We wanted you to be among the first to know: We’re turning So Well Spoken into a new special series called Truth Be Told. And Public Radio International will distribute our next four episodes coast-to-coast!

The name has changed, but the focus remains the same: improving the national conversation on race. And we’ll build on what makes our approach unique: real stories, told by people from all walks of life, explored for insights that can help us all handle these situations better.

Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson

Here’s how you, our listeners, can help.

One, we’re seeking personal stories about situations involving race. We’re looking for people to tell us about a racially charged encounter they had, how they handled it and what (if anything) they wish they had done differently. Find instructions on how to send us stories. Our four show topics are: “Race At Work,” “Race On Campus,” “What Is White?” and “Race and Dating.”

Two, tell your friends. You can listen back to our past episodes or find the archive on iTunes. You can be an ambassador for this project: an influencer who introduces others to something new and vibrant on public radio.

Anything you’d be willing to do would make a huge impact and help Truth Be Told accomplish its goal: to foster empathy. We can’t control what people say, think or do when it comes to racially charged situations. And we’re not going to wag our fingers and preach at people, as if we have everything figured out (we don’t) or are standing on some kind of unique moral high ground (we aren’t) or can claim to be some ultimate authority on race (we can’t). But if we can get people to EMPATHIZE — if we can get people to hear and feel and see issues of race from someone else’s perspective — then that’s the beginning of change.

Exciting News! We’re Going National and Have a New Name 3 March,2016Joshua Johnson

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    I heard this story today – exactly and amen…BUT: look folks, it’s not just about color… there is a HUGE bias against hiring anyone over 35. You can see this in the unemployment demographics. And it’s not just due to lack of contemporary skills. I know that because I teach tech to leople over 18 and over 55 and this excuse is simply another excuse to not change. ALL refusals to hire based on “not a fit” and occasionally the brave but ignorant biased employer using the “not a cultural fit” is bias towards the majority employed by the respective employer. Most of us have known this for xx years. I like the idea of this show but unless it is inclusive to ALL suffering from this attitude, I just find myself angrier. And btw, “Github” has chosen to not hire those over 50 more than a cee times arguing the highly skilled and accomplished individual with required skill set was ‘not a fit’. So… start with yourselves before talking about other employers.


Joshua Johnson

Joshua Johnson is the creator and host of Truth Be Told, a special series on race from KQED and PRI. Prior to creating the show, he served as the station’s morning news anchor for five-and-half years.

Prior to joining KQED, Joshua spent six years as an anchor/reporter for WLRN Miami Herald News. He’s a native of South Florida, with degrees from the University of Miami. His reporting and newscasting have won awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association and from the National Association of Black Journalists. Joshua is also active in his union, SAG-AFTRA. He lives in San Francisco.

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