Barely a few hours after we put up this speculative post “What if a Meteorite Hit San Francisco?,” which we posted on the heels of the Siberian meteorite plus the near-miss asteroid DA14, came reports of a meteor — or something — streaking across the San Francisco Bay Area sky. Reports of the sighting Friday night came in throughout the region and beyond, including one from KPIX San Francisco reporter David Jackson.

KPIX talked to Chabot Space & Science Center astronomer Jonathan Braidman, who said it was likely a “sporadic meteor,” which is a random meteor not known to be associated with any particular shower.

Here’s a YouTube video


… put up by someone who reported the following:

Driving Southbound 280 in San Francisco Bay Area and we see a bright blue shooting star (meteor) fly across towards the Peninsula. Looked amazing in person! Thought it was a meteorite like Russia for a second.

Who saw it?

Some people did, as reported on Twitter…




Here’s a report from ABC News, including interviews with people at Ocean Beach in San Francisco who spotted it …


Streaking Light Over Bay Area Friday Night; Video 18 February,2013Jon Brooks

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