Trump’s First 100 Days 

On Friday, President Trump made drastic changes to the country’s refugee program, ordering strict new screening rules. This week, he also signed executive orders to roll back the Affordable Care Act, expedite environmental reviews for infrastructure projects and authorize construction for a new wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Thuy Vu reviews the first week of the Trump presidency with Republican strategist Sean Walsh and KQED Senior Editor of California Politics and Government Scott Shafer.

California in the Trump Era

The head of California’s Republican Party, Jim Brulte, sits down with Scott Shafer and discusses the risks for California as it becomes a resistance stronghold against President Trump.

Leon Panetta Interview 

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta has been an outspoken critic of President Trump. Earlier this week, Panetta told Politico that Trump’s support for torture is undermining the credibility of the U.S. The former statesman talked with Thuy Vu about key security issues facing our nation.

Border Deaths

A group of volunteers who call themselves “Eagles of the Desert” make regular trips to search for missing migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, often only to find human remains. KPBS Fronteras reporter Jean Guerrero joins one of these search parties.

Trump’s First 100 Days, Leon Panetta, California in the Trump Era, Border Deaths 27 January,2017Monica Lam
  • reich.jonathan

    No matter how often Sean Walsh, white male Republican cut-out, repeats his made-up facts, they’re still not facts, just Trump style B.S.
    His claims about the numbers and cost of undocumented people in California are simply false. His assertion that a child brought here decades ago who has done well in the USA should be deported is both shameful and heinous. I’ve known many of these “dreamers.” They’ve all excelled in college, work very hard, are up-standing CITIZENS, and very much deserve the pathway to full and open citizenship.
    The only true thing Jim Brulte said was how the so-called “never-Trump” Republicans hypocritically forgot their principles and ran to get jobs with Trump’s administration.

    • 2muchcafe

      ILLEGALS have zero rights to demand anything. and anyone who supports or aids them is in violation of the CONSTITUTION. LIBERALS need a dose of the CONSTITUTION.

  • Landon Glenna

    I am interested in seeing what Trump will do surrounding the issue on health care.

  • 2muchcafe

    Get rid of ILLEGALS, Arrest and recall BROWN and get a republican in office. We are a REPUBLIC. DO NOT ALLOW US TO BE SEPARATED FROM THE USA

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