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Everybody has a story. It’s what you do with those stories that can make all the difference.

Truth Be Told is a special radio and podcast series that gives voice to your stories involving race, culture and identity. We want to talk about that time you were passed over for a job. Or when someone said something offensive. Or perhaps how your family struggles to accept your interracial relationship.

We’re here to listen, and start a new kind of conversation — one focused on improving today’s racial climate for the future.

But we need your stories to help us get there!

We need your stories on …

Race and the Workplace Have you dealt with racism at work? Did someone treat you differently from another co-worker? Were you stuck in an uncomfortable conversation? Or have you been on the other side of an incident? Did you put your foot in your mouth while talking to a co-worker?

Race on Campus Did you ever feel like you didn’t belong at school because of your race? Was there a time when you disagreed with others of your race about an issue?

What is White? What does the term “white” mean to you? Tell us about a time when your race, no matter what it is, has benefitted you or been a disadvantage. Is there such thing as a “white” identity?

Race and Dating Has a dating prospect ever gone south, or improved, because of your race? When does sexual preference turn into racism? Have you felt objectified?

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We Need Your Stories on Race, Culture and Identity! 4 March,2016Joshua Johnson


Joshua Johnson

Joshua Johnson is the creator and host of Truth Be Told, a special series on race from KQED and PRI. Prior to creating the show, he served as the station’s morning news anchor for five-and-half years.

Prior to joining KQED, Joshua spent six years as an anchor/reporter for WLRN Miami Herald News. He’s a native of South Florida, with degrees from the University of Miami. His reporting and newscasting have won awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association and from the National Association of Black Journalists. Joshua is also active in his union, SAG-AFTRA. He lives in San Francisco.