By Matthew Hansen
Peninsula Press

Cattle Drive” is a multimedia report that explores the ways agriculture and open space groups are working together to keep the farming and ranching industries viable on Silicon Valley’s coast.

In an area with some of the fastest-rising housing and land prices in the country, farmers and ranchers are looking to partnerships to keep their operations alive, and old grievances are slowly fading as new pressures bring together those who work the land and those who would seek to protect it. “Cattle Drive” takes a look at a sometimes neglected corner of the Bay Area where food production remains a way of life.

Cattle Drive | The Search for Land, Food and Open Space on Silicon Valley’s CoastMoore’s family built the first wood-frame house in what would become Pescadero, one of the oldest coastal towns in San Mateo County. His wife, Ruth, comes from the Steele family, which raised cattle in the 1860s near what’s now Año Nuevo State Park.

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Ranchers, Conservationists Collaborate to Preserve Peninsula Farm Life 10 April,2014KQED News Staff

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