From the day he was inaugurated through today, President Trump has had it in for the Affordable Care Act.

After months of trying to repeal and replace Obamacare, Congress has moved on to other issues. But there are still things the administration can do — and is doing — to undermine the health insurance markets.

Indeed, Trump has said multiple times he wants to “let Obamacare explode.”

There are three ways his administration is helping things along, and three ways California is trying to counteract the federal moves (see video).

On Tuesday, the Congressional Budget Office released a report showing  how  one of the administration’s strategies would impact consumers and taxpayers: a 20 percent rise in premium costs and a $194 billion increase in the federal deficit over the next decade.

This would be the result if Trump follows through on threats to cut off  key payments to health insurers, called cost-sharing subsidies. The money is used to give consumers discounts on co-pays and deductibles, which insurers are required to do under the Affordable Care Act. Without the money, insurers would pass on those costs to customers, causing premiums to rise.

But most consumers wouldn’t feel that, because the way the health law is written, they would get extra tax credits to match the increased cost.

So even if Trump cuts the payments to insurers, the overall cost to taxpayers would actually be higher.

Three Ways Trump Is Helping the Affordable Care Act Explode 15 August,2017April Dembosky

  • pjkrupka

    Very effective piece! Thanks!

  • Kurt thialfad

    There has to be uniformity in costs and pricing. A liver transplant might cost $100K at one hospital, and $5K at another. There’s no consistency in that respect. Likewise medication prices can be unfairly high.
    There are so many problems in our medical system, they are almost too many to mention. You have ER abuse. No coverage for alternative therapies like acupuncture, chiropric, diet, supplements, exercise. Elder care. People who are milking the system, because it is broken. Likewise, people who face financial ruin through medical care. Medicaid has issues. Medi-Cal has issues. Medicare has fewer issues because at least people pay into it – like people pay into Social Security.

    In short, ObamaCare still left us with an ineffective, inadequate, and broken system.

    • Majgendude

      It’s not perfect, but many more have coverage. It needs to be improved by using the lessons learned as a guide. Also, the elimination of the Risk Corridors which was Marco Rubio’s contribution to sabotage the system needs to be restored.

  • Curious

    Doesn’t need any help. Obamacare is as much of a disaster as Obama was.

    • Majgendude

      Don’t know where you were the last 8 years, but what’s obvious is that Barrack Obama was one of our greatest Presidents.

  • Very interesting… even for the NewsHour. #PBSNEWS

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