completely changed my life. I can ride the trolley and know that if an officer questions my legal status, I have some sort of protection at least, for now, from deportation. I was able to open my business,” said Garcia. “Now that it’s official, I’m outraged. The administration this morning had a choice, to not do anything about it and keep DACA. But the way it’s doing it, it’s cruel. It’s putting an expiration date on the dreams of many of our youth. It’s putting our community in danger. I’m not going anywhere. I was here before DACA and I’m going to be here after DACA.”

An Undocumented Immigration Attorney Reacts to End of DACA 12 September,2017Lisa Pickoff-White

  • Richie Tenenbaum

    6 out of 230,000 may be worthy of staying. But as a lawyer she should know the fundamental concept of good faith and fair dealing. You cannot break the law and then try to claim any enforcement of that law is some sort of moral outrage.

  • Kurt thialfad

    Why do I not hear any outrage against the parents who smuggled her into the US and placed Garcia in such an untenable position.

    • Tracy

      bigger question – why are the parents still here?

  • codobai

    The question I still struggle with is the status of unaccompanied minors delivered to our borders as we’ve seen people turning themselves in along the TX-MX border. Purportedly many Central American parents, fearing for their children’s safety in their violent lands sent the kids north. Is the US to take on these children and raise them if DACA is instated as the law of the land? What if there are tens of thousands? Where does it end if any child within the boundaries of the US is entitled to citizenship?

    • Tracy

      We need to eliminate birthright citizenship. Problem solved.

  • Tracy

    Why would you start a business when you knew you only had TEMPORARY STATUS? What does the word TEMPORARY mean to you?

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