PHOTOS: This Is How San Francisco Protests the Far Right

Audette Sophia was one of the people protesting far-right activities in S.F. on Aug. 26, 2017. (Farida Jhabvala Romero/KQED)

Authorities in San Francisco and Alameda counties prepared for the influx of fringe-right supporters over the weekend, hoping to squelch the assemblies from turning violent — like they have in the past — through a series of legal maneuvers and bureaucratic red tape.

And it seems to be working.

Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson canceled his initial rally for Saturday afternoon at San Francisco’s Crissy Field and announced a press conference at Alamo Square. Then, on Saturday morning, he scrapped the Alamo Square event. It was unclear if he intended to organize other events.

In the meantime, it appeared that the protests of the far-right rallies could dwarf any activities by Patriot Prayer or fringe-right activists planning another gathering in Berkeley on Sunday.

Here are photos of some of the action on Saturday.

Thousands of people gathered at Civic Center to protest far-right activities in S.F. on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017. (Sheraz Sadiq/KQED)
An image of Heather Heyer, an anti-racist demonstrator killed while protesting in Charlottesville, Virginia, can be seen in the crowd of people rallying against far-right events planned for San Francisco (those activities have now been canceled). (David Markus/KQED Arts)
“We are just here to spread love and peace,” says S.F. based Jenny Elephantae Fou at Civic Center. (Farida Jhabvala/KQED)
At Civic Center, people did yoga as a form of resistance against far-right rallies planned in San Francisco and the Bay Area on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017. “We’re not here to fight Nazis … We want to make a safe place for everybody.” (Farida Jhabvala Romero/KQED)
Protester at Alamo Square where people had gathered to protest the far-right organizer Patriot Prayer. (Eric Westervelt/NPR)
Protester near Alamo Square holds up sign reading, “What Would Mr. Rogers Do?” in response to Saturday’s far-right events. (Christina Reagan/KQED)
Crowd of thousands marched through the Mission District, near Alamo Square on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017 (Alex Emslie/KQED)
Protester near Alamo Square holds up sign reading, “Never Forget/Queer Resistance” in response to Saturday’s far-right events. (Christina Reagan/KQED)
San Franciscans living on Alamo Square, where far-right Patriot Prayer planned to hold an event Saturday afternoon that was later called off, posted a few signs ahead of it. The San Francisco Police Department has limited access to Alamo Park. Patriot Prayer scrapped a rally it had initially planned for Crissy Field. (Polly Stryker/KQED)
Signs at San Francisco’s Alamo Square, where the far-right group Patriot Prayer had planned to hold an event Saturday afternoon that’s now been called off. The San Francisco Police Department has limited access to the square. (Scott Shafer/KQED)
James Morrison, 70, from Oakland grew up with the threat of the Ku Klux Klan attacking his grade school in Baton Rouge LA. He says “the most important thing is to show up … the KKK, Nazis never left. Now with Trump, they have some credence.’ (Farida Jhabvala Romero/KQED)
Counterprotesters pose for a photo at the Conservatory of Flowers before starting their march. Many attendees heard of the event through their schools and arrived with dozens of people in attendance. (Creo Noveno/KQED Arts)
People protest at Alamo Square where Patriot Prayer had planned to hold a gathering on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017. (Erika Aguilar/KQED)
The sounds of the Velvet Underground’s “Who Loves the Sun” was the soundtrack that kicked off the rally in the Castro. (Kevin Jones/KQED Arts)
Humera Nawaz (L) and Amina Haque (R), are from Pakistan and today live in Pleasanton. “I feel as a Muslim Hijabi woman, I need to be present and build bridges and make my voice heard where hate is being thrown out not only against Muslims but also other minorities.” — Humera Nawaz (Sheraz Sadiq/KQED)
A police officer among protesters near Alamo Square in San Francisco on Aug. 26, 2017 (Alex Emslie/KQED)
Police join a line on Aug. 26, 2017 near Alamo Square in San Francisco. (Alex Emslie/KQED)

PHOTOS: This Is How San Francisco Protests the Far Right 27 August,2017KQED News Staff

  • Hagbard

    San Francisco needs to break away from the NAZI USA

    • virgil

      Yeah and you need to dose up on your meds and put the tin foil hat back on.

    • WOrkingTaxpayer

      SF will be taken down…very soon…where it belongs except for a few real descent people.

  • Ryuu Takeshi

    Sadly they dont know they are all falling into soros evil plan… he has been propagating hate and fake support to all these groups, as the groups fight among each other and causes disorder and vandalism.

    • Lori Koonce

      Got any objective facts to go along with that opinion??

      • Ryuu Takeshi

        Yup, research for yourself george soros and his minions, you will be amazed how he manipulated people. Around the world. Supporting opposing ideological groups and betraying them.

        • thisisendless

          You people are obsessed with George Soros. Jesus Christ get a life.

          • Ryuu Takeshi

            Hmmm either your his minion or belongs to one of his org funded group that you dont want to acknowledge that he is the root of all this chaos right now.

          • Sid_of_Id

            You were asked to provide some sort of objective facts. You’ve got nothing but the sad little unsupported fairy-tale that Alex Jones tells you every night before he tucks you in to bed. All you can do is tell people “go research”. Why? Because you got nothing. Loser!

          • WOrkingTaxpayer

            Sid …Do you watch…CSpan actual words coming out of the LIARS mouth…or proclaiming the 5th like the IRS now big fat retired liar ..did? There is iinfo..and usually it comes direct from REAL AMERICANs whom have a conscience…not the PAID ESTABLISHMENT Ditto Machine TV Soap Opera..cons pro Dems/Libs/Left and Fraudulent Conservative GOPWhores all…combined for their self perpetuating gov bureaucratic…POLITICAL LIFEWHORING..on our backs…commons sense…shows it daily… Majority in the USA whether Domestic or foreign illegal alien invadwhores and their products illegitimates…products of heathen breeders via gang, cartel, diseased, mentally ill sperm donors..AFDC Medicaid…W E L F A R E Public Assistance womb to tomb…to Corp Welfare…when the middle class is less than both…what do you think will transpire… Visit Venezuela where a meal is thy neighbors pet cat!

          • sfjohn

            why don’t you just stop.

          • Ryuu Takeshi = another idiot to block!

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          • Gene K.

            Yeah, these fools make Soros out to be this omnipotent James Bond style adversary like Spectre. There are Soros type figures on all sides.

          • WOrkingTaxpayer

            ..EVIL has self exposed as self cursed DO NOT put the two side by side it is clearly EVIL vs USA as One NationUnder GOD…

      • Ryuu Takeshi

        And the funny part only few people knows him, which for me
        Is his diversionary tactic to keep the heat from him. He is big pot stirrer like destabalize communism in communist countries while propagating communism here in the US. Have LGBTQR crap seems supporting sharia law and establishment of islam in the US while real muslim and sharia followers know that being gay and deviant is not acceptable in islam
        And punishable by death.research further especialy around the world, if you see it you will see the pattern he is using to weaken the society. Russia and china dont play with him reason russia and china have lesser political turmoil than the US. Putin is even hunting him right now.

    • shaktinah

      You’re too funny.

  • Pagowens

    Too many brain washed Soros conspiracy nut jobs around. Clearly, our education systems need to ramp up the reading comprehension, reflection, critical analysis and differentiation of fact from fiction exercises and activities for our children. I think the adults might be lost causes.

    • karensc

      Too many brain washed trumptroll nutjobs around. Our Educational System has fallen down on the job of teaching people critical thinking skills.

      • Pagowens

        Thank you for providing an excellent example of my point.

      • virgil

        What’s your problem dude the tin foil hat fall off and your brain was fried by mind control waves coming from Mara a Lago?

  • Allen Jones

    I wonder what would have happened if San Francisco had shown Joey Gibson and the “Alt-right” vistors love. I will never know because San Francisco is so hypocritical.

  • WOrkingTaxpayer

    Texas just showed what REAL AMERICANs do and it isn’t making up signs…covering, hiding thy face: its doing…!

  • WOrkingTaxpayer

    PS All project onto everyone else..when the toxic waste comes back 360 in thy face…they will get it…but it will be too late. To think REAL AMERICANs do not have time to be drunken, drugged fools..pretending they stand for something…like l8 up…US Military now on over 222 foreign nations soil…and in Texas saving other helpless human beings…back to Gen George Washington’s Barefoot Army including Remember the Alamo and Remember Goliad and all in between: who is self expose as self cursed and who is WORTHY of the BLESSINGs of the United States of America? Moreover, whom in that crowd ever has realized…anything of what others have sacrificed? Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto YOU… Flashback to 60’s drunken-drugged face painted, body parts exposed, sex obsessive…cowards…Draft Dodgers…liars elites…and wanna be’s rose to become lawyers to self perpetuating gov bureaucrats…like Gov Jerry Brown…whoopie…Honoring the MEx Pres with DL’s for illegal alien foreign invadwhores and their products…combined with domestic AFDCers…what a contribution: NO OTHER NATION…NEVER…honors foreigners over its REAL CITIZENS like our REAL AMERICANs whom work, pay taxes are the REAL MINORITIES USA diminishing working taxpers..responsible, respectful, like my Ancestral Heritage…never complained, never took what was not theirs;’ never expected more than what they earned…NOT THAT WHICH EXIST now …let alone THINGS covered in BLACK MASKED…or draping a flag like a Burka on thy covered face…EVIL..

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