KQED Newsroom goes on the road to UC Hastings College of the Law to discuss the week’s big political and legal news. Yesterday, Senate Republicans released their long-awaited health care reform bill, while earlier in the week, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to hear a case on political redistricting. Also, a closely-watched congressional race in Georgia sent ripples across the country, highlighting the role of California and exposing deepening divisions in the Democratic party.


·       Marisa Lagos, KQED Politics & Government reporter

·       Prof. Rory Little, UC Hastings College of the Law

·       Prof. James Taylor, University of San Francisco

Last week, KQED experienced a temporary outage when suspicious activity was observed on several computers. And earlier this week, automaker Honda temporarily halted production at a facility in Japan after discovering Ransomware, a malicious software, on its computer systems. These incidents come on the heels of a large scale computer attack in May that targeted companies in at least 150 countries worldwide and affected hundreds of thousands of computers.


·       Cooper Quintin, Electronic Frontier Foundation staff technologist

·       Elizabeth Weise, USA Today technology reporter

KQED Newsroom: On the Road 24 October,2017KQED News Staff

  • Randall Bush

    I watched the segment on ransomware last night, and I was very disappointed that neither of the “experts” mentioned that a reasonably competent tech can usually find the ransomware files and delete them. What was the point of talking about “backing up your files” if you don’t fix the infected computer? Are you supposed to buy a new computer, and re-install your backup files? Ridiculous!

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